IN MEMORY OF ANNE STRIEBER – Respectfully Submitted with Love, Awe, and More Love…

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In Memory of Anne Strieber

Respectfully Submitted with Love, Awe, and More Love…


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Death, be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;

For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow

Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.

From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,

Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,

And soonest our best men with thee do go,

Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.

Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,

And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,

And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well

And better than thy stroke; why swell’st thou then?

One short sleep past, we wake eternally

And death shall be no more;

Death, thou shalt die.

John Donne  1572–1631




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by Whitley Strieber

 ISBN 978-1-585-42917-2 

(Copyright 2011, Whitley Streiber – All Rights Reserved)

   by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

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  […]   Once the mirror of expectation is

 shattered, the door of perception is open,

 and there is something there, something

 alive, looking back at us from where the

 mirror once stood.

   […]   My father had some secrets.

 When I was about twelve, he gave me

 a desk from his office to use in my

 room, and after the workmen had set

 it up and left, I found a photograph

 stuck in a crack in the top of one

 of the drawers. It was of my father.

 It had been taken in what looked like

 a North African setting. There was a

 coffin being held up by two men in

 soutanes and fezzes. Lying in the

 coffin with his eyes closed and his

 hands folded on his chest was my

 father. Of course I was amazed by

 this picture and took it to him

 immediately to ask what it was.

 He ripped it into small pieces and

 flushed it down the toilet. He never

 said a single word about it.

 [.Pages 24-25..]


Chapter 2 – The Mirror Shattered

Because I was so shocked in my

 childhood, I lost my belief in the

 stability of the ordinary world. I live

 in a permanent state of unease, but

 also a permanent state of wonder.

       Ask any close-encounter witness what

 is real. They will tell you at once, it

 isn’t what you see around you. This world

 of pretense in which we live is just like

 a shattered childhood, a very different

 place than it appears.

 [. Page 38..]

 Chapter 3 – The Lost Finders

   On a few occasions, I had the

 chance to ask a question of a visitor.

 For the most part, this happened deep in

 the woods at night. If I glimpsed one of

 them, I would sit on the ground and collect

 myself, enter a meditative state, and then

 ask my question aloud.

       Usually, there was no response — in

 general, I suppose, because they weren’t

 really there. But on some occasions, they

 were, and once when I asked a question I

 got a response…   I asked, “What does the

 universe mean to you?”

       Instantly, there appeared in my mind a

 bright, clear image of a closed coffin.

       I cannot explain how this was done, but

 can only say that these vivid, television-like

 images were a common way they had of

 communicating with me. I might add that they

 were also among the strangest things I have

 ever known. They weren’t simple images.

 With them came what I can only describe as a

 sense of a person, an intimacy of being, that

 had conveyed a taste of the personality that

 had created them.


I wondered how anybody could think of

 our mysterious universe this way? But then I

 realized that, of course, they have probably

 reached its limits, or worse, discovered that

 reality has no limits.

       I can see the claustrophobia that would

 attend to the realization that one is trapped

 in an infinity that could never be escaped.

 In fact, I can feel it.

It’s like being in a

 room you can never leave, or a prison.

       What would the world be like without

 mysteries? It is a claustrophobic and desperate

 idea. And what if it goes on forever, endlessly

 repeating itself, star upon star, galaxy upon

 galaxy, universe upon universe?

       If so, then there is truly no escape, not

 for anybody who understands this as a certainty.

 For them, it is indeed a coffin, and our

 innocence is a kind of freedom that must be

 among the most precious things that they know.

 [.Pages 70-73.]

  Chapter 6 – What Might They Want?

  There is in physics a concept called

 alternative history. It has nothing to do with

 the usual speculations about Atlantis or

 whatever, but rather with what appears to be the

 truth about reality, that the universe is not

 a single, isolated entity at all but a component

 in a vast multiverse that includes parallel

 universes that are literal, physical places.

 Every possible outcome of every event happens

 somewhere, in what is probably an infinity of

 universes, forever expanding into a void that

 is without end.

       It is a shocking idea, and when considered

 in the context of the coffin I was shown by the

 elderly visitor, it becomes an infinity from

 which there can be no escape: an unending,

 chokingly claustrophobic emptiness.


So could the existence of the multiverse

 be at least some of the reason for the bizarre

 effects associated with contact? Could there be

 some way to cross between parallel universes?

   […]   In this universe the whole anomalous

 enterprise may be an apparition being projected

 here by some sort of arcane technology or mental

 state that enables a crossing of the invisible

 gap between the worlds. So might they not be us

 in another state?


 Chapter 12 – Deliverance

Who are we?

Chapter 16 – What Is to Come


 -=[[ NOTE: Quote:


Whether M-theory exists

 as a single formulation or only as a network,

 we do know some of its properties. First,

 M-theory has eleven space-time dimensions,

 not ten. […]

Also, M-theory can contain not

 just vibrating strings but also point particles,

 two dimensional membranes, three dimensional

 blobs, and other objects that are more

 difficult and occupy even more dimensions of

 space, up to nine. These objects are called

 p-branes (where p runs from zero to nine).


The laws of M-theory therefore allow

 for different universes with different

 apparent laws, depending on how the internal

 space is curled. […] M-theory has solutions

 that allow for many different internal spaces,

 perhaps as many as 10^500, [a 1 with 500 zeros]

 which means it allows for 10^500 different

 universes, each with its own laws.

[…] Only  one of which corresponds to the universe as we know it. […]  

Chapter 5, The Theory Of  Everything – pgs. 117-119] 



 (Copyright 201, Steven W. Hawking – All Rights Reserved) 

Steven Hawing and Leonard Mlodinow )

Random House, Inc. – ISBN 978-0-553-80537-6 ]]=

( )


Respectfully Submitted with Love, Awe, and More Love…

Intercepted Transmission …

Compiled By MT

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