Iran immune to CIA-imposed UFO invasion ‘mass hysteria’ agenda?

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

An anticipated war with Iran could indicate how the US government intends to target UFO-friendly civilians at home with a newly-signed law permitting indefinite detention. From an Exopolitical perspective, conflict between the US and Iran could be described as an ideological struggle between competing interpretations of universal laws governing public contact with higher intelligence. Exopolitics is defined as “the science of relations between intelligent civilizations in the Universe.”

UFO-related influences identified in ancient Iranian national symbols reveal how Iran may fit the profile of a society immune to ‘alien invasion’-related hysteria mass media programming agendas during psychological and economic warfare assessments conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Under the new law, surveillance-prone US citizens conditioned to peaceful UFO encounters may also find themselves facing elevated government hostilities due to equivalent perceptions of such ideological immunity along with their participation in the development of peace-centric communities.

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Newly-released analysis of witness testimony from the 1976 Tehran UFO incident reveals an encrypted message showing how a retired Air Force General involuntarily identified the “alien” origin of his close encounter in what the US Defense Intelligence Agency described as a “classic” UFO case.

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Keys to Ancient Contact

The Faravahar is an ancient Iranian national symbol in which an orb displays a pair of feathered wings indicating flight capabilities as demonstrated in present-day video recordings of UFO’s captured using military-grade thermal and night vision camera systems. From such an evidence-based perspective, this ancient Iranian national symbol embodies iconic principles of what the press has coined a “flying saucer”.  

The Faravahar is rooted in Assyrian depictions of Shamash, whose symbol can also be seen reflected in the Derafsh-e Kaviani, the standard of Persian Sassanid (224 CE to 651 CE) kings. There is a striking resemblance between the geometry and distribution of objects in the pre-Islamic Derafsh-e Kavianiand one illustration of the Tehran UFO incident from 1976.

Viewed through the lens of twentieth century UFO history it is not difficult to imagine how both the Faravahar and Derafsh-e Kaviani could embody formalized representations of prehistoric contact between ancient people of the region and higher intelligences operating UFO’s. According to one source, the Faravahar is today’s “most worn pendant amongst Iranians and has become a national symbol.”

If the enshrinement of a conceptual “flying saucer” in the public imagination defines Iran as a society immune to psychological warfare operations advancing “alien invasion” disinformation agendas (thereby necessitating the targeting of Iran for open military aggression in a global ideological warfare theatre) what hope will there be for civilians living under “indefinite detention” laws in “battlefield USA” while upholding similar viewpoints regarding peaceful contact with ET’s when the US commences open hostilities against Iran?

Failure to Launch

Washington pundits dismissing Iran’s latest warning to keep an American aircraft carrier out of the Persian Gulf amidst a climate of skepticism surrounding that country’s “carrier killer” missile capabilities may benefit from a review of how US-manufactured weapons systems failed during what the Defense Intelligence Agency confidentially described in a now widely-distributed report as a “classic” encounter with a UFO over Tehran in 1976.

A retired Imperial Iranian Air Force General named Parviz Jafari told a National Press Club audience in 2007 that the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II he was piloting encountered weapons jamming and radio communications scrambling when his aircraft was in close proximity to a UFO and the orb-shaped bodies that emerged from within it. Further analysis of Mr. Jafari’s spoken remarks reveals an encrypted message matching his assertion to CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman that the 1976 UFO encounter was “alien” in origin.

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