Is There a Magical Vortex Along the California Coast?

Are parts of the California Coast enchanted? Some say that there is a magical vortex that extends from just south of San Francisco to Big Sur and that it is here where one’s karma will be accelerated and healed. As a long-term resident of Santa Cruz County, I have witnessed what I believe to be absolute miracles.

While hypnotizing my client, Lena Lees, I was witness to her spontaneous channeling of highly-venerated Eastern Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. These sessions continued for over a year. The Deity’s primary messages were that we do indeed create/attract reality, we are here to learn compassion and Her Love and Forgiveness Principle and to appreciate, indeed “marvel” at the wondrous creations surrounding us.

Even though I had hypnotized many others, I could never have imagined the scenario that transformed my life. Indeed, it was a singular psychic event. Lena Lees herself had lived an amazing life, understanding even at a young age that she was blessed with special abilities enabling her to communicate with those who have passed on. These souls were troubled and sought Lena’s clairvoyant gift to help them console grieving relatives and loved ones. Individuals who have this gift are sometimes called “Honorary Guards”. Indeed, they have, before incarnating on earth, chosen to provide this specific kind of guidance for souls passing over. Following the Rhode Island nightclub fire debacle, for example, Lena’s dreamscape was inundated with souls beseeching her to console their relatives and loved ones. Requiring assistance in passing from the earth plane, disembodied spirits had requested Lena to inform those left behind of their safe arrival.

I believe that mine and Lena Lees’ life paths have been perfectly guided to reveal to the world the Kuan Yin Spiritual Law of Attraction and Mindfulness Teachings based upon the books, “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” and “The Gods Have Spoken 2012 and Beyond: Co-Creating a New Earth” I know that Kuan Yin has walked with me for the greater part of my life. Why? Because there have been so many miracles! From Lena, me and our family members surviving near-fatal occurrences to amazing premonitions to events that could only be described as perfect serendipity, I know now that Kuan Yin’s loving and protective presence has always been near.

The story of the Kuan Yin channelings may have begun when Ms. Lees prayed to a beautiful stone visage of Kuan Yin. Having traveled from California to visit with family and friends in Philadelphia, Lena knew this would be the last time, for a while, that she’d be able to visit the East Coast. Placing a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on her family’s vacation itinerary, Lena had no idea of the importance of her decision, how it would later profoundly transform her life. At the museum with her husband and children by her side, she suddenly gravitated to a room boasting an impressive display of Asian shrines and statuary. Drawn to a particularly striking sculpture of Kuan Yin, Lena believed the statue was comforting her, speaking to her. Beseeching Kuan Yin, she and her family asked for assistance with the many challenges they faced ahead. Several years later; making an appointment with me, Lena found herself engaged in an ongoing conversation; channeling the words and spiritual canons of the ancient Asian deity. It became clear that Kuan Yin was using Lena to pass extremely important information on to me; that I was to teach others how these laws would help them achieve spirituality and success in life.

While I’ve felt (throughout my life) very protected, Kuan Yin’s presence may have primarily begun during my first pregnancy. During the third trimester, I experienced a vision of the spirit of my now oldest son. Having some health concerns, I had been feeling apprehensive the entire day. By nightfall, the fear was almost overwhelming. Staring into the void, I suddenly saw a vision of a young boy; a child I somehow knew was my son as he would look at about three years old. (Exactly like the photos I lovingly browse through today, he had bright blue eyes and platinum-blond hair.) Then I heard him say, “Don’t cry mother. Everything will be fine!” As it turned out, I had nothing to fear. A few months later, on the very day of my birthday, a healthy baby boy was born.

Kuan Yin’s protective powers were once again demonstrated after I began to be a new mother. Waiting for our permanent home to become available, my husband and I had been house-sitting for some friends in the Berkeley Hills. At the time, my husband was away on business. In those days there were no cell phones or even answering machines. It had been a lovely summer day. I put my three month old son down for a nap and went into the utility room to do the laundry.

Gazing out the window, I noticed a strange orange glow to the surrounding plants and trees. Alarmed, I ran to the back patio and looked up. To my horror, I saw flames shooting straight up from the top of the mountain above. Turning on the TV, I saw that a police blockade had been set up at the bottom of the hill. Only emergency vehicles were allowed through. As I was without a car, I first believed that even without a baby pack, I could walk down the road to safety. However, navigating steep hills with a baby in your arms is easier said than done. Discouraged, trekking back to the house, I fed the baby and put him in his playpen. Meanwhile, the phones were now out and aerial spraying of the fire had begun.

While I’d originally wanted to leave, more and more I simply had the intention that the fire just be extinguished. Following my intuition, I walked to the end of the long driveway going out to the main drive. To my complete surprise, a biker had ridden up and parked at the driveway entrance. Seeing my bewilderment on how he got through the blockade, he responded nonchalantly: “I just came up here to check things out! Do you need any help?”

I thought about somehow getting aboard the motorcycle with babe in arms. It seemed much too dangerous. So instead I replied: “Well, I guess you can help me put some sprinklers on the roof!” Happy to oblige, the stranger promptly climbed up on the roof and did so. Saying “goodbye and good luck” he roared back down the hill.

Fanned by the hot summer wind, the flames had whipped around the cone-shaped curves and down the mountainside. Some might view it as a false sense of security, but I always believed my baby and I would ultimately be safe. And we were. Shortly, after the biker left, the fire stopped directly across the street from where our property line ended.

Much later, while traveling in what can only be described as treacherous driving-conditions, my husband was forced to quickly turn the steering wheel of his Honda Civic in order to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him. Hydroplaning across the slick roadway (of the mountainous Highway 17 linking San Jose to Santa Cruz, CA), his car stopped just short of careening down a steep embankment.

About a year before the Loma Prieta Earthquake I had a strange dream. In it, I was sitting in a circle with some women. One of them (who I now believe was Kuan Yin) was showing me how to transform energy. She said, “You see, you can allow the pain in your shoulder to flow down through your arm and drip out through your fingertips, transforming it into healing rain for the earth!”

Enjoying practicing this technique, I suddenly thought that I was awake–seeing and hearing the windows in the bedroom shaking violently. But it was just a vivid dream. Then really awakening, I asked my husband (who was in the kitchen having a mid-night snack), “Did we just have an earthquake?”

When he replied “no”, I realized that this dream was a premonition that a significant earthquake was coming. We quickly purchased earthquake insurance for our home. I should have known that when the earthquake finally hit, because of Kuan Yin’s protection, there wouldn’t be much damage.

Although California has had, over the years, many small and not so small tremors, the notorious Loma Prieta Earthquake was the one that triggered (for me) an earthquake warning dream. Therefore, I’m pretty certain that if another earthquake of that magnitude was impending, Kuan Yin would tell me about it well beforehand.

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