Kelowna mother breaks silence surrounding repeated abductions

“We are determined that we will live through this. Yes, they’ve taken us many, many times but we’re still here.”

In an exclusive interview published April 3, 2013, Canadian UFO abductee Corina Saebels explained how living with abusive abductions by dimension-shifting ETs was comparable to surviving a lifetime of serial rapes. Her story of contact with seemingly remorseless operatives from another advanced species was described in her book “The Collectors: A Canadian UFO Experience” and recently portrayed in an eponymously-titled episode of the Discovery Channel’s 2013 series “Alien Mysteries.”

Home Intruders

“I remember my cat just sound asleep purring beside me all of a sudden got up,” the author explained while describing animal behavior as an indicator of ET activities in her home. “The whole back was arched and it was hissing and looking straight at my bedroom door, going down the hallway to the kids’ bedrooms.


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Kelowna, British Columbia

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“I tell you, every single hair on my body was standing up. I knew something was there.

“The cat was just furious. It was trying to protect me.

“I got up and opened my door fully. As I’m going down the hallway to my daughter’s bedroom I see one of the grey beings going into her bedroom.”

Illegal Medical Experiments

What was happening to her children in their rooms had become a matter of urgent concern for the single mother.

Describing one punch biopsy-like injury suffered by her son she said, “He’s got this hole in his back the size of a dime. I could see right through inside of his body. But there wasn’t an ounce of blood on the sheets … It was the weirdest, scariest thing that I have ever seen. It was horrific for me, as a mother, to watch my child like that.”

One endoscopic nasal examination conducted for the author by an otolaryngologist led the doctor to cite scar tissue alongside the appearance of an additional recurring injury. It does not seem possible for what appear to be the results of surgery (as determined by a medical specialist) to occur as the result of normal bumps and bruises accumulated from everyday experience.

Watch Now

Click here to watch “A Canadian UFO Abduction Story with Author Corina Saebels,” an exclusive interview featuring challenging testimony to the existence of a culture of brutality and denial surrounding the experiences of a single mother and her family on YouTube’s “SecretMessageTV.”


Seeming parallels between the testimony of Corina Saebels and reports of both foreign and domestic affairs were highlighted in recent news.

On April 1, 2013, the UK Guardian described how British “snatch squads” kidnapped Iraqi civilians and transported them to a secret American torture prison in Baghdad where some of the most serious human rights abuses were said to have taken place in the aftermath of the illegal coalition invasion in 2003.

The British national daily offered striking details of a Camp Nama “black room,” described as “windowless, with hooks in the ceiling, and where every surface was painted black,” said in the report to be the cell where the worst abuses were perpetrated.

RT reported on April 2, 2013, how according a state senator, New York’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” program had been implemented as “a means of instilling fear in young African American and Hispanic men.”

The story described the assignment of quotas for stop-and-frisks targeting people of color because, according to the federal court testimony of twenty-two year NYPD veteran Eric Adams, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly “wanted to instill fear in them that every time they left their homes they could be targeted by police.”

When considering the plight of survivors and victims of the above-mentioned policies, the words of Corina Saebels offer a special insider perspective: “There’s probably thousands of people out there experiencing things but they’re too afraid to come forward [due to fear of public ridicule].”

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