Key To Understanding UFOs Is Meditation

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

UFO phenomena may provide insight into higher dimensional realities such as those invoked by Buddhist philosophy describing various dimensional Lokas and their occupants, the Devas. In his book, Freeing the Buddha, Vancouver UFO Meetup Group founding Director and UFOBC Research Associate Brian Ruhe argues that some UFO’s “are devas from the god realm who have the power to manifest themselves as unidentified flying objects, when and where they choose.” The book describes how, “It behoves us to develop a conscious relationship with the devas before we spend billions of dollars travelling to other planets. Everything is here, within the reach of our own consciousness if we practice meditation.” Mr. Ruhe explored this theory along with a wide variety of UFO-related topics during an interview on The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition released Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Click here to listen to a one hour interview with Vancouver UFO Meetup Group Director Brian Ruhe on The Secret Message Report-Podcast Edition, with host, former CBS Radio Feature Producer, Jon Kelly.

Buddha’s Angels

A former Buddhist monk living in Thailand, Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism in Vancouver for the past 15 years and is the author of two books, Freeing the Buddha and A Short Walk On An Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth. Regarding his role as a local Theravada Buddhist teacher, the Vancouver Sun has reportedly described Brian Ruhe as someone connected with a “second major Buddhist cluster in North America, the typically Caucasian Buddhists who are in tune with abstract Zen thought and the philosophically sophisticated Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.”

According to one source, the ultimate goal of Theravadan Buddhism is to seek establishment in Nirvana, “said to be a state of perfect bliss wherein the person is liberated from the repeated cycle of birth, illness, aging and death.”

“Theravadans believe that every individual is personally responsible for their own self-awakening and liberation, as they are the ones that were responsible for their own actions and consequences (Sanskrit: karma; Pali: kamma). Simply learning or believing in the true nature of reality as expounded by the Buddha is not enough, the awakening can only be achieved through direct experience and personal realization.”

Regarding UFO teachings in the Buddha’s instructions, Mr. Ruhe noted during the interview how “[H]e quite thoroughly taught the higher realms of existence: the heavens and the qualities of the angels. [The angels are] called the devas in Buddhist cosmology.”

“The qualities that the Buddha described [reveal] that some of these devas have the ability to change their form [and] to appear in physical form on earth in whatever shape they want. This is one theory of some types of UFO, that they could be these things.”

A Place to Connect

Brian Ruhe’s long-standing interest in Ufology led him to create the Vancouver UFO Meetup Group through in 2009. This group holds open meetings every two weeks in False Creek, Vancouver, with an average attendance between 15-25 participants per event. Offering Vancouver’s only open forum where members of the public can meet regularly to discuss UFO’s, Mr. Ruhe’s long-term vision is to increase UFO awareness while providing access to resources in order to form a community around what he considers to be a vital subject.

“[A]lmost half the members have had their own experiences,” he explained. “They want someone that they can talk to about their sighting. Some of them have even had abduction experiences … They really want to connect with others.”

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