Kuan Yin: Quantum Evolution, the Nature of the Multidimensional Self, Reincarnation & the Law of Attraction

Because they are universal, the Kuan Yin teachings apply no matter where we physically incarnate or what system-paradigm we have created: “You must acknowledge and experience this part of the universe. Earth is a place to live out karma. There are other places, other possibilities.”
 We (as divine spiritual beings) have purposely incarnated on earth to live within the boundaries of the artificial belief perimeters of our own making. And because the law of attraction is always in play we may feel largely constrained by this pre-incarnation agreed upon contract and its often divisive influences: “It’s just an agreement you all made when you took on an ego. You splintered off from the Whole.”-Kuan Yin
Deciphering the mystery of Kuan Yin’s shape-shifts; Her varying densities and vividness, is foremost to unraveling the mystery of matter. The multiplicity of Her forms, reflect Vitalism in nature: living matter as spirit. One of the essential purposes of Her shape shifting, then, was to remind us of Her ubiquity, that Her spiritual essence is manifest everywhere and that all of nature is spirit.
The quantum aspect of personal reality is that we each represent a specific grouping of atoms that will simultaneously duplicate itself again and again. Naturally, that means infinite self-aspects to finally choose from. The thoughts, words and emotions you project (as they are actual extensions of you), will reinforce or negate your original atomic structure. This naturally has implications for the simultaneous evolutions of the multidimensional self.

Questions continue to swirl around humanity’s evolution on earth; whether ours is an original species or whether it represents an extraterrestrial migration from another planet. Arguments on how the human brain could have tripled its cranial capacity from approximately 3.5 million years ago to 2.5 million years ago (about a million years, total) be it standard evolution theories concerning natural selection, diet, or language development have not convinced me. I believe the more recent 2.5 million year old skulls are remnants of an extraterrestrial race migrating to our planet during that specific era.

Predating the Egyptian Great Pyramid by about 7000 years, a recently discovered 11,500 year old temple, Göbekli Tepe (on the border of Turkey and Syria), is impressive for its size and craftsmanship. Its discovery has virtually rewritten pre-existing concepts of mankind’s cultural evolution during Neolithic Times. It’s complex and precise temple structures and artwork have caused some to surmise that these structures could never have been constructed by prehistoric mankind.

Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of how the ten ton stones were transported by the supposedly crude technologies available at the time. Rather, it could be posited that this monumental achievement was completed only because of the highly-sophisticated building techniques available to an advanced species migrating from another galaxy. Many questions then arise. Why have the tools utilized to create these structures not been found?  Did the builders of these complex structures have at their disposal sound-levitation techniques?
It’s not clear how this might have worked. However, in a dream I was conversing with Kuan Yin. Realizing that She was a professor at some kind of cosmic academy, I followed her into the lobby and up a flight of stairs. Now on the second level, I noticed an Olympic-size swimming pool surrounded by megalithic sound speakers. The purpose for this positioning of the speakers appeared to be an advanced technology; intermingling sound with the airwaves evaporating from the surface of the pool.
Because of the Kuan Yin material on the multidimensional self, I further believe that humans have enhanced their mental capacity through transmutation of thoughts from their multiple selves; that we are at once both human and extraterrestrial. Through the function of multidimensionality, then, we have gradually ‘remembered’ and then incorporated our God-potential.
“Kuan Yin is showing me visually how I’m (we all are) part of a round ball of light, people call God,” states Lena.

“There are those who would rather God was thought of as a person, a man with a white beard. However, for purposes of this manuscript, I will continue with this ball of light analogy of the God Force,” continues Kuan Yin. “Those who object to my use of the word ‘God’ or ‘God Force’ will just have to deal with it for now.”
“I’m seeing (not pie-shaped) but straight slivers coming from this central ball of light,” explains Lena. “These straight slivers of light become a person who plays out adventures from his or her beliefs. When you put all the slivers together they form God. It is as if one takes a small chip of gold from a cave made of gold. The cave and chip of gold are separate, and yet they are the same. How is this possible? Because they are comprised of the same chemical elements.”
The nature of the multidimensional self was further delineated in my following vivid dream:
In it, I saw myself living aboard a spaceship. I seemed to be a man, having short jet black hair and translucent white skin. My eyes were bright crystal blue.

Approaching the technologically-advanced medical center on board, I was apparently scheduled for some sort of eye surgery. All the while, I had an awareness of my female counterpart living on earth. Indeed, this parallel self also had some kind of issue concerning the health of her eyes. While having a great fondness for my earthly counterpart, this ‘advanced’ version of me apparently regarded my human form as somewhat primitive.
Preparing myself psychologically for surgery, I then heard one of the doctors say, “This surgery will also help the parallel you that is living on the earth with her eye problem”.
Coincidentally, this was a period in my earth life when I was scheduled to have a growth removed from near my right eye. Having the surgery, it transpired without any complications. I couldn’t help but wonder if the words, intentions and actions taking place in that parallel realm had something to do with the positive outcome here on earth.
While my experience of being on the spaceship initially seemed to be only a dream, I always questioned whether this experience was an actual reality. From my awakening in the spaceship bedroom to walking its hallways to finally entering the onboard medical center for surgery, everything was so vivid that it seemed more like a real experience.

Everyone I encountered seemed very kind and intellectually advanced. Had this been only a dream or an actual abduction? My personal opinion is that it was some kind of parallel-life experience.
We are here living in earth’s specific belief framework because we have chosen this time and place to heal any limiting thought processes. Because we have free will we are never bound by limiting beliefs. In fact, according to Kuan Yin, there are parallel realms having other, more expansive, belief frameworks:
“There are other places, other possibilities,” expounds Kuan Yin. “Don’t get too dragged down where the karma is thick. Concentrate on creating the possibilities.”
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