Kuan Yin: the Law of Attraction, Dreams and Human Evolution

An essential cornerstone of Kuan Yin’s teachings (as revealed in “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” and “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings” http://tinyurl.com/23g98ea) is that our realistic life allows one’s higher self to pluck divinity from our everyday drama; that the words we choose to speak and the visions we choose to see have the power to attract specific objects and events.

To make sense of normal and even bizarre events of this world, we may already rely on assumptions drawn from ancient doctrines of religion or passed down cultural mores. Or, we may look to visions and dreams to understand that which personally affects us.

But what exactly are visions and dreams? And how do they relate to the law of attraction? Kuan Yin explains the great mind matrix and all it encompasses as the underlying force that constantly attracts personal reality. In dreams, beliefs and emotions are actually ‘played out’ as myriad probable scenarios. That there exist in and out of time brain-periodicity problem-solving mechanisms suggest that the mind is already primed for evolution and its most expansive outcome.

Kuan Yin had said in reference to the various mind states, “You mean defenses; the layers you take to proceed to the soul”. As discussed, we have at least five brainwave frequency ranges for our survival. They are the built-in defenses of human consciousness. They, similar to the auras around the body, represent layers of consciousness…These brainwaves serve as protective elements, helping the human body function and survive on this earth plane.”

Psychic channel Lena Lees had responded: “I’m reminded of the theory of a “skin-encapsulated ego”. However, this discussion involves the soul. Gravity holds our physical bodies in place. Our skin holds the spirit in place. Heavy layers of energy, karma (around the earth and the body) weigh us down. Every layer is different. The [brain] waves represent the different layers of consciousness. I’m seeing each brainwave as a sort of gelatinous substance, layer upon layer; much like the onion skin metaphor. Accessing a certain layer accesses certain abilities, i.e. trance skills in the alpha range, dream lucidity in the theta range, etc. They all work together perfectly. When an individual ‘hits’ a certain layer, she or he can heal certain issues.”

“Yes,” agrees Kuan Yin. “All the brainwave periodicities work well together on the earth plain for purposes of survival. Instinct kicks in when one’s survival is at stake. In the alternative brainwave periodicities, many issues (and perhaps even ailments) can be healed.”

Kuan Yin explains that we have come to earth to understand the power of the infinite mind. Certainly, the illusion of death can seem very real and daunting. It is also true that people, through their own belief ‘investments’, can create lifetimes of suffering. Ultimately, though, we will come to the understanding of the liberating truth: that we are powerful, eternal beings.

If we are observant, we may discover ‘doorways’ to the other parallel realms. In one of many dreams revealing these ‘hidden’ portals, I was in the hallway trying to open the door to a room in my house. Realizing someone had slammed the door shut, I heard a commotion directly behind the door. Looking back over my shoulder, I realized that all my family members were accounted for: that they were sitting comfortably on the couch in the adjacent living room. Heart pounding, curiosity piqued, I wondered who or what could be causing such a stir? As if hearing my thoughts, a small Asian man with a wry smile suddenly opened the door. Staring calmly at me, he didn’t say a word. Instantly, I recognized him as Kuan Yin.

It is believed by many that after having passed on, a soul will regroup with other souls having similar values and interests. This is for the purpose of evaluating lessons learned while living on earth. But it’s not just when someone has passed over that they consult with members of their soul group and guides, agreeing to perform certain roles and participate in specific events to accelerate learning.

Visions and dreams often represent the Greater (Authentic) Self’s interaction with other souls beyond the veil of physical reality. People will report attending what they believe are important meetings or classes occurring in their dreams. Crucial decisions concerning pursuing a probable life-direction for an individual or a soul group are frequently the focus of such gatherings. While some might regard dreams as subconscious afterthoughts, dreaming can act as a kind of cosmic rehearsal for actualizing individual and mass waking events.

I wonder about occurrences wherein people seem to already know each other. For example when someone, during a casual conversation comments: “You look so familiar to me. Have we met before?” Even more inexplicable is when two people, who’ve never met, experience romantic feelings. Is it because these individuals have already been attracted to one another beyond the portal? Kuan Yin maintains that the same law of attraction forces governing the above experiences; also govern the circumstances surrounding birth and reincarnation.

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