Kuan Yin’s “Rope to a Life-Saving Raft”, The Law of Attraction and Is Life an Endless Déjà vu?

We were (according to Kuan Yin) aware before birth, that we chose to participate in this paradigm’s specific “collective agreement” mostly focused upon the “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” beliefs. Continuing, Kuan Yin states that “during the process of transforming from pure energy into a physical body, however, it is quite possible to forget former ‘agreements’”.

There is the Hopi belief in the Four Worlds. What, however, if there are innumerable parallel ‘worlds’; realities created, indeed recycled, from our thoughts? If the law of attraction is true; if our thoughts really attract and hold reality in place, then how can we be sure that some personal or mass reality was not actually destroyed a week, a day or even an hour ago and then re-established through the powers of the mind?

Indeed, there are so many possibilities for our demise. Most obviously there is aging and the possibility of physical disease. There are, of course, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, asteroids and the like. There are manmade catastrophes such as fire, nuclear explosions, poison gas and of course war. Yet we, as a species, appear to physically endure.

But what reality are we living? How can we be sure that what we are living today isn’t a parallel reality; a slight alteration–a deja vu of yesterday? Featuring the various names and places of the day, radio and TV news may, nevertheless, closely resemble the very events we watched and heard five, ten or even thirty years ago. The question therefore must be asked. Similar to when one’s thoughts continue like a broken record, are we on some self-created mental merry-go-round we can’t jump off of?

Likewise in relationships, are we attracted to certain people and circumstances because we’ve known and experienced them in other self-created realities? According to Kuan Yin, innate passions, pre-existing abilities and personality traits from other lifetimes are universal: “There are many invested elements–elements that can affect the outcome. Ultimately, the outcome depends upon the individual’s free will. Everyone wants to know the outcome, the end. However, there is no end, only seasons of life.” -Kuan Yin

If a person is not convinced of their innate power, they can be thrust back into a world of confusion, indecision and even a superstitious approach to reality. Such beliefs may have begun innocently enough. As children, for example, we can sometimes feel powerless. Holding a rabbit’s foot or some other lucky charm might temporarily put one at ease: providing relief from any fear of the unknown.

People may or may not choose from among various ‘collective paranoias that can be powerful influences on personal beliefs. Think of any (expansive or limiting) collective agreement as some enormous conglomerate spell. Those relying upon hindering beliefs to resolve their fears might also be easily manipulated by governmental or religious factions issuing threats. Such strategies resemble a spell. However, this ‘spell’ has been cast over millions of minds.

There exist certain similarities between any ‘collective spell’ and law of attraction processes. Both suggest that under the ideal circumstances, the greater Self will attempt to fully obey the mind’s most exacting dictates. To experience a desired outcome, in any case, requires that the individual believe and have a significant emotional investment in both process and outcome. However, that is where any similarities end. A self-deterministic mindset takes full responsibility whereas LOA skeptics could pawn responsibility for an unwanted reality onto any unforeseen or external factor.

What can awaken us from any supposed mass sleep walk? Ironically, it is the myriad possibilities dwelling in All-That-Is. They inhabit our dreams and demonstrate that we are free to go beyond the constraints of the physical world. Kuan Yin has described Her teachings as “a thread—a rope to a life-saving raft” out of any self-imposed “well” of illusion. Reference: http://tinyurl.com/23g98ea

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