Latest MoD UFO files not complete – More proof of a cover-up?

The MoD has just released a further 8,000 previously classified documents on UFO’s, but it was discovered that intelligence papers on the “Rendlesham incident” were not included and have “gone missing”. 

The following extract was taken from the National Archives “highlights-guide”: 

Files on Rendlesham Forest incident (Britain’s Roswell) destroyed

During 2000 a search by MoD records staff revealed that a collection of Defence Intelligence files covering the period 1980-82 (including on the famous Rendlesham Forest incident) had been destroyed, even though other files from the surrounding years had survived. Records staff could not say when or why files were destroyed as the destruction certificates themselves were not retained for longer than five years. Officials from MoD warned that if what it called this “apparent anomaly in the records” were made public “it could be interpreted to mean that a deliberate attempt had been made to eradicate the records covering this incident”.

“it could be interpreted to mean that a deliberate attempt had been made to eradicate the records covering this incident”. Are they kidding, you can bet your life people will see this as a “deliberate attempt”, or to be more accurate, a “cover-up” 

Isn’t it amazing how important UFO documents can go missing, or get “accidentally” destroyed when the “weather balloon” type excuses can not be applied! 

Governments (in Britain and the United States) have used this tactic frequently to lose damning evidence (not just about UFO’s) and it is becoming a little too obvious. 

Of the 8,000 documents released, you can be sure that there are many that were not included. Those remaining are certain to provide inconclusive information, or were “solved” by offering a non-alien solution. You will also find a number of reports included that are designed to make fun of the subject and provide humorous ammunition for the mainstream media (odd pictures and strange descriptions of the objects seen). 

The Unexplained Explored

Clearly, the release of these so called “classified” documents is just a sham. The government has been sitting on these for a very long time (more than 30 years) and there must have been a reason for that. Is it likely they would agree to release everything after guarding them so carefully? And if government spokesman, Lord Stabolgi, believes “There is nothing to convince Her Majesty’s government that there has ever been a single visit by an alien spacecraft.” Why were these documents kept a secret for so long? 

Some three years before the Rendlesham incident, there was an equally mysterious event that occurred in South Wales “Ripperston Farmhouse UFO Phenomena – The British Roswell?” I wonder if the MoD has lost the files on this one too? - Searching as it should be

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