Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Adoration of the Magi

Original painting 1481 – 1482
by Mary Alice Bennett

Close-ups of the above painting. Just match the numbers to the smaller pictures and then match them to the explanation below.

The Madonna and child sit in front of a tree which symbolizes (1) “the tree of life”. Behind the tree sits the duet of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. (3) Jesus has one hand on the tree of life and the other points towards heaven symbolizing his future “progeny” with Mary . (2) Mary’s hands seem to be praying but she is actually symbolizing the “womb” and their child. In the background there is a knight, a (4) Templar Knight. The progeny of Jesus and Mary has always been the tradition of the Knights Templar. On looker on the right side is portrayed holding his hand in the (5) “V” shape for femininity.


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