Live panel features CeRPER and JCETI UFO perspectives

A live panel will convene over YouTube to explore critical issues in UFO and ET contact-related education on UFOPM. Credits:  Jon Kelly/SecretMessageTV

On Friday, February 8, 2013, at 7 p.m. PST (3 a.m. GMT), a live panel will convene over YouTube to explore critical issues in UFO and ET contact-related education featuring Martyn Ellis, Founding Director of the Centre for Research & Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations (CeRPER) and Gregory Sullivan, Director of the Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (JCETI). Panelists will explore the roles played by disinformation, psychological projection, standardized and free-form protocols, social and spiritual frameworks, cultural boundaries, skills development and human politics as understood from both learners’ and educators’ perspectives.

Click here to watch a video trailer for this live event on YouTube.

Click here for the channel page to watch “Critical Issues in UFO Education: CeRPER and JCETI Perspectives on UFOPM” live on Feb. 8, 2013, at 7 p.m. PST (3 a.m. GMT).


JCETI is a public education and outreach program providing training and resources for CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Skywatching, ET Disclosure and Ambassador Training based in Kyushu, Japan.

JCETI is concerned with research into issues related to UFO secrecy, publishing for the awakening of collective human consciousness, Zero Point Energy, ETi (Extraterrestrial Intelligence), disinformation, human spirituality and global development.

Reportedly a “version update for the whole UFO scene in Japan,” Gregory Sullivan shared JCETI’s vision with The Secret Message Report in an exclusive one hour interview now available online.

Click here to listen to an exclusive one-hour podcast interview featuring Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (JCETI) Director Gregory Sullivan on “The Secret Message Report” with host and former CBS Radio Feature Producer Jon Kelly, available now on YouTube’s SecretMessageTV.

About CeRPER

CeRPER provides Europe’s CE-5 Diplomatic Training Expeditions along with an “Intra-personal development center dedicated to exploring spirituality and consciousness to further understand celestial/star-citizen relations under the auspice of universal peace and human spiritual development.”

Website reports:

“CeRPER, is an independent non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales engaged in extraterrestrial contact, research and training, encouraging a non-harmful, non-prejudicial contact with extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. Consequently, the philosophy and fundamental principles supporting peaceful diplomatic human initiated contact, are upheld by CeRPER and reasserted to continue that approach through the promotion of the UK CE-5 Diplomat Training Program. Orientated towards a rational non-anthropocentric understanding of the ETi [Extraterrestrial Intelligence] subject, CeRPER also encourages a synthesis of empiricism and spiritual understanding as a necessary component for successful celestial/ETi contact and communication which to date, empiricism alone, has failed to achieve.

“Unlike the NASA funded SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] project, CeRPER’s human initiated contact programme uses consciousness augmented with technical equipment to make direct contact and vector ETi craft into the contact group vicinity. Part of the training includes an understanding of consciousness and meditation which also has a practical application, the ability to enter into a calm controlled state of mind where a close-range CE-5 encounter is about to unfold. The outcome of this proven and sensitive approach, is organised in such a way to facilitate in-depth understanding in Extraterrestrial studies from within a holistic vis-à-vis spiritual perspective.”

The CeRPER Aims and Objectives statement outlines the following points:

“1. To act as Diplomats for Humanity; when interacting with the Extraterrestrial Civilisations to procure mutual peaceful benefits –

“2. To help reconcile the apparent dichotomy between the existing world paradigm to the new emerging world paradigm; incorporating sustainable economic & environmental wealth, new sciences, technology, peace and abundance for all of humanity & the Earth –

“3. To use and develop the CE-5 (Close Encounter of the 5th Kind) Contact Protocols; involving mediation and consciousness as the primary means to interact with Extraterrestrial Civilisations, as well as other proven Contact Protocols –

“4. To train and educate interested parties about the CE-5 Contact Protocols; and how to use them for peaceful contact –

“5. To educate the public and other interested parties on relevant Extraterrestrial Issues and Implications; the education will be in harmony with the other stated objectives –

“6. To develop Policy & Conduct Research regarding Extraterrestrial Issues; the Policy & Research will be in harmony with the other stated objectives –

“7. To set up other relevant organisations; as necessary to deal with specific issues arising from our aims & objectives.”

Click here to watch “UFOAM: Today’s Top UFO News for Nov. 7, 2012” featuring an exclusive interview with Martyn Ellis, Founding Director of the Centre for Research & Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations (CeRPER).

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