Man Firstly Born Of Spirit

“Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?”
Galatians: chapter 3: verse, 3:

In this chapter an alternative explanation is given where evolution did not take place with the ape evolving into man, but was created by God. On this subject of evolution, we can look at what it says in the bible. In 1: Corinthians: verses 39- 40: it says: “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds”

On this matter, we can also consider the words of Frederic Myers, (1843 – 1901) a former Hon. Secretary of the Society for Psychical Research and a master pioneer on that subject. He said: “I have assumed that man is an organism informed or possessed by a soul. This view obviously involves the hypothesis that we are living a life in two worlds at once: a planetary life in this material world, to which the organism is intended to react: and also a cosmic life in that spiritual or metetherial world which is the native environment of the soul”.

God is energy a force not a person and in addition there is also a Mother God, a female aspect in that Divine energy for there is both a male and female aspect to all creation. It was orthodox religion who did away with a female God when they first established their faith. They looked upon women as second class and they had no part to play in their religious ideals. So in fact there is a Divine Mother and Father God and all humanity is a part of that union.


We could in a very simplistic way compare the union with the majesty of the sun. We can imagine the energy of the Divine Union being a creative intelligent force billions of times more powerful than the sun. Now imagine tiny rays of golden sunlight breaking away in millions of shining separate streamers, representing the release of the spirit form as individual aspects of that union. They had always been a part of that union but had never had independence from it. The release of the spirit form of man and woman was in the spirit world and not that of the earth. They were born in innocence but not in total perfection, for they had at that point no knowledge of spirit life or the spiritual world they began to inhabit.

The spiritual sphere where the newly created souls were born into is called the Astral plane. This plane is the first sphere of light where above that sphere are higher spiritual realms of ever increasing stages of spiritual progression open to all who wish to advance continually on a true spiritual pathway. Spirit man had to begin his journey of gaining knowledge firstly in the Astral plane, for it was a low realm in the sense it was created on both negative and positive atoms which gave it an earthy appearance but was etheric in its creation. Harder spiritual lessons are learnt there than in the higher spiritual realms for as they reach higher negativity becomes less and less so spirit man can journey on that road to perfection. The Astral plane gave spirit man an ability to express itself on a high level, but challenges, and difficulties it had to endure to be able to gain knowledge, for its spiritual journey back to the divine union.

One may ask, what are the lessons that are still being learnt today for the inner spiritual growth of each individual? If we look upon this earthly world as a classroom, then we are all pupils learning lessons-the lessons of life. There are so many different lessons to learn and not all of us are set the same tasks. They are presented to us in many ways, for example there is the lesson of being alone and learning how to cope with that loneliness. There are lessons of sadness, fear, perhaps poverty and hunger. There are also the good lessons to learn such as happiness, laughter, and love. If we work through these lessons to the best of our ability then we gain experience for our spiritual progression, and by learning our lessons, we can help others.

If we have experienced loneliness, sadness, depression, hunger and fear and won through, then we are more qualified to help others. We can apply our understanding and thus help others who are experiencing similar situations. If we have wealth and power, we have to learn to use them wisely and well, not selfishly for our own purposes. We have to learn to replace anger with love, to erase selfishness and to replace it with giving. If we learn our lessons well, then we can graduate from this earth, to a more spiritual world that much easier. But those who play truant, refusing to listen and to learn, thinking only of themselves and brushing all spiritual truths to one side, will find when they enter the spirit world that they have not spiritually graduated, and will have to face their lessons all over again. If we open our minds to God and the spirit teachers, they will help us with our lessons, but they will not do all the work for us, but guide us in the right direction. When we enter spirit, God will not judge us, neither will those in spirit, we have to undertake that task ourselves. It will be like that of looking into a mirror. We will see how we lived our earthly lives, and all the good things that we did, and the mistaken ways that we trod. We cannot escape that kind of judgment and before we can progress any further in a spiritual direction, then all the wrong things that we did on earth must be put right.

In those early days of the universe there was of course the earth plane which spirit man did not inhabit and it was not material but again etheric in its creation. As time went by the earth’s vibrations slowed down to the extent where it became material as we know it today. Though it was not as high as the Astral plane in its expression, the earth then was far more beautiful than it is today. Its environment grew to a level of fullest expression where all aspects of its creation were in harmony with each other. The spirit man with residing in the Astral plane over time saw the transition of the earth from etheric to the material. As he could travel to most planets in the universe simply by the power of thought then, he also visited the earth.

Though the spirit man was not meant to be a part of the material plane of earth, he had free will and with him being attracted to this world and its material beauty, he wanted to be a part of it. He was warned by the wise teachers of the spirit that a material life would be much harsher, but this did deter spirit man from abandoning his desire to be a part of earth. With spirit man being of the etheric creation he could not live a material life in that identity, for it was not made of flesh and blood, but an energy that was not solid as the human form. He had no knowledge of a being human and so he looked at the creatures of earth, and observed closely the ape. This was the closet creature on earth that the spirit man could use as a vehicle to learn to then create his own material form. He did not actually become an ape in the physical sense, but the consciousness of spirit man embraced the consciousness of the ape. This allowed spirit man to gain the knowledge to be able to create his own material identity.

He used it as a vehicle to gain knowledge of earth’s energies, to create his own material being. Even Darwin accepted this fact but his work was manipulated to fit in with the scientist’s sole view that there was no God therefore man evolved from the ape. Spirit man having gained some experience through the ape’s consciousness had then to learn of earth’s elements and to manipulate them in order to take on the material form. To begin with it was trial and error to get the replica of the spirit identity into the material identity. Spirit man had only been used to the experience of the lower consciousness of the ape, and that creature’s intelligence and ability was far from that of the spirit. Finally the spirit did manage to lower its vibrations to an adequate degree where then it became a material duplicate of his etheric identity. His inner spirit now became encased within that material form.

To give a little more insight into this embracing of consciousnesses, having studied the religion of spiritualism for many years, and watching certain mediums on the platform, then a level of proof even today can be gained even to sceptical scientists. There are a small number of what are called trance mediums who work from the platform. These mediums before addressing the audience will allow themselves to be taken over by the consciousness of a spirit entity who will give direct communication to the congregation. The consciousness of the medium steps aside for a short time, to allow the spirit entity to use their body. They will manipulate the body of the medium and take control.

The spirit entity will sometimes be of a foreign identity, such as Chinese or being German, or any other foreign identity. They will speak in the accent of the country they used to inhabit while on earth. They will even take on the mannerisms of the spirit entity, in movements of the body, and not that of the medium. I remember once seeing a medium taken over by a Chinese women taking on a Chinese accent and the spirit entity would cross her arms when talking as some Chinese teachers of the past would do. Of course the sceptic will say it’s all an act, anyone could stand on a platform and pretend to be taken over. And this could be so for there are fraudulent mediums as there are fraudulent people in all religions and within all other kinds of originations on our world. But in my search for truth and after many years of searching and studying spiritualism I have personally found that there are genuine trance mediums where the consciousness of the spirit entity and that of the medium can embrace each for communication from the spirit world.

When spirit man became of flesh and blood then he became of two consciousnesses one of the inner spirit and one of the material. They are now called the material being the conscious mind while the inner mind is called the subconscious. This definition is totally incorrect, for in learning of the inner spirit that is the true conscious mind while the material is of the sub conscious.

From Greek and Roman times to the 17th century to question the existence of ones soul or consciousness was seen as questioning the works of God which to the church was heresy. It wasn’t until many centuries later that the French philosopher Rene Descarres 1596- 1650 asked himself; “how do I know I exist”? Since then the question about what it means to be conscious and what is meant by the concept of mind or soul has been fundamental to modern philosophy.

The Greeks Plato and Aristotle thought that what we really are is our soul, and that this soul will survive after death-indeed he saw the release of the soul. He therefore believed that soul and body are distinct substances, bodies die but souls are immortal. Aristotle thought that the soul and the body are essentially related. The soul is not a separate substance but an arrangement of stuff or material substance of which the body is made.

From the book, ‘A Meaning to Life’ by Major Ripley Webb M.C, in communication with the spirit world. In giving the earth people a little guidance into the subject of the human consciousness those in spirit tell us. One of the reasons and purposes for each individual while on earth is to expand their consciousness, this is mind evolution. We are born of the God consciousness in the spirit world, but become a lower being when we take on the material form, and in the human identity we have to learn how to again strive to be a full part of that God consciousness, by gaining material knowledge, through the three expressions of man’s true identity. This process cannot be hurried; it has to be done slowly where a gradual process will emerge to follow a true path of spiritual enlightenment. If the consciousness expands to fast owing to some dramatic experience, a person could suddenly become very religious almost fanatical. The sudden expansion of the consciousness causes an imbalance with the emotions of the individual and the intellect is not strong enough to keep the balance.

The spiritual consciousness should develop side by side with the logical reasoning mind neither obtaining undue influence. The development of the spiritual consciousness has to be embraced by right thinking and learning to expand the mind by gaining knowledge in experiencing earthly lessons. God is the whole consciousness and we are part of that spirit consciousness. We need to develop our consciousness in order that we may share the glories of that consciousness.

To learn of the knowledge of the spirit and to begin to walk a spiritual pathway is never an easy task; everything has to be earned through experiences whether good or bad. The spirit for a time has become encased in the material identity, which severely restricts its psychic and spiritual abilities. In many cases, the consciousness grows only to inadequate limits and then stops it cannot get beyond self consciousness. We know as a child is born then it grows it is taught of the material world by its parents, all through its life it never stops learning. It can recall the past in old age and to reflect on life’s experiences to see how much more the consciousness has developed over the years. In later life we can better understand things that we were unsure of in our younger days. Things that did not seem right before now have a meaning. In gaining knowledge in the experiences of life and also in recognising the inner spirit, then through development of the spirit consciousness, in reaching a good level of spiritual awareness, it is uplifted to a new way of looking and living a life embracing true spiritual values.

When spirit man first became flesh and blood he still had a strong knowledge of his spiritual roots and began to learn of life on earth. But as stated the earth would really put him to the ultimate tests with all the pain and suffering that could come upon him if not obeying spiritual laws. As the union of the Mother Father God is energy and not individuals then they could not raise the form of spirit man and woman as earthly parents do. There were before spirit man was formed, other high spiritual beings who had evolved through a different pathway learning all the lessons good and bad in order for them to become teachers. They did not need the experience of being a part of the consciousness of the ape. They, with being high spirits could materialise at will and by lowering the vibrations of their etheric form, they could be seen and heard by those on earth.

In the book of Enoch they are called the shining ones. They were of an extremely high spiritual rank created from the divine energy source; they were the teachers of all the other souls. There was no conflict in their teachings for they were all well versed with the knowledge of God.

Not only in the book of Enoch have the sightings of the high beings been recorded but also in many ancient texts. One description of them says: “On the mountain there were two men. And we could not look upon the face of either of them since they emanated a light, which shone more than the sun”.

“Their garments were luminous and it is impossible to represent in words such a spectacle. Nothing in this world can be compared with them. They sparkled more than crystal. The quality of the colour of their person and of their body was the flower of rose. Their hair was a marvel. Such was the grace of their countenance. They were adorned with every kind of ornament. When suddenly we perceived them, we were astonished”.

In the rest of this chapter we continue to learn of the transition of spirit man creating his material form through the consciousness, of the ape. Also of how the shining ones and the extra terrestrials helped spirit man to establish himself on earth.



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