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The sense of time in one world is not the same as in another world…You’re at page ten but I understand the entire evolution. In reality, it’s already over. It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. Nobody really gets hurt.”-Kuan Yin 

Commenting on the nature of reality, time and the Quantum Law of Uncertainty, Albert Einstein once said, “God does not play dice with the universe”. Indeed, Einstein’s theory of Relativity explains that someone moving through space-time will experience space and time differently from one who is stationary. Furthermore, objects and events traveling through space will actually alter space-time because the speed of light is a constant.

As a part of living systems, consciousness and mental focus present a different, more highly-complex dynamic then, for example, the nature of particles, planets or stars. Indeed, a major posit of the Law of Paradox is that objects and events are influenced by the observer.

The Law of Attraction; the influence of consciousness upon matter is sometimes explained as what you experience, you’ve already created. The determining factor for how reality is manipulated is the original vibration created from specific beliefs and intentions. Reality, then, is experienced from the multidimensional mind’s perceptions of attracted objects and events in varying space-time modalities.

When I was a child, I would sometimes squint my eyes and pretend that my bedroom door was very small and far away.  This perceptual trick would somehow place me in a cosmic portal, waiting to enter another realm. Holding this vision, I would then close my eyes and dream of floating somewhere away from my room in my astral body. Often, I would drop right under the bedroom floor, seemingly suspended above the piano almost touching the dining room ceiling. Other times I would find myself in some alternate space-time warp becoming intimately familiar with the qualities of light and sound. I knew early on in my life, then, that this kind of self-hypnosis could trigger amazing astral journeys.

That we can change matter through varying mind space-time perceptions means that utilizing linear and non-linear brain waves in specific ways could significantly alter object and event content. It would also suggest that this species has developed specific mind capabilities to organize and control our relationship with the physical universe.

Human thoughts provide an electrochemical map (or blueprint) that will display a hybrid mix of thought forms intersecting with the greater cosmic scheme of things. Personal impulses radiate out through the hierarchical, concentric EEG layers: first through the subconscious (dreams and trance), waking mind, physical body; the surrounding environment and finally, vibrational space. Atoms, ocean currents, the rotations of weather patterns, planets and stars have minimal alignments that are required for basic life sustenance and beyond. Evolutionary Potentials (personally actualized and non-actualized objects and events from our thoughts) are part of this total cosmic alignment. Each personally actualized and non-actualized object and event will have its own durability, continuing on in space-time.

From the brains slowest cycling’s (delta) to its fastest (gamma) each range expresses itself in linear and/or non-linear content modality. While each brain frequency-range framework causes the brain to perceive differently, all modes are simultaneous and connected; only veiled by the ego’s constant validation of linear (sequential) time. Vivid or mundane, these modes define one’s various qualities of experience, one’s spectrum of self within the universe.

By definition, memories and perceptions (in one’s waking, sequential mind) are selective. ‘Sequential’ here is defined as objects and events appearing to follow each other in a linear order. Linear beliefs and intents act as filters and shields for waking recollections. From these subjective memories and perceptions, waking and other realities are created.

Whereas “Waking I” thinks, perceives and acts in sequential time and space, “Trance and Dream I” think, perceive and act in non-sequential, multidimensional mode: outside of time and space. At a basic physical level, trance and dream content are natural consequences of slower brainwave activity, and waking and gamma, (super-consciousness) experiences result from faster brainwave cycling. Trance and Dream “I” content will display their non-linear interpretations of personal beliefs and intentions.

Because the gamma state is usually only reached during moments of grueling physical and/or emotional trial, it appears to be an evolutionary neural development: humanity’s survival mode. Having capabilities far beyond waking mode, gamma displays focused perceptions and realities. The unique characteristic of “Gamma I” content is that it appears to possess both linear and non-linear content. In its highest capacity, it is the vehicle for spiritual epiphany. It’s intense and flexible attributes attest to an open system of human intelligence with innate understanding of the molecular spectrum from finite to infinite.

In our in-time and space oriented culture, waking mode events are considered to be normal (i.e. accessible and mostly reliable) while out-of-time, multidimensional events are sometimes regarded with suspicion.

Tonight, in your dreams, when you awaken to a world that you’ve created, you can consider it an extension of your waking reality. Doing this, you give yourself permission and power to reinforce or restructure this or other aspects of your reality. Whether awake or dreaming, then, beliefs are the doorways through which you walk, creating new waking or dream experiences. These experiences, when pulled together, reflect one’s resonance in subtle and profound ways. Knowing this, one suddenly comprehends the benefits of monitoring and articulating the contents of one’s conscious and unconscious minds and their underlying vibrations.

Out of the great field of consciousness of All That Is, myriad differentiations will (from our thoughts) be attracted to and spill into this reality. This includes the creation of space-time with specific objects and events. Whether focusing on an object or event in the linear or non-linear realms, it is the multi-faceted mind modalities that allow us to psychically sense and feel beyond any limitations.

Sometimes in the flurry of our lives, though, we suppress this fact. The challenge for humanity, then, is to balance the artificial time scaffolding of ego-centered consciousness with effective focused intent: when and where someone places their attention. Regard one’s specific time-defined reality as a sacred gift; a temporary anchor within an ever-shifting universe. Skillfully managing this can lead to new personal and/or mass understanding and re-prioritizing: a shifting of both kinds of realities.

Because this earth experience affords us the power to utilize focused intent to more effectively expand our consciousness, Kuan Yin has stated: “Energies that come to earth can evolve more quickly”. The conscious mind therefore helps us to fully-attune ourselves, gleaning the richness of the MOMENT. Included in this process will be the objects and events we have drawn to us.

Specifying how focused intent can be more effectively applied, Kuan Yin states: “Many don’t understand prayer. Prayer is sent out as strong intention and energy. I want you to get unstuck and send focused intent. Be detached from the results. Trust…Praying for others’ well-being is the most incredible thing a person can do!”

So, we as multidimensional beings are (through our personal beliefs and actions) constantly rearranging the field of consciousness. Whether deliberate or passive, law of attraction processes will involve the above linear and non-linear mind capabilities. Trance and dreams often reflect upon expansive or limiting belief and karmic patterns deeply-seated in the sub-conscious mind. Just as you could experience a specific dream caused by certain beliefs acted out in the waking realm, you can experience a waking reality formed from beliefs processed in the non-linear realms.

In the alternate, highly-private mind ranges (such as trance and dreams) time can appear to stand still or not exist at all. This allows the individual an entirely different kind of experience: a personal universe void of space-time. Or, like some cosmic watercolor painting, heretofore unknown objects and events can bleed through and intermingle with a known reality thereby creating an entirely new gestalt canvas. It is important to note that these kinds of ‘alternate’ perceptions could, according to someone’s receptivity or evolutionary level, seep into waking mode.

There can be a strong relationship between what is experienced in waking reality, trance and dreams. This is not necessarily because the trance or dream-mind is only involved in coding or reviewing some recently experienced waking reality. Rather, the predominant reason for this connectivity is that the waking, trance and dreaming minds are all processing the same Evolutionary Potentials.

During these processes, though, a whole new disruptive possibility can arise from the ego’s inclination to protect. This can create distractions; outright blockages preventing true sharing and connection between the conscious and unconscious minds and their myriad parallel creations. 

How receptive and developed the conscious mind is in regard to its counterparts (such as the trance and dream minds) will determine what is remembered about the alternative mind experiences. There is an entire spectrum of the possible; from complete distraction and forgetfulness to recalling small, sporadic glimpses or entire vivid scenarios of trance or dreams.

There is help for those plagued with unwanted ego distractions and blockages. One might want to set aside a designated time for experiencing and analyzing the alternate mind-states’ feedback. Utilizing hypnosis and/or dream journaling, one could begin to balance some of the more undesirable consequences resulting from any overemphasis upon ego-centered consciousness and its often closed-off linear perceptions.

“I’m seeing layers and layers, coat upon coat of denseness,” depicts Lena. “This is the human condition. It is similar to the hundred thousand lenses comprising a bee’s compound eye. Kuan Yin thinks it is very curious that science, humanity’s highest expression of intelligence, sometimes fails to ask the question: ‘If I had a different body would reality look and, in fact, be different for me?’”

“Some scientists, such as Einstein, are very spiritual. They have already begun to explore and understand this approach to reality,” expounds Kuan Yin.

Deeply prophetic, the following dream exemplifies how any perceived time-sequence of objects and events forming our lives is a complete illusion:

In it, I was a captain of a flying ship. Instead of a sail, however, three helium balloons were all that buoyed the ship’s heavy wooden hull. Indeed, its framework was so cumbersome as to remind me of some weather worn and splintered craft.  Realizing the tenuousness of the situation, I began quickly tossing excess cargo overboard. Among the trinkets and boxes was a copy of “Alice in Wonderland”. Begrudgingly, I also threw that overboard and watched as it quickly disappeared through the frothy clouds.

Suddenly upon the earth, I realized I was in some probable future. Entering a bookshop, I began searching meticulously. Not finding what I was seeking, I said to the bookshop owner: “I’m looking for a book like the “Alice in Wonderland” book I through away. It’s about a girl who can be very curious in her quest to understand reality.”

“The book isn’t here because you haven’t written it yet;” the woman scolded somewhat irritably.

The dream shows that although it was years before I had begun to write in earnest, the owner of the dream bookstore already knew of the certainty of the publication of the Kuan Yin books. Any fledgling concept, then, is already a probable reality in this quantum universe.

Reference: Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings, Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin.

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