Mount Pleasant UFO leaves colorful trail in daylight infrared video

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Vancouver’s historic Mount Pleasant neighborhood was the site of multiple afternoon UFO encounters captured on video by two witnesses operating cameras over the British Columbia Day holiday weekend. One of these incidents took place at 5:10pm PST on Monday, August 1, 2011 and was recorded in infrared light travelling due East to West at a time when online satellite tracking tables indicated there were no bright objects anticipated along the city’s reported “UFO corridor”. The video, posted on YouTube, shows how the UFO moves steadily under powered flight while emitting a brilliant display that leaves a ghostly trail of colors in the wake of its passage. Additional images recorded earlier that afternoon depicted a convolving mass of luminous spheres along with a distinct bright light including a tail-like appendage conducting fly-overs of the area.

Click here to watch this new UFO video captured in Vancouver, BC, produced for SecretMessageTV by former CBS Radio Feature Producer and Vancouver UFO Examiner, Jon Kelly.

Click here to review satellite tracking tables for Monday, August 31, 2011 provided by Heavens Above.

First Nations Memories

The Mount Pleasant Historic Context Statement, prepared by Donald Luxton and Associates for the City of Vancouver, describes how “For the last 10,000 years, Mount Pleasant’s natural ecology of plants, birds and animals such as deer, bear, beaver, cougar and small herds of elk were a rich resource hinterland for First Nations peoples. On its northern edge was a shore of the Pacific Ocean, lined with grasses, willow, and crabapple trees, and its beaches were a source of shellfish such as clams and crab. Running down both its western and eastern borders were substantial creeks draining the forests directly northwards to the salt waters of False Creek where sturgeon, flounder, sole, perch and smelt were abundant. Down the centre of Mount Pleasant’s land mass ran one of the largest salmon and trout creeks in Vancouver, which formed a ravine up to 40 feet deep as it cascaded down the hillside to the ocean. For the local First Nations this creek would have been a source of fresh water, salmon and trout, numerous useful plants and animals, and it would have provided access to the upper reaches of Mount Pleasant where the different ecology of swamps provided more useful flora and fauna. The creek was later named Brewery Creek and was in effect Mount Pleasant’s first Main Street, the street that came later and followed the same route up the hill.”

The website describes this organization as “the foremost cultural and heritage resource management firm in Western Canada.”

Irish Influences

The character of modern day Mount Pleasant is represented by a number of landmark structures, including Heritage Hall (formerly Postal Station C), the former Evangelistic Tabernacle and Vancouver City Hall. Regarding the history of the Mount Pleasant community, the City of Vancouver website describes how “proximity to the business district of Vancouver and the availability of a quality water supply (Brewery Creek) made the area an ideal place for early industry and settlement. Early expectations were that Mount Pleasant would develop as Vancouver’s fashionable “uptown.” The area high above False Creek was named “Mount Pleasant” in 1888, after the Irish birthplace of the wife of H.V. Edmonds. Edmonds, clerk of the municipal council in New Westminster, was the original owner of much of Mount Pleasant.”

Day of Freedom

Free energy, free mobility, free thought, free inquiry and free speech represent a number of themes connected with the UFO topic. The symbolic meaning of numerous UFO video captures on a day designated to remind British Columbians of the value of such freedoms is not lost upon this reporter.

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