White gloved hands hold a torch which illuminates the treasures of a secret society.

The first object that it lights is a large crucifix showing the INRI with a reversed “N” – a secret society sign.  It may be a reversed “N” superimposed on a normal N which is a secret society symbol as well.

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On the shelf above, they is a lovely statuette of Mary Magdalene and above her are an Assryian statue and a figure wearing an Egyptian kilt. At desk level is an archaic larger – than – life carving of a human head. On his helmet are roughly hewn wings – is this a head of Mercury?

The gloved hand proceeds to the highly polished bookshelf to pull out an original copy of  “The Adventures of Matthias Sanorf” by JulesVernes from the shelf.

Another large volume is titled “Merovee” and refers to the”Templiers”, these subjects point to the area of Rennes-le-Chateau in southeastern France and the Priory of Sion.  A hand-written notebook is high lighted in colors and contains  numbered majic square diagrams which are use by a secret soiety in Girona, Spain. 

On display are an “X-Files” DVD and a paperback book by famous UFO author J. Allen Hynek which is autographed by the author.

A closed glass case is opened to reveal a collection of archaeological artifacts and a large silver Masonic jewel. In the center lies a beautiul dark cowry shell (see photo).

Next to it are the silver treasures -” the stupendous Merovingian cross”of a previous mystery video along with a very big Mason`s angle in silver. A representation of the Pytagorean geometric diagram in silver swings from the angle and glitters in the beam of the flashlight. The Merovngian cross is also made of silver with a round red jewel in the center and four trianges of blue lapis lazuli pointing towards it. These four triangles faciing the four directions are important in the lore of Girona as well.  The computer screen shows the “Shepherds of Arcadia II” painting by Nicolas Poussin further tying the library to Rennes-le-Chateau and the Priory of Sion.

Given the UFO connection to that area`s Mt. Bugarach, it is not a surprise that this secret society office contains materials related to exterrestrial encounters.

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