Night vision reveals UFO pulsation signatures

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

According to a new video dated December 30, 2011, UFO’s can be distinguished from conventional aircraft by vibrant pulsating infrared light emissions when observed through night vision devices. This conclusion validates observations conducted in Southwestern British Columbia in early 2011 where video evidence (scheduled for release in 2012) shows pulsating infrared light emissions from a UFO that multiple witnesses claim displayed no variance in luminous intensity when seen in visible light.

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The latest installment on legendary YouTube channel seeingUFOsPA contrasts landing lights from commercial jet airliners and military helicopters with something “unlike anything ever seen” by one witness, described in the video as a Tactical Intelligence Surveillance Expert from the Pennsylvania State Police. In addition to substantial instrumental evidence, Murrysville, PA videographer Alison Kruse cites what the US Federal Aviation Administration calls a “PA UFO” in reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Ms. Kruse described her ground-breaking research and public outreach initiative to The Secret Message Report in a 65 minute podcast interview, now available online.

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The UFO video catalogue of Alison Kruse is distinguished not only for the volume of material presented, but for the quality of the optical systems used. Ms. Kruse has invested thousands of dollars of her own money to finance the purchase of optimized third generation night vision monocular and broadcast series HD camcorder systems to produce UFO documentation from her back porch and surrounding neighborhood. Her pioneering efforts contrast sharply with a social climate in which official government denial is compounded by aggressive acts of “Operation Mockingbird”-like online sabotage, including a prior suspension of her YouTube account under what she describes as anonymous fraudulent claims of copyright infringement.

Ms. Kruse’s catalogue includes unambiguous video of UFO’s that commence pseudo-navigation light displays after emerging from wooded areas where no fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter could safely operate. A historical precedent for this type of observation was established by Dr. Bruce Cornett in his Pine Bush, New York studies from the early 1990’s where time-lapse photography revealed related objects demonstrating such morphing “fake plane” behaviours as well.

One of the most famous regional reports from the area was the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident that took place in Westmoreland County’s Mt. Pleasant Township. An object that was first seen in Ontario, Canada, descended over Michigan and Ohio before crashing in the woods of Pennsylvania. What followed is described by some researchers as the military cover-up of a crashed bell-shaped object with markings on its surface that resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs.

“I’ve been a skywatcher since high school looking for normal things like meteor showers and significant astrological events,” explained Alison Kruse during her podcast interview.

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