Nothing Can Harm You! Ghosts, Hauntings and the Eternal Spirit

“I know ultimately nothing can harm or destroy you. Fear comes from not knowing the entire truth.”-Kuan Yin


“I don’t really know what I’m seeing. I just see all kinds of shapes and forms of Kuan Yin,” continues Lena. “Now I’m witnessing a scene of Hiroshima, a great mushroom cloud. She’s inside it. Now it is inside of her. Suddenly, it explodes in her body and she absorbs, becomes the energy. That’s her message for this chapter. Nothing can harm her. Even the most devastating force is changed, softened so that people will grow even when experiencing complete destruction. She’s not afraid to merge with the most fearsome creations.”

“You see,” announces Kuan Yin, “I am still in my original form. It didn’t destroy me.”

Transcribing Kuan Yin and Lena’s amazing discourse, I tried in vain to visualize the phenomenon Lena has just described. Returning to pen and paper, I realize Lena has been silent for a while. Receiving another trance communication, she then resumed speaking:

“I’m reminded of how passionate Kuan Yin is about the importance of being human on this earth,” continues Lena.

“It’s the most important thing in your existence,” ordinates Kuan Yin. “Your existence is eternal. This phase (of your soul) is so important because you learn so much in human form. This is where the individual’s ‘spark’ of existence can expand into bigger, more powerful energies.”-Kuan Yin

From the time we are born, though, many of us have been programmed to fear death. These fears can then congeal with others, creating a specific mass energy dynamic. Kuan Yin describes the resulting paradigm as a huge dense disk that can eventually attract equally-dynamic opposing forces such as detrimental weather patterns, disease, war, etc. Limiting beliefs that are remnants of the original collective planetary agreement will also stifle any potentially-emerging expansive mass reality.

In its most basic form, fear could warn of us impending danger. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, it has the potential to create the ‘fight or flight’ response putting mind and body on high alert. Now as in the past, certain religious figures and politicians have effectively used fear and/or hatred to manipulate and conquer. Whether it is fear, anger, denial or depression, the underlying dynamic for all of these limiting moods is likely personal validation of the original pre-birth Fear Triad “Collective Agreement”.

You may even be able to detect these belief patterns in your everyday life. Do you persist in the belief that there is “not enough” love or resources?   Do you believe that life is a constant competition: that there is only “survival of the fittest” or that you are “better than” others? The origin of infinite limiting thought projections, these beliefs can keep one locked in endless cycles of limitation and destruction.

In a physical disease, sooner or later the victim will show deleterious symptoms: signs that the body is deteriorating in some way. As a societal disease, the probable schisms born of the above beliefs can negatively impact society, the environment and spiritual development at all levels. Kuan Yin speaks of “clashes” on earth in the following way:

 “The confusion on earth is created by differing energies. Any clash between energies is a result of a ‘better than’ mindset. Sometimes the children are even dragged into this mindset and then there are awful consequences. What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and that they never die. Reality is always truth, knowledge and bliss.”-Kuan Yin

I had been discussing the presence of a ‘lost’ spirit—a haunting of a client’s residence when he mentioned that he believed in both good and evil spirits. Indeed, the spirit in question (a young girl) perpetuated childish pranks such as kicking and shoving and opening and closing cabinets and doors of the occupants–the nature of which seemed mostly playful and certainly not evil. The reason it is important to get clear on the basic human (and spirit) intention for good is that (according to the law of attraction) what you believe, you will eventually attract. Indeed, Kuan Yin assures us that there is no evil, only ignorance.

Throughout history, many questions have arisen concerning what happens before and after the soul occupies a physical body. Much of my life, in fact, has been devoted to understanding the spiritual forces influencing soul migration.

When someone dies suddenly or under traumatic circumstances they may not be aware that they’ve passed over to the other side. Therefore, they can continue behaving in the same way as when they were in a body or wander for quite awhile before realizing what has happened. That the child ghost mentioned earlier died suddenly or under traumatic circumstances could explain her often immature and annoying pranks.

I have encountered other ghosts whose intentions appeared to be only to alleviate their frustration through sending some kind of message, getting the attention of the occupants or to, perhaps more importantly, be free of their wanderings.

My initial experience of the cosmic portals of birth and death was during my pregnancy carrying my first child. In my third trimester, I remember having cried profusely; worried by a series of health concerns. Would the baby be ok? Would I be ok? I felt alone and depressed.

Suddenly before me, I saw a vision of a young boy. Platinum blond hair and blue eyes, he appeared to be about three years old.

“Don’t worry mother! I’ll be ok and you will be too!”

Then, as quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared.

Reassured by my vision, I knew there was nothing to be frightened of. Indeed, a few months later, a healthy baby boy was born. Realizing it was similar to a door opening to a formerly unperceivable world, the pre-birth vision of my son was my first conscious experience with the ‘other side’.

My epiphany of the continuation of the soul after death came in a dream wherein I encountered a lost and wandering spirit. Intuitively, I knew she needed guidance. Asking her if she would like my help, I saw her nod her head ‘yes’. Following me around some cosmic corner, she and I suddenly saw an opening through what was, in waking reality, an ordinary ceiling. Peering through this celestial window, I spied a blazing sky of undulating shapes and colors: the infinite love of the universe! Watching the woman’s soul ascend, I never encountered her again in my dreams.

Much later, after the death of an acquaintance, I dreamt that he called me on the phone. Listening intently, I heard him explain that he was “still alive”. Immediately after our conversation, I saw a vision of him apparently locked behind bars in some kind of prison. I supposed that his untenable afterlife situation was left over from former waking reality idea-constructs. Maybe he had created this limiting after-death experience because he felt guilty about some earthly transgression and believed he deserved to be punished.

Unfortunately, many have been led to believe that the afterlife is only a choice between heaven and hell. Kuan Yin teaches that any idea constructs of evil or hell will, upon passing over, become irrelevant as they are not real. Additionally, consciousness does not, according to the deity, begin at birth nor end at death:

 “The Authentic Self is the part of you that lives before and after this lifetime, that is eternal…When you leave [your experience here on earth] you have a lot more power. It won’t be ego-based power. Rather it will be beyond ego, beyond good and evil.  In fact, ‘evil’ is just a label as everything is intermixed. The pendulum just appears to swing back and forth. Another life offers another opportunity, a chance to switch flavors so to speak. Taking oneself too personally, however, can cause a soul to get caught up, stuck in redundancy: in a particular (and perhaps unfortunate) ‘flavor’. In such instances, the individual is forgetting they have the ability to choose from a variety of ‘flavors’, lives.”-Kuan Yin 

Earthly experiences that could be construed as ‘hellish’: (such as disease, poverty, environmental decimation or war) are usually specific consequences of the “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” beliefs. We always have a choice to abandon such limiting beliefs thereby not creating/attracting the lesser situations.

A crucial part of the ongoing karmic cycle is a Life Review. Each person has an opportunity during the period following the cessation of physicality to realize that love and compassion versus judgment or transgressions towards others are really perceptions and actions ultimately pertaining to oneself; that we are all One. It is the beliefs and actions (from your previous life) shown in this Life Review that will, in the end, determine your next incarnation.

Reference: “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin”


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