On Gods, Miracles and the Law of Attraction

Book Review: “Kuan Yin: The Universe Will Bring What You Want – The Science of Miracles”:

With the advent of recent astronomical discoveries positing the existence of a Multiverse, immortality and law of attraction concepts likely now have confirming backup scientific evidence. At the close of 2010 scientists monitoring the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) pattern perceived at least four concentric rings of lower temperature variation. This would indicate that even before the “Big Bang” at least one other universe has buffeted ours, suggesting parallel universes. A crucial aspect of the Multiverse theory is its ramifications for the concept of immortality and of time.

It is now supposed, by some, that (with the discovery of the Multiverse), there exist infinite, unique you’s scattered throughout the universe. How indeed does this new information impact theories on the powers of the mind, miracle occurrences and the law of attraction? According to Kuan Yin, the mind is the cosmic mystical force hidden behind the curtain of so-called space/time, creating all physical manifestation. The brains amazing sequential and non-sequential functionality is the expression of a soul’s unique will to discover, create and be.

Kuan Yin maintains that we are spiritual beings who’ve incarnated on earth to “play our adventures from [our] beliefs”. To comprehend the true extent of our humanity, we need to understand the nature of the soul: “This Authentic/Always Self is the part of you that lives before and after this lifetime, that is eternal,” explains Kuan Yin. As earth is a place where, “smaller energies evolve into larger, stronger energies”, the very act of choosing to be born on the earth means we are learning to “think ourselves there”; that we have the potential to align ourselves with our highest vibration.

Regard incarnating into a life as landing in a small portion of a quantum labyrinth. Your waking reality represents just one of myriad reality focus frame systems. You might believe you develop only certain skills and strengths as you mature throughout your life. While you may be initially attracted to one or two areas of expertise or problem solving, you can enter other parts of the ‘maze’ at any point in your existence. Therefore, all options are ultimately available. Believing there is only a single you (your only existence) traveling this pathway, however, could cause a person to lament that they’ve forever reached a dead end or are in some endless circuitous life route. Quantum Theory posits, though, that there are always multiple possible outcomes, some more likely than others.

Since articulated thoughts (affirmations) have both particle and wave properties, we have the power to increase a probable outcome through affirming what we most want to manifest. Free to choose your own “path of liberation”, there is no set mode or time limit. Therefore if you don’t achieve what you want in this life there are infinite reincarnation opportunities.

Modern computers solve problems through very rapid calculations utilizing only one pathway. What if a quantum computer could be developed where infinite problem-solving pathways are used for calculations? It could initially suggest multiple probable solutions for a single problem; finally determining the most likely or beneficial answer. Or it could suggest more efficient ways to pose a question for determining a certain outcome.

Having multiple problem-solving modes (for example, waking, trance and dreams), our minds more closely resemble the quantum computer I’ve described above. In our day to day lives, if we begin to stagnate we could experience a dream ‘wake-up call’. One can have extraordinary insights during an ordinary dream and/or an extraordinary daydream or hypnotic trance during an otherwise ordinary day. The latent actualization pool of our All That Is Consciousness contains a sea of infinite information and problem-solving abilities waiting for the curtain; the linear veil of waking reality, to rise.

It is an interesting concept; that we have endless probable realities to hone our problem-solving and manifestation skills. Until now, only certain religions posited the doctrine of reincarnation. But theories of a Multiverse now support the concept that we are multidimensional beings living myriad parallel lives.

How does one reconcile parallel lives with traditional definitions of time and theories of reincarnation–that one is reborn into a succession of lifetimes? According to Kuan Yin, events in all fields of consciousness (including trance and dreams) are valid: that the soul is an eternal voyager in a timeless universe.

For survival reasons, ego/waking mind has always been endowed with a high proclivity towards attachment: “Only the body dies. People get too attached (to their physicality). But, they have to. One’s consciousness must be fairly strong in order for the soul’s desire to continue. The more we feel our humanity, the more help we can give and the more joy we can create.”-Kuan Yin

A central part of the Kuan Yin spiritual teachings is that “focused intent” is the catalyst for the creation of reality. The magnetizing force of personal beliefs is so strong that it can draw groupings of specific objects and events from the scattered you’s around the universe into your personal experience. When necessary, there can also be intervention from the divine realms: “…There are straight slivers coming from a central ball of light. These straight slivers of light become a person who plays out adventures from his or her beliefs. When you put all the slivers together they form God. It is as if one takes a small chip of gold from a cave made of gold. The cave and chip of gold are separate. Yet, they are the same.”-Kuan Yin

As we do not live in an accidental universe, a miracle is not simply luck or some happy accident. The human mind is something amazing to behold. It can, in the appropriate circumstance, attract magical, healing events that are inexplicable even in scientific terms. The mystery and wonder of the human mind is its perfect flexibility. It is miraculously wired to not only interact with waking reality but also the divine and other realms.

Whether we are aware of them or not, the divine realms are also available to us in dreams. They offer a potential catalyst for healing during sleep (when ego’s perhaps annoyingly persistent and limiting thought forms can be circumvented by positive affirmations, for example). Such a positive ‘focused intent’, when spoken just before retiring for bed, can help facilitate the Authentic Self’s natural alignment with the healing powers of the universe. We could, though, take for granted this process; that the stomach flu present when we retired for bed is completely gone the next morning. In dreams, beliefs and emotions are actually ‘played out’ as myriad probable scenarios. That there exist in and out of time mental problem-solving mechanisms suggest that the mind is already primed for evolution and its most expansive outcome.

There can be miracles when you least expect them. However, it is usually only when faced with severe upheaval, stress or trauma that the ego will finally drop its guard, allowing in the physical or psychic healing powers of All That Is; what could be called a ‘miracle’:

“Let the magic happen. It is always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy…Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down…Prosperity can happen at any time!”-Kuan Yin

References: “The Universe Will Bring What You Want: the Science of Miracles” (Available on Kindle as an e-book download or to be freely borrowed from the Kindle Library. http://www.amazon.com/Kuan-Yin-Universe-Miracles-ebook/dp/B006LQINME/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1323983527&sr=1-1

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