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The German UFO – Haunebu Mark III


By Brad and Sherry Steiger

(Copyright 2016, Brad & Sherry Steiger – All Rights Reseerved)

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In 2012, Iron Sky, a Finnish science fiction film about the Nazis’ development of flying discs, reignited a debate in Germany about Hitler’s development of




“Iron Sky” centers on real-life SS officer Hans Kammler who was said to have made a significant breakthrough in antigravity experiments towards the end of WW2.  The film relates how, from a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late 1945 to build a military base named Schwarze Sonne ( Black Sun) on the Moon.  This base was to be used to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to Earth in 2018.

Der Schwarze Sonne


According to reports published in the German magazine PM,  there is “strong evidence” that a Nazi UFO program was well advanced based on an alien saucer that had crashed in Italy. The PM report quotes eyewitnesses who state that they saw a flying saucer marked with an Iron Cross Insignia flying low over the Thames in 1944.

Other eyewitnesses claim that they saw a flying saucer type craft produced in Prague in 1945 actually become airborne.  Records state that the best known of the Nazi UFO projects was the Schriever-Habermohl scheme, named for Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl.

According to PM magazine, Joseph Andreas Epp, an engineer said:

“Fifteen disc prototypes were built in all with a central cockpit surrounded by a rotating adjustable wing-vanes forming a circle. The pitch of the vanes could be adjusted so that during takeoff more lift was generated by increasing their angle from a more horizontal setting.

In level flight the angle would be adjusted to a smaller angle, similar to the way helicopter rotors operate. The wing-vanes were to be set in rotation by small rockets placed around the rim like a pinwheel. Once rotational speed was sufficient, lift-off was achieved.”


Vril Blitz means Vril Lightning

 The Vril Societies 

The end of World War I had left Germany with its people poor and its morale low.  The Vril Societies maintained that the Germanic/Nordic/ Teutonic people were of Aryan origin and that Christianity had destroyed the power of the Teutonic civilization.  The Vril would be the means of the nation’s restoration as a major world power. Those who learned control of the Vril would become master of themselves, those around them, and the world itself. 

Such members of the Lodge as Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, Dr. Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, and other top Nazi leaders, became obsessed with preparing German youth to become a Master Race.

An important element in the developing Nazi mythos was the belief that representatives of a powerful, underground, secret race emerged from time to time to walk among Homo sapiens. Hitler’s frenzied desire to breed a select race of Nordic types was inspired by his obsessive hope that it should be the Germanic peoples who would be chosen above all other humans to in¬terbreed with the subterranean supermen in the mutation of a new race of heroes, demigods, and god-men.

It was while the Vril Society–now renamed Vril Gesellschaft –was meeting at an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgarden, that they received remarkable news that Maria Orsic (Orsitch) had begun to receive messages from Aryan aliens on Alpha Tauri in the Aldeberan star system. Maria, led the Vrilerinnen, a group of beautiful young mediums in the society, and she and a sister medium named Sigrun, had learned that a half billion years ago, the Aryans, also known as the Elohim or Elder Race, began to colonize our solar system.  On Earth, the Aryans were identified as the Sumerians until they elected to carve out an empire for themselves in the hollow of the planet.


Maria, Sigrun, and other members of the Vrilerinnen, Traute, Gudrun, and Heike, began to channel transmissions that dictated diagrams and blueprints of advanced flying machines, complete with the mathematics and physics to go with them.  The mediums wore their hair long to serve as better receptive antennas for the alien messages.

By 1921, some say that a working model of what would one day be called a “flying saucer” had been built. Working in underground bases with the alien intelligences, the Nazis mastered antigravity space flight, estab¬lished space stations, accomplished time travel, and developed their spacecraft to warp speeds.

In 1922, members of Thule and Vril claim to have built the Jenseitsflugmaschine, the Other World Flight Machine, based on the psychic messages received from the Aldebaran aliens.  W. O. Schulmann of the Technical University of Munich was in charge of the project until it was halted in 1924, and the craft was stored in Messerschmitt’s Augsburg.  In 1937, after Hitler came into power, he authorized the construction of the Rund flugzeug, the round, or disk-shaped vehicle, for military use and for spaceflight.        

Subscribing to another popular psuedoscientific theory, Hitler had come to believe that Earth was concave and that humankind lived on the inside of the globe.  According to the theory advanced by a number of the Fuhrer’s like-minded scientists, if the Nazis were to station their most accomplished radar experts in the correct geometric position they would be able to determine the precise position of the British Fleet and the Allied bomber squadrons, because the concave curvature of the globe would enable infared rays to accomplish long-distance monitoring.


In April, 1942, Hitler, Goering, Himmler and their fellow exponents of the Hollow Earth belief construct, sent an expedition to the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea to establish the radar base.  Based on the teachings of the Vril Society,  they had complete confidence in their application of the ancient vision of the concave planet.  At the same time, there were certain very old traditions that insisted that the Knights Templar had hidden the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant somewhere on one of the Baltic islands. 

Far from a fanciful plot device created for the “Indiana Jones” motion picture series, Hitler did authorize a number of  expeditions formed by Himmler to acquire as many holy relics as possible.  The Fuhrer and his inner circle believed that such a grand accomplishment as possessing such legendary artifacts of  power and majesty, as well as discovering an entrance to the Inner Empire, would convince the ancient Masters who lived there that the Nazis were truly worthy of mixing their blood with them in the hybridization of a master race.        

In the course of our many years of research, we have met a number of individuals who claimed to have worked on the Nazi UFOs when they were young scientists and engineers in pre-World War II Germany.  Some have even informed us that they served for a time on the Black Sun military base on the Moon

Proof?  Well, we just had to take their word for their intergalactic flights of adventure until the fleets of UFOs return to Earth to prove that the Nazis did construct such interstellar craft in the 1920s. In the meantime, we have decided  to be content to see the next chapter of cinematic science-fiction such as “Iron Skies.”    


Brad & Sherry Steiger

Iowa, USA


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