Russian prime minister’s ET remarks follow 1997 official disclosure

One Italian journalist uses profits from the sales of his UFO videos to publish a fierce anti-Mafia newspaper. Credits:  Jon Kelly/SecretMessageTV

The Telegraph reported on Dec. 8, 2012 how Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s supposed off-camera remarks concerning his government’s secret files on extraterrestrials described an “absolutely secret special service” exerting control over ETs operating under cover in northern Asia. The London-based newspaper, once owned by Canadian-born Conrad Black, reported that the former Russian president cited “Men in Black,” (a 1997 Hollywood movie glamorizing domestic black operations and government UFO cover-ups), as a source for “more detailed information” concerning the status of ETs in his country today.

If Prime Minister Medvedev intended for his comments to inspire laughter (as reported by the Associated Press) he would not be the first major international political figure to reveal a penchant for black humor.


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In his March 20, 2009, interview on CBS Television’s “60 Minutes,” U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama explained to correspondent Steve Kroft that interjections of laughter during their discussion of the then and still-dire domestic economy were intended to invoke a little “gallows humor to get you through the day.”

However, the prime minister’s remarks actually follow in the wake of far more in-depth discussions concerning UFOs and ET-related phenomena, including the transfer of videos and photographs to a team of international civilians by Russian military and intelligence operatives that took place in 1997.

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1997 Disclosure

A documentary film co-produced by Giorgio Bongiovanni and now available online reveals how official disclosure of the Russian government’s interest in UFOs and ET-related phenomena took place in 1997, over a decade and a half prior to the release of Dmitry Medvedev’s informal off-camera remarks.

Now available from UFOTVstudios on YouTube under the title “UFO Disclosure in Russia,” the film follows Italian stigmatist and contactee Giorgio Bongiovanni’s 1997 meeting with “high-Ranking Russian military officials and representatives from the former KGB” at the Russian Anti-Aircraft Academy of Defense in Tver, Russia.

The Russian delegates are described in the reportedly EBE Award-winning documentary as representatives of a military team who studied UFO and ET phenomena on behalf of the Russian government.

Upon viewing photographs and films of UFOs released through this Russian “free and open détente” former U.S. Army sergeant major Robert O. Dean told Reuters that “Because of his honesty and pure heart [Giorgio Bongiovanni] can open doors that others cannot open,” adding how he’d “like to have him come to Washington and get some honest answers from my own government.”

The 2013 EBE Film Festival, to be held during the International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, Arizona, celebrates ground-breaking films which “push the limits with their exploration and study of UFOs and related phenomena.”

Castro’s Encounter

According to the filmmaker’s sources, retired Cuban President Fidel Castro was able to personally verify the existence of an Area 51-like facility inside of Russia during a Cold War visit.

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