Sammy Hagar: Abducted by Aliens 20 years ago

“I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship… And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection,” explains Sammy Hagar in his new book, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. The brief memoir, whose release coincides with “Alien Abduction Day”, is not the first instance in which the former Van Halen singer has offered public disclosures of ET contact. A new report from a Vancouver audio lab suggests that Sammy Hagar was covertly communicating about alien abduction as early as 1991. A secret message encrypted backwards in Mr. Hagar’s 20-year-old remarks stating how “Aliens abducted me,” is the subject of a new Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition episode, produced in Vancouver by Vancouver UFO Examiner, Jon Kelly.

Day of Abduction explains more about Alien Abduction Day and its possible origins: “Every March 20th, the sky’s are carefully watched by those expecting/wishing to be abducted by an alien life form. The exact origin of this strange but very real holiday is unknown. Rumor has it, an abduction may be to blame.” Further reporting from Fox News cites the role of the 2008 Toronto Alien Abduction Festival in popularizing the unusual holiday. A poster for the event promised to provide attendees with free UFO rides and random abduction incidents along with “grooves for intergalactic travel”.

No Doubt

MTVHive reported today how Sammy Hagar has no doubt when it comes to what he describes as a “download situation” involving ET’s that took place during a lucid dream. “That happened. That friggin’ happened, I’ll tell you right now. Another thing happened when I was about four that I didn’t put into the book. One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a car with no wheels. We lived out in the country and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it … And I don’t know what happened after that.”

Further elaborating on his Tesla-like wireless communications from an era prior to the cellular age, Sammy Hagar emphasized to the MTVHive audience how “It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones. Looking back now, it was like, “[T]hey downloaded something into me!” Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment. “See what this guy knows.””

Mirror Messages

The open source analytic methodology used in detecting the secret messages of Sammy Hagar reflected a graph of his digitally sampled speech across the Y axis, enabling audio playback and monitoring in reverse. The messages detected through this procedure are formed by unconscious processes related to sleep talking and Freudian slips. These communications repeatedly provide involuntary disclosures that reveal hidden contents of the speaker’s unconscious mind. has previously reported how such analysis has proven effective in the gathering of intelligence for military, political, forensic, clinical and UFO Disclosure applications. has also reported how Vancouver-based investigative research studying the detection of secret messages encrypted backwards within the human voice fulfills legacy demands from the scientific community for an advanced technique of UFO witness interrogation. Eminent researcher and US government UFO scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote in his book The UFO Experience – A Scientific Inquiry how “[The 1960’s US Air Force Project] Blue Book was a “cover-up” to the extent that the assigned problem was glossed over for one reason or another. In my many years association with Blue Book, I do not recall ever one serious discussion of methodology, of improving the process of data gathering or of techniques of comprehensive interrogation of witnesses.”

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