San Francisco UFOs over the Mission impossible?

UFOs over San Francisco's Mission District inspire greater mystery and awe than a reported 21st century "Bluesmobile." Credits:  Enrique Barrios/YouTube

CBS San Francisco reported on December 10, 2012, how a cluster of UFOs were captured on video and seen by multiple witnesses during a mysterious overflight of the oldest neighborhood in Northern California’s leading financial and cultural center. Enrique Barrios was reportedly heading home with his wife early Sunday morning when “she noticed these lights in formation.”

What the cellphone camera video shows is a series of seven luminous objects apparently hovering over an area near the corner of 16th and Valencia streets early this past Sunday morning. The objects are seen changing formation from a single row into what resembled a triangular or pyramid-like shape over a 30-second period.

The Mission District (also known as “The Mission,” named after San Francisco’s oldest standing building: the Mission San Francisco de Asís) has played host to more than one encounter with mysterious lights. The Mission Mission blog not only documents local UFO sightings (with videos going back to 2008) but reveals yet another mysterious visitor seen in the neighborhood: a “Blues Brothers”-like former police cruiser with the phrase UFO Response Team capitalized on the back.


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The assistant director of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences told CBS that one plausible explanation for the early morning sighting was “balloons carrying lights.” But are claims of what at least one of the witnesses described as UFOs flying over the streets of San Francisco’s “The Mission” impossible?

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Earlier Missions

In a blog post from Sept. 11, 2011, Mission Mission reader Mat Luschek shared his YouTube video of three lights appearing to fly in formation in a descending spiral as seen from the neighborhood looking towards Sutro Tower.

While several members on YouTube pointed to how the subject of the video resembled what a radio-controlled aircraft operated by hobbyists would look like as seen through a camcorder at night, one commenter explained that, Even during the day, I have seen UFO’s hovering around the tower. To be specific they have looked like little silver spheres hover about 1/2 a mile above the tower then disappear.”

Sutro Tower was also the location for another sighting report posted on Nov. 22, 2008: “right now (6:05p.m.) approx., 500 feet up and near the red twin peaks tower area are very very very low altitude bright white stationary lights….one at an angle maybe three football fields away from the other…the lower light flickers maybe from street car(s) light reflections….what are they? Does any1 in the bay see these things?”

A re-post from Craigslist dated Oct. 6, 2008, identifies “UFOs over San Francisco,” with a witness reporting how they along with a friend saw “several unidentified flying objects” that formed a perfect isosceles triangle” over Dolores or Mission Park.

The witness also stated how later that evening, their friend called explaining that the lights had returned, claiming that she saw “what had to have been a thousand in a fleet over near Potrero Hill.”

Mission from God?

As if the reported appearance of a wing of unknowns flying over the Bay Area isn’t strange enough, Mission Mission has also posted the photograph of a “Blues Brothers”-like former police cruiser with the phrase UFO Response Team capitalized on the back.

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