Straddling the Worlds: The Paranormality of Being Normal

The same is true for dreams and visions. We tend to only recall those dream and visionary events that are the most vivid and spectacular. However, paying attention to seemingly insignificant dream symbols could prove beneficial. Indeed, who can claim with certainty that only waking reality defines one’s complete history?

While juggling sequential and non-sequential events (for example waking, trance and dreams), there will always exist the possibility for experiencing expansive reality ‘bleed-throughs’. When fully experiencing the MOMENT, these can manifest as dreams and visions. As it is ego’s primary role to keep us focused solely in linear time, however, it will usually try to discourage such non-linear intrusions. When these ‘bleed-throughs’ occur, you may want to allow yourself to set aside a special time to integrate them through meditation, journaling or visualizations. These activities can reinforce the new information and hopefully assist you in your life.

In the Ramayana, Blue Boy explained to King Indra that out of the God Vishnu’s navel a beautiful lotus grows. Sitting upon this lotus is Brahma, the Creator. Hindu beliefs say that each time this god opens his eyes another and yet another universe is born.

The quantum aspect of personal reality is that we each represent a specific grouping of atoms that will simultaneously duplicate itself with variations. Naturally, that means infinite self-aspects to choose from. The thoughts, words and emotions you project (as they are actual extensions of you), will reinforce or negate your original atomic structure. This naturally has implications for the evolutions of the multidimensional self; that it is in fact we who, when awakening to a new day, create a new universe. The following quote (from one of my books) is a metaphorical example of how parallel realities ‘live on’ and can, if one wishes, be imported to become part of one’s waking ‘history’:

“Kuan Yin is sitting on a flower. Maybe it’s a lotus. I’m not sure. It’s interesting how as you were counting me down, Hope, I was there on the flower with Kuan Yin. It had a huge stem and with every number of the countdown, the stem grew a little more. It was like Jack in the Beanstalk. I’m not certain of the significance of that,” Lena had reflected.

“There is a wiry texture covering the stem. We, Kuan Yin and I, are teetering on the top of this flower or tree and looking down. I don’t know whether this symbolizes anything. We’re both lighthearted. Maybe the flower in the sky is reflective of my mood. I’m on vacation in my real life. My work is behind me, for now. I think both Kuan Yin and I are more relaxed and playful.

Kuan Yin looks very traditional. Her hands are folded together. The thick cloth of her costume is folded perfectly. Just as in the previous session, I’m reminded of the significance of the folds [worlds are created within them]. I’m having an interesting vision that I haven’t thought about in many years. I see a beautiful tree where I used to go when I was a teenager. It stands majestic, atop the rolling hills behind the house where I grew up.

When I was lonely and sad about my life, I used to go there. I had my black light and my Moody Blues tape and I would go sit near the tree to listen to my music. Kuan Yin is at the tree looking very luminous. I see the bark of the tree, which looks very real, very three-dimensional. For some reason, Kuan Yin is touching the trunk of the tree.
She suddenly seems very small next to me and she wants me to touch the tree. I’m not sure why. There is a tiny bird, with pretty feathers in its nest. It is about the size of a wren. I see the texture of the tree. I think it might be a birch. I’m not sure. ’Why should I touch the tree,’ I ask. She’s telling me that I created the tree, that it is another realm I was able to visit because life was too painful and lonely at home.”

“You created the tree. You create your whole world with thoughts,” assures Kuan Yin.

In my own life, recently dozing off to sleep one evening, I was aware, for a split second, of being caught between at least two parallel worlds. While repositioning my physical legs into a more comfortable position, I suddenly felt another pair of legs, not in this reality but nevertheless real, spontaneously reposition themselves.

For me, this brief event was undeniable proof that there is no particular sequence of events or consciousness in the universe. That is not to say there is no order in the universe. It means, however, that time does not determine when or where an event will occur.

In terms of human consciousness, it likely shows that someone has not one or two parallel selves to draw upon for more expansive qualities or history. Instead, there are potentially infinite selves to provide inspiration and possibilities.

However, the waking-self mainly focused in sequential time presents a special challenge to comprehending the expansive nature of consciousness. The instant one’s ego perceives and contemplates, “Oh, I’m encountering another self,” it will immediately eclipse the new parallel experience. While one’s strong focus within this reality is absolutely necessary for existence, such a focus mostly inhibits the possibility for an identifiable parallel reality experience such as the one described above.

Now, you probably routinely experience yourself in dreams. You could perceive yourself as the observer, the main actor or even a supporting actor. You might even encounter a you whom is barely recognizable. Kuan Yin has stated: “It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning  the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. Nobody really gets hurt.”

I have written about many personal occurrences that might be considered paranormal such as feeling an ancient and sticky third eye suddenly open after some prolonged dormancy. Yet, what truly is paranormal? For me it is absolute proof of the nature of the multidimensional self; what I regard as a perfectly ‘normal’ state of being.

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