Supernatural influences in life of world famous analyst explored in new video

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Childhood Sasquatch encounters, the recital of Sanskrit mantras and the discovery of key intelligence pertaining to global events are just some of the topics covered in a new one hour video interview featuring world-famous speech analyst, Jon Kelly from In the video, Shahiroz Walji from Astral Connections in Delta, British Columbia discovers how a nationally-recognized teenage musician developed his passion for meditation and learned how to split the speech signal using a mirror filter to detect unconscious communications encrypted backwards within the human voice.

Released as a five-part YouTube series on September 21, 2011, the video provides background for an upcoming workshop to be held at Astral Connections on November 11, 2011, led by Mr. Kelly, during which participants will discover their own unconscious secrets while exploring selections from a unique catalogue of paranormal photography and UFO videos.

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About the Speaker

Jon Kelly is a Canadian journalist and world famous speech analyst who released key intelligence pertaining to the Iraq War two years in advance of the “Shock and Awe” strikes against Baghdad in 2003. As a former feature producer for CBS Radio with experience in #1-rated US television, his work is featured in USA Today, Coast to Coast AM, the Huffington Post, Fox News, CBS Radio and Television, CBC, BBC London, Deutschlandradio Berlin, AOL News, UFO Digest and Jon Kelly writes the Vancouver UFO Examiner for and produces the Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition along with a variety of online video programming including educational, documentary, interview and panel shows focused on paranormal, spirituality, disclosure and truth for SecretMessageTV.

Tranquil Encounters

One source describes how the term “sasquatch” is “an anglicized derivative of the word “sésquac” which means “wild man” in a Salish Native American language.” “I was surveying the area around me and I became aware that there was a being … who was crouched in the bushes. What I perceived was the head and the shoulder of a juvenile Sasquatch,” explains Jon Kelly while describing a childhood experience that occurred in the early 1970’s on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Mr. Kelly relates how this incident was followed by a lucid dream, deepening the context of his mysterious encounter into the world of universal archetype.

“In the dream, I had an encounter with a “grandfather” Sasquatch … I was receiving some kind of instruction … I was being brought into some kind of framework of knowledge or understanding.” Regarding the dual nature of his experience, the analyst notes how “There was physical contact and there was this psychic dimension of contact [via the lucid dream] taking place.”

Jon Kelly is not alone in perceiving the psychic nature of Sasquatch contact with human beings. Witness testimony from a classic 1924 case reflects the same philosophical perspective. Fred Beck, a native of Kelso, Washington (whose story is told in I Fought The Apemen of Mount St. Helens, WA.) concluded that Sasquatch are “mystical beings from another dimension, claiming that he had experienced psychic premonitions and visions his entire life of which the apemen were only one component.”

Water Messages

During the interview, the renowned expert described a series of formal instructions that he received in yoga meditation through private studies with renunciant monks which began in the late 1980’s. Those studies led to the development of a unique photographic series which explores the relationship between vocal sounds and the elements of nature by revealing with how those elements are organized into intelligent designs that can be detected with the aid of a mirror filter.  

Mr. Kelly is not the first to claim photographic evidence of such relationships. Masaru Emoto, whose water crystal photography was featured in the film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? has explored this subject on a microscopic scale through several volumes in his Messages From Water series. Dr. Emoto concludes that water, including water in the human body, is subject to the influence of people’s thoughts and feelings, and that this influence can be detected in the crystalline structures of water that has been subject to a variety of intention experiments.

In contrast to these events perceived on a micro scale, Jon Kelly’s photographic work explores the organization of water molecules (in the form of breath condensation) on a macroscopic or human scale. His interpretative approach often utilizes a mirror filter to reflect the condensation images across the Y axis of a single image frame in order to resolve iconic representations of classical Sanskrit cultural figures, including the avatars of Visnu as described in the Puranas. He confirms during the interview how an “expertise that I developed in the recital of Sanskrit and Bengali [produced] numerous effects that I’ve shared photographically. The phenomena that I experienced [and recorded on digital cameras] were produced through the recital of Sanskrit mantras.”

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