The Bible and Extra-Terrestrials

By  Jones 
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Saturday, May 21st, 2016 

I am a writer for various sites commenting and sharing ideas on all sorts of different topics, so I recently took the time to check out one of the top UFO websites on the Internet dealing with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, and I decided to do a little review of stories on

While there, I took the time to watch and listen to a video interview of Erich von Däniken who authored Chariots of the Gods and numerous other books.  Some of the information he brought up was not entirely new to me, but I listened to see what new things I could learn.  The questions he brought up have been asked from time to time by other writers over decades since he first published his works bginning in the 1960s.

Briefly, one of the questions he posed is whether Mankind was created by the “Lord God” or by Extraterrestrials posing as “gods.”

In my opinion, there is no need to fear truth because truth will reconcile itself when enough information is known.  For example, the law of gravity exists.  If that is all a person knows, that person would say that it would be impossible for a plane to fly.  The fact is, planes do fly because through the principles of thrust and lift, they can overcome the law of gravity.

So how do we reconcile various differing viewpoints?  When there is a seemingly difficult question to reconcile, I start with the greatest mathematical probability as being the bottom line truth, around which others are tributaries.  I start with one truth that is mathematically impossible without divine intervention.  That is the truth of prophecies past surrounding Jesus the Christ.  I am not referring to what some refer to as  end times or “the rapture” or Armageddon or any of those.  I am referring to the ones that were fulfilled in Jesus’s first coming, his life, his death, his resurrection, and his purpose.  Depending on how these prophecies are counted there are somewhere around 300+ prophecies that had to be fulfilled. 

In other words, if two or three things are listed in one scripture, do you count that as 1, 2, or 3?  

However, a scientist, in times past, figured the probability of just 8 of the scriptures being fulfilled to be absolutely astronomical Now … Three hundred of them would be totally out of the Milky Way ball park!


So I start there.  If those prophecies have been fulfilled,  then we can rely on other things the Bible says. However, what does the Bible say about something that might be construed as something “extraterrestrial”? 

Genesis Chapter 6 talks about how “the sons of God” came down in to the daughters of men, chose some for wives, and procreated giants, known as the Nephilim.  That fits in with the stories of pyramids,  gigantic heads, sculptures and so forth that men ranging from roughly 4 – 6 feet in height or so, sometimes a bit larger, could never have  produced simply using prehistoric tools.

Then the Bible tells us that the world was corrupted.   Other studies of these matters have drawn conclusions that there was genetic modification to the point that only one man still retained a pure enough gene pool to save, and that was Noah, his progeny and his posterity. 

Of course, his son Ham may have been influenced concerning genetic manipulation prior to the flood or “the seed” being preserved.  Some have postulated that Ham castrated his father, Noah, for Noah never had any further children after the flood, following the tent incident with Ham. 

In any case, there are many stories about a worldwide flood and it fits in with information and legends known about extra-terrestrials.  It just depends through what lens you look at it.

I prefer to look at it through the Christian viewpoint since there is one defining thing that no other culture, explanation, or Holy Book has and that is the prophecies concerning Jesus the Christ.  To me, the mathematics of those prophecies supersedes any other information.  In other words, stories about extraterrestrials will have story lines in the Bible, but the Bible will not necessarily be in the story line of an extraterrestrial.

The War in Heaven …

Angels against Devils or Angels versus Extraterrestrials?


There are other points that can fit in with the extraterrestrial story.  Why did they come?  Where did they come from and why?  The Bible gives us clues.  There was a “war in heaven.” 

A being named Satan was thrown to the Earth.  He tried to take over the Earth from a man named Adam, who had been in charge.  The whole story of the redemption of Mankind and bringing it back to the One God from the clutches from Satan is told about in the Bible and is still in the process of being completed, i.e., returning dominion over the Earth to Man, its rightful custodian.


Can stories of Extraterrestrials and the Bible be reconciled?   


I think that they can be reconciled with modern scientific discoveries..  However, I feel that when there is a question of what story is the “correct story” line, due to prophecies of times past having been so completely fulfilled, that the Bible has to be taken as the final word over any stories that might be deduced otherwise.  The prophetic understanding and fulfillment simply is not there for any other story line.

As King David said, “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”   David recognized that some directions of truth are a one way road and while interest in “extraterrestrials” may yield a lot of information, I personally believe the studies will finally culminate around the truth in the Bible, and not otherwise.

Of course, none of these questions, whether the questions of Extraterrestrials involvement in human affairs or questions about Jesus, are things the governments of the world particularly want studied.  They have figured out some good story lines to feed the masses.  They would prefer it if those same masses would bury their heads in entertainment or distractions and never raise them up again in questions.   If they do, they might not believe the story of evolution, a “modern myth” and cornerstone of science,and so they might not be so easily controlled, and, in fact, the ruling elite might lose economic power.

These are the underlying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of mass media control of public opinion:

Don’t question any Magic Bullet, don’t question 911, don’t question ‘global warming.’ Don’t question anything that looks strange and where the facts don’t make sense.  Don’t question the safety of vaccines.  Don’t question GMO’s.  Don’t question Chemtrails.   Don’t question HAARP.  Don’t question the Fed.  Don’t question war.  Don’t question the military/industrial complex.  Don’t question the NWO cabal.  Don’t question the theory of evolution.  Don’t question Area 51.  Don’t question the truth about extraterrestrials.  Don’t question, don’t question, don’t question. 

That is how governments want everyone to reconcile truth: Hear and obey, don’t look, don’t study, don’t ask, don’t question.  That way they keep the masses ignorant, suppressed, poor, and enslaved.

These make up some very disturbing ideas for the average person.  However, those are thoughts for another blog post for another time.  The point of this is, yes, there is information about extraterrestrials to be studied, and if we try to understand, we may be able to reconcile more than we realize.  And, we may be able to reconcile it and correlate legends and myths of Extraterrestrial involvment with early Mankind to events described in the Bible.


Genesis 6:2

Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, 

that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.


Cheryl Jones


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