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November 22nd, 2015

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How the JFK Assassination was pulled off and then covered up for more than 50 years

and How the Culprits Got Away by Killing a Policeman for a Special Purpose


<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar for UFO Digest>


The JFK Assassination, still to this day, now 52 years later is a subject that generates a lot of emotions, curiosity and speculation. 

This is Part 2 of 3 of the JFK assassination series, which examines -> How?

Click here for Part 1 to examine -> Who?

Part 3 below  examines -> Why?

… Including how JFK’s murder was pulled off, and how the killers got away with such a high-profile murder, conceived in darkness and executed in broad daylight.  It will reveal how they controlled the bodies <plural>, the transportatation and dispositon of the corpses, the faking of Bethesda autopsy, the control of public perception in and through mass media <via Operation Mocking Bird & MK-ULTRA> and how other official investigations were controlled or misdirected afterwards to ensure that the secrets of the JFK Assassination remained hidden.

The How of the JFK Assassination

It is incredibly naive to think that a “Lone Nutter” like Lee Harvey Oswald, as the official narrative goes) would have enough resources, skill and opportunity to kill a US President, given all the protection that office is afforded, and all the intelligence the Government receives about planned criminal activity. If you examine all the facts and details of the JFK Assassination, you’ll find evidence that many aspects were controlled by an unseen force.  This is how real power kills – it allows or makes sure that ” certain things” happen that would not happen otherwise.  It creates conditions needed for the crime, and then it controls the investigation afterwards to cover it up and point investigators in the wrong direction.

Look at this video where the 2 Secret Service agents Donald Lawton and Clint Hill, who were the bodyguards on either side of the presidential vehicle, were ordered to stand down, right before the car turned from Houston St. onto Elm St. (where JFK was killed).  This prevented them from doing their job as human shields to the president, and allowed the multiple assassins a clear shot.

The same phenomenon can be seen with the Dallas Police Force itself.  Certain officers who were in on the plot removed key evidence from the scene.  The same thing occurred afterwards with the handling of the body.  The conspirators had key agents or moles within many different organizations, all bound in an occult network by Secret Society oaths, to which they pledged a higher allegiance than their purported allegiance to the United States, the Republic, the Constitution, and the President or even their duties.

The Dallas manhole or storm drain (connecting with the sewer) was used in the JFK assassination.

Sniper Shot from the Dealey Storm Drain

Of the many theories as to how the killers managed to kill JFK that day, the one which best fits the evidence is put forth very neatly, and eloquently described by Francis Richard Conolly in his 2 films JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick and, a sequel, “The Unfortunate Truth of the JFK Assassination.”

In “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick,” Conolly reveals (@ 1:55:35 mark) how at least 6 and possibly 8 different snipers (who fired 16 shots in 4 separate stages) were strategically placed around Dealey Plaza (in the Dal Tex building, in the Texas School Book Depository, on the grassy knoll and in the storm drain) to ensure that many angles were covered and that JFK could not escape.  

While the earlier sniper shots from the first 2 buildings failed to hit Kennedy in the head, a shot from the storm drain (at road level) did. It is the famous shot seen in the Zapruder film where JFK’s head is knocked UP and to the left (not down and to the left as you would expect if the shot had come from the higher grassy knoll area). You can clearly see this starting around frame 323. Conolly even names the 2 assassins who crawled through the sewer to get to the position (see part 1).

Another man who was in on the plot was driver William Greer, who – as the Zapruder film shows – turned around twice to see the condition of the President, and who – as the Zapruder film deliberately does not show – intentionally slowed down (in total violation of protocol) so that the assassins could make their kill shots. The reason the Zapruder film does not show the presidential vehicle almost coming to a halt is because the Zapruder film has been tampered with (for further evidence of this, check out this). JFK researcher, Bill Cooper, analyzed the Zapruder film and used it as proof that Greer turned around and shot the President, due to what looked like a metal shining object (a gun) in Greer’s hand. However, this seems unlikely or impossible, since if Greer had shot JFK, the angle of the shot would have made JFK’s head go up and to the right, not up and to the left as actually occurred.

Once JFK was killed, the “job” was not over; the conspirators now had the grisly task of taking forensic control over JFK’s body and autopsy. This is where Dallas police officer and JFK lookalike Jefferson Davis Tippit (unfortunately for him) enters the story.

In 1993, JFK Assassination researcher Robert Morningstar discovered that J. D. Tippet resembled Kennedy so much that even his friends on the Dallas Police Department called him “Jack” and  “JFK” just to rib him.  Officer Tippit was killed about 40 minutes after JFK for a very special purpose, i.e. so that the conspirators could perform a body switch literally in order to get away with the murder of the President of the United States …“Scott Free”!

Editor’s note:

Between 1992 through 1999,  Robert Morningstar conducted an on-going investigation of the JFK Assassination that proved that the Zapruder Film is a fraud. In 1992 and 1993 at the 3rd Decade Symposium on Political Assassinations held at the University of Chicago, Morningstar exposed the alteraion of the Zapruder Film and the use of Gestalt psychology to mask (and hide from the viewer’s perception) major alterations made to the timing and sequence of actual events.  Morningstar describes the Zapruder film as a consciously engineered mass hallucination, and the greated example of behavior odification and mass mind control ever conducted.  The psychologically conditioning the American public’s credulity in accepting and believing in the reality of the Zapruder Film remains the highest achievement of the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA and  Operation Mockingbird combined.

In 1994, Morningstar deduced that the brain of J.D. Tippit had been switched for what remained of JFK’s ruptured specimen so that the government’s hand-picked commission could argue that “the victim” had been killed with a single bullet through the brain, as indeed Tippit had been, and precisely for the purpose of faking the official autopsy.  

Between 1996 -98 Morningstar exposed the swapping of Tippit’s X-rays and doctored photos of Tippit for those of President Kennedy because the real photos would have provided clear evidence that multiple shooters had been involved in JFK’s assassination.,   Between 1994 and 1999, Robert Morningstar’s findings and discoveies were published regularly on Richard Della Rosa’s  His articles on the JFK Assassination are now are now archived @:

End of Editor’s note …



Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit (JFK lookalike) who was used for the body switch.

The JFK-Tippit Body Switch:

The JFK Assassination was a Triple Assassination

The JFK assassination was, in fact, a triple assassination or triple sacrifice in the open-air temple of Dealey Plaza.

President Kennedy,Lee Harvey Oswald and J.D. Tippit were all murdered for different reasons, but to one effect: to get away with murder.

Patsy Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered on live TV by Jack <Rubenstein> Ruby (a Mafia assassin) so that Oswald wouldn’t spill the beans and declare what he knew of the plot.

Officer J. D. Tippit, a “JFK look-alike,” however, was murdered precisely because the conspirators had decided they needed his exact corpse to do the body switch with JFK’s body – and he looked so similar they thought they could do the switch without anyone noticing. In thisinterview with Jeff Rense (9:20 mark), Robert Morningstar mentions how there used to be footage from Tippit interviewing a suspect on the Grassy Knoll – footage which later got permanently erased down the memory hole. This may be because Tippit was interviewing a man who had said he was Secret Service, but he had dirty, greasy fingernails, looked like a mechanic and in all likelihood was one of the many conspirators using fake Secret Service IDs.

[For the next 4 paragraphs, the numbers in brackets refer to the minute mark of JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick.]

Right after JFK was killed, his body was rushed to the Dallas Parkland Hospital.  To the medical professionals there, such as Dr. Charles Crenshaw (2:00 mark), it was immediately obvious that JFK was shot from the front – as there was a tiny bullet hole right below his larynx in addition to the front temple shot.

Meanwhile, the conspirators had arranged for J.D. Tippit to be killed with a bullet wound to the top right of his temple just like JFK. Tippit’s body was taken from the Methodist Hospital to then to Parkland (udnder guise of autopsy by Dr. Earl Rose).  From pParkland , Tipppit’s body was transported to Love Field in a second ambulance, driven by Vernon Oneil and Aubrey Rike, ancd accompanied by Lieutenant Butcher of the Dallas Police Department.  Tippit’s body was.manhandled during the stall to have LBJ inaugurated, under guise during of switching of President & Mrs. Johnson’s luggage” from AF2 to AF 1. The body was then surreptitiously loaded onto Air Force 2, where the most highly skilled doctor in reconstructive surgery and embalming, mortician John Melvin Liggett, was waiting to perform postmortem surgery (2:05).

We may never know exactly how the conspirators did it, but one theory is that just as the coffin carrying JFK’s cadaver was about to be loaded onto Air Force 1, all the people (except agents and co-conspirators) surrounding the dead president including his wife Jackie Kennedy were required and told to rush forward to be at the brief, but historic, swearing in of former VP Johnson and now new President LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson). This was a ruse to distract people so JFK’s body could be loaded onto Air Force 2, alongside Tippit’s (see also Phillip Nelson‘s article on


The  purported dead body or cadaver of JFK 

JFK/Tippit Cadaver: A Botched Job and/or Faked Autopsy

According to Conally, Liggett most probably decided that a “botched job” was the best he could deliver. The point of the body switch was to frame Oswald, and make it look like the shot had entered form behind or at the side, rather than from the front. Liggett shaved eyebrows, brought forward Tippit’s receding hairline and made other adjustments while flying mid-air, thousands of feet high (2:08). However, the conspirators made a mistake upon landing; instead of putting Tippit’s body in the same expensive, wooden bronze coffin as JFK’s, they put it in an plain, grey, metal coffin. Thus, the medics who received the casket as Bethesda, Maryland report getting “JFK’s body” (really Tippit’s body) in a grey coffin – not the same wooden one it was loaded into when it left Dallas! See the testimony of Dallas ambulance driver Aubrey Rike (2:12) and Bethesda mortuary technician Paul O’Connor (2:12) to confirm this.

Honest FBI agents O’Neill and Sibert (2:12) testified that “the body seemed to have undergone surgery prior to autopsy mainly in the head area”, and Commander James J. Humes testified “the moment he touched the head [of JFK], pieces of the skull fell down on to the autopsy table.” That would only have been possible if surgery had been done before the autopsy – and the only chance would have been Liggett aboard Air Force 2 for those few hours it took to transport the body from Dallas to Maryland/Washington DC. Later on, witnesses reported that when shown the body, Bobby Kennedy scoffed and said “it doesn’t look anything like him”, while Jackie exclaimed “it isn’t Jack!”

The Sibert & Oneil FBI Report


The Warren commission was full of Freemasons and CIA agents who covered up the JFK assassination. Image credit: Russ Baker

Cover-up: The Farce that Was the Warren Commission

The mentality of the “evil genius” that pulled off the JFK conspiracy was also very evident in the clever way they controlled the aftermath investigations.  The conspiracy was a Freemasonic-CIA affair all the way to the very end.  Freemason LBJ appointed Freemason Earl Warren to lead the commission and lend it his name, giving it a sense of prestige (Earl Warren was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court).  It also avoided naming the Commission the “Dulles Commission”, although it would have been a more accurate name!

According to Russ Baker, Warren didn’t want to take the job, but LBJ cajoled him into doing it:

“Warren resisted LBJ’s call to service, but finally acquiesced, leading the panel to the conclusions it reached.  To get Warren to say Yes, Johnson had warned the justice that Oswald might be tied, through an alleged Mexico City visit, to the Soviets and Cubans.  He implied that this could lead to nuclear war if level heads did not prevail.  As Johnson explained in a taped telephone conversation with Senator Richard Russell, himself, reluctant to join the panel:

Warren told me he wouldn’t do it under any circumstances . . . He came down here and told me no – twice.  And I just pulled out what [FBI director] Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City . . . And he started crying and he said, “I won’t turn you down. I’ll just do whatever you say.”

And that got Warren— and the public trust he brought— on board.

The very fact that JFK assassination mastermind Allen Dulles was a member of the 8-man commission shows how deeply corrupt and farcical the whole thing was.

In addition to Freemason Warren and Freemason-CIA Dulles, the other6 members (see image above) were 33° Freemason Gerald Ford (future US President and serial rapist according to David Icke), Freemason-CIA John McCloy (one of the conspirators described in Part 1 at Clint Murchison’s house the night before), Richard Russell, John Cooper, and Hale Boggs.   Arlen Specter and David Belin who were Assistant Counsels to the Warren Commission were also Freemasons.  Arlen Specter was also a veteran of the USAF and a former agent of AFOSI  (Air Force Office of Special Investigations).

On top of all that, 33° Freemason J. Edgar Hoover was the man (along with CIA Director at the time John McCone) responsible for supplying the data to the Commission!

It is now clear to everyone (even those in the mainstream media) that the CIA covered up the Kennedy assassination.  A recent article on  revealed how John McCone hid evidence from the Warren Commission – and the CIA has admitted it. 

The Politico article is based on evidence given by CIA historian David Robarge (a more mainstream historian), who claims the coverup was intended to keep the Commission focused on “what the agency believed at the time was the best truth – i.e., “that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.”

However, this “best truth” idea is just another obfuscation – many men on the Warren Commission knew full well what had happened and were in damage control mode.  Roberge has shown that McCone ensured that the CIA would only provide very selective assistance to the Warren Commission, in order to  compromise the investigation completely. Robarge also believes that John McCone withheld vital information relating to various CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, which may well be linked to JFK’s assassination.

Part 1 dealt with the who of the JFK assassination, and the final part 3 of this series explores the why of the JFK assassination, including the extraterrestrial issue and the occult masonic symbolism surrounding the event.


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Edited by Robert D. Morningstar 

November 22nd, 2015


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