The Law of Attraction, Your Seven Innate Forces and the Time Machine

What do theories on the evolution of humanity, the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation, Quantum Physics, Mirror Neurons & the developed Anterior Cingulate Cortex have in common? They all are a part of the “Grand Plan” here on earth: fully experiencing your body/mind/soul connection.

Whether consciously or unconsciously you are always doing the law of attraction (LOA). The events and relationships you do attract range in varying degrees from beneficial to harmful. As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I have long known that if we are centered and properly focused we are much more likely to actualize that which is most fulfilling. Beneficial Law of Attraction (delineating the Kuan Yin Spiritual Law of Attraction and Mindfulness Teachings) offers the pioneer path allowing us to utilize the seven innate forces to ultimately achieve personal success. Using these interactive strategies, we can live, as much as possible, in our highest vibration: our “moment-to-moment” consciousness. Mastering this kind of positive energy is integral to successfully implementing the six-step Beneficial Law of Attraction.

Beneficial LOA beautifully illustrates how emerging scientific discoveries suggest that humans are hard-wired to create their own destiny. Also corroborating ancient spiritual teachings with the newer scientific data, Beneficial LOA opens vast new psychological territories through linking spirit with science.

While many voices now proclaim the validity of the law of attraction, certain teachings are vastly over-simplifying our complex spiritual nature and personality. Of course we are here to learn how to manifest. However, without addressing the intricate web of our true spiritual nature and innate connectedness, the harvest of any such pursuit may fall drastically short of expectations.

Perhaps the most important decision one can make in his or her life is whether each of us possesses absolute self-determinism. If there is any doubt that we control our destiny, there may be hesitation in all we say and do. People sometimes wish for miracles, not realizing the miracle of the body, mind and spirit synergy that supports self-determinism.

In a world where we are continually barraged by huge quantities of disjointed information, we are left to determine for ourselves what is personally relevant. Until recently, there have primarily been institutional interpretations, often having the goal of controlling large populations. Beneficial LOA compared to other philosophical movements is a radical departure. Giving form and direction to our lives, it can bring to the fore pre-existing extraordinary potentials that we may have largely ignored.

The thrust of this work is about intention and attention. Indeed each supports the other in ways that are relevant to the law of attraction. One could describe humanity as consisting primarily of two kinds of ‘energies’ having two kinds of agendas (intentions). That which we perceive to be true about ourselves and others, we tend to enhance. Optimistic or cynister beliefs about the nature of the species play an important role in the projection and then creation of reality. Recent scientific findings show two distinct brain configurations: a mind having a more developed anterior cingulate cortex (associated with understanding complexity, vis-à-vis long-term outcomes) versus a mind having an enlarged amygdala (associated with fear and anxiety).

‘Fear and anxiety’ quite obviously describes a rather narrow mindset, probably able to only project single-minded outcomes. It could explain why there are those who only comprehend competition and its often limited and short-term, gains while neglecting to take into consideration cooperation and its potentially expansive, long-term gains. These people tend to mainly see issues in simplistic, black and white terms.  In fact, there may be a correlation here concerning historical accounts of Nazi book-burning and murdering of the German intelligentsia—that they feared what they projected to be their greatest competition; learnedness and cooperation.

“Understanding complexity” could be interpreted to mean: if I only endeavor to protect my short-term interests at the expense of everyone else, we all stand to eventually lose. The more complex, cooperative mind is therefore better equipped to see beyond any limiting/ artificial mind constructs to a more expansive vision.

Kuan Yin speaks of “clashes” occuring on earth in the following way:

“The confusion on earth is created by differing energies. Any clash between energies is a result of a ‘better than’ mindset. Sometimes the children are even dragged into this mindset and then there are awful consequences. What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and that they never die. Reality is always truth, knowledge and bliss.”

There is Kuan Yin’s contention that the story is “already over”: that in some parallel reality we already possess highly-developed anterior cingulate cortexes facilitating a truly advanced, cooperative and compassionate society. Countervailing the often fearful and isolated ego is availability of one’s alternate, quantum inventory through the powers of intention and imagination.

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an an animal acts and also when the animal observes the same action performed by another. We can therefore suppose that in ‘mirror mode’, the mind does not differentiate from one’s own or an observed action. In terms of the law of attraction, mirror neurons could act as internalized belief and emotional reinforcers, recording indeed affirming, the behavior of others as though the observer were himself acting.

The key to making the most of life is to understand your relationship with your seven innate forces (as explained in “Beneficial Law of Attraction”). If you do not master these forces, your reality could continue to manifest as unmanageable and haphazard.

We have the power within us right now to magnetize solutions (from infinite quantum realities) for our everyday challenges. And isn’t it interesting how when searching for a certain answer, other crucial insights can just naturally gravitate one’s way? When implementing the Kuan Yin Beneficial Law of Attraction, then, keep at the center of your consciousness, your own innate processes for the “spiritualization of matter”.

As the “jugglers” of sequential and non-sequential events such as trance and dreams, there will always exist the possibility for experiencing parallel reality ‘bleed-throughs’: visions and inspirations, while attempting to be in the MOMENT. As it is ego’s primary role to keep us focused upon the present, however, it will usually try to discourage such intrusions. As you embark upon your Beneficial LOA studies, you might want to remain aware of the balancing act that makes you whole: granting yourself permission to integrate visions and inspirations into your meditations, affirmations or visualizations.

Praising the ego and this realistic life we experience each day (the species’ development of linear consciousness), Kuan Yin explains that one’s power point, the MOMENT, is a divine crossroads for healing beliefs that are holding you back. Immersed in the multitasking required by everyday existence, we sometimes forget that the present moment is our way out of limitation:

“Kuan Yin is showing me something, a tube, I think. I don’t fully understand this diagram. It’s as if one end is the past, the other the future. The middle of the tube, the present, is our way, our vehicle for changing reality…It’s apparently like meditating upon a beautiful place. The more one dwells on the vision of the beautiful place, the more real it becomes.”Lena Lees’ channeling of Kuan Yin

Individuality combined with the phenomenon of one’s unique moment- to-moment consciousness allows for supreme focus which will ultimately allow us to scale the walls of any self-imposed “karmic-well”. The definition of focus is laser-like thought penetration of a given object or event. A specific kind of focus and one of your seven innate forces, intuition allows for the unfolding of a partial or complete comprehension of a specific object or event.

Imagination is another of your seven innate forces. Once you’re grounded in your truth through self-evaluation, you can imagine the most apropos and expansive elements; envisioning yourself in five, ten and twenty years. This is the absolute key to successful envisioning. Instead of believing these events will occur in the future, you can assume they’re happening right here and now. Effectively utilizing the power of your imagination; indeed reminiscing the future, you will bring to the forefront of your consciousness your most cherished visions.

Music, especially, has the power to inspire fond memories (from the past or future) and their corresponding vibrations. It has even been demonstrated that expansive moods, instigated by music can have a positive impact on the cells. When you combine expansive remembrances, emotions and the creative force, you perform a kind of synergistic magic wherein beneficial energies may enhance each other.

According to Kuan Yin, the greatest reward of such processes will never alone be materialistic wealth. Instead, the deity insists that learning focus, ingenuity and compassion is the path to liberation. Somewhere during the process of becoming, we simply appreciate the miracle of who we are. It is this appreciation that leads us to one of our main purposes here on earth, to be the masters of our own destiny.


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