The Science of the Transformation of Matter, Dreams and the Law of Attraction

 “Being human is an opportunity to bring spirit into all that is material.”- Kuan Yin

Have you ever experienced immediate and unexplained physical sensations upon waking from a dream? They may mean that the thoughts and emotions dictating your dream images have gained enough mass to actually manifest in waking reality.

While we don’t always regard it as such, DNA is spiritual matter. It’s the ultimate example of the spiritualization (transformation) of matter and the law of attraction. That each human possesses unique sensory equipment assures that individual perceptions of and reactions to reality will generate a certain dynamic within the universe. Expanded definitions of this include thought projections and their likely relationship to photon reorganization. Explaining the Law of Attraction and its relationship to the transformation of matter Kuan Yin states: “The quality and intensity of resonance emanated from a given point is thus attracted back. When one brings spirit into the human realm, it can spiritualize matter. Matter can then become lighter, (indeed liberated), not as dense as before.”

According to Kuan Yin (in the book “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings”), it is the all-encompassing powers of our moment-to-moment thoughts (whether in immediate or quantum terms) officiating the phenomenon we call ‘memory’ as well as any brain/body interactions. If you are living a life of mostly harmony and abundance, these likely reflect an identical belief within you. Constant discord and unhappiness manifested in your life, though, can indicate some persistent, limiting thought pattern.

The quantum aspect of the creation of personal reality is that we each represent a specific grouping of atoms that will simultaneously duplicate itself again and again. Naturally, that means infinite self-aspects to finally choose from. The thoughts, words and emotions you project (as they are actual extensions of you), will reinforce or negate your original atomic structure. This naturally also has implications for the simultaneous evolutions comprising the multidimensional self.

Of course, there are times in life when we all must make stark decisions: what is right or wrong. Spirituality and ethics should be viewed as one. Yet, artificial definitions and religiosity can take enormous liberties often resulting in manipulation and fear.

When precariously positioned on some impossibly narrow moral pathway, one must do their best not to tumble down the supposed mountainside of “temptation” into some projected fiery lake below. However, as Kuan Yin states, many of these beliefs originated from not knowing or ignoring the truth and being fearful:

 “God comes to us in many forms and with many teachings. Fixated upon the ‘old teachings’, beliefs, the message can get stuck in a certain age, possibly devolving into re-crucifixion. Earth’s spirituality should be evolving.”-Kuan Yin

Unfortunately, limiting definitions have created an almost-palpable universal guilt. Or is it some ‘original guilt’ in fact generating the limiting definitions? Either way, the reason it is so critical to get this right—to not be distracted by limiting definitions of spirituality, is because wherever it finally settles, marks either authentic or bogus parameters for our intimate involvement in the spiritualization (transformation) of matter. However, the definition of our humanity is not negotiable, moveable. It will always be human loving-kindness and compassion. And because of the quantum nature of reality, abandoning this authentic definition has the potential to attract myriad unwanted objects and events.

Through broadening definitions of spirituality to include the transformation of matter through joyfulness and appreciating the wonders of physical reality, Kuan Yin vastly widens any narrow walk of piety: “Spirituality is a focus, a commitment, not a punishment. It’s liberating!”

The following dream shows how limiting thought forms such as guilt, though, can gain enough mass to manifest in our three-dimensional reality:

Feeling the substantial weight, hearing the loud thud of some tightly coiled nightmare serpent of guilt as it landed squarely upon her shoulders, the woman was instantly awakened. Her intense discomfort concerning the ‘shouldering’ of some ideological and/or emotional burden had solidified enough to transfer from All That Is into waking reality.

In another example, a hypnosis client described how he had suddenly been awakened by a strange sensation. He felt some formerly-repressed but now tangible anger spilling forth from the top of his head. Awakening his wife, he feared this energy might harm her.

My own encounter with these mental transference processes came during a time when I was experiencing a great deal of stress. I was learning a new profession along with having all the responsibilities of a single mother. Every night, I would fall asleep with a dread in my heart that I might not be able to fulfill my responsibilities.

One night, while dreaming, I was abruptly awakened by an intense pain deep within my heart. The dream involved someone or something attacking my heart. Fully awake, I realized my own fearful thoughts had gained enough mass to manifest as some unfortunate, palpable energy penetrating the space around me.

Although this occurred years before I knew of the Kuan Yin teachings on the “spiritualization of matter” (how thought forms can curve space thereby altering reality) and “compassion for the untruth”, I realized that the scenario demonstrated an absence of trust in the universe on my part. Indeed, this woeful energy could never have existed without my limiting thoughts contributing to it. Sending love and compassion into the surrounding fearful energy and affirming my trust in life, I felt it slowly dissipate.

This process generated by a given set of subconscious expansive or limiting thought forms (and their subsequent attraction of specific objects and events) will be unique for each person. If the above thoughts and emotions of guilt, anger and fear (while not very productive by themselves) teach us how thoughts and emotions can interact with and alter matter, then at least we’ve learned something very important. As we have the choice to reinforce or discard the expansive or limiting images of our waking and non-waking realities, it is these inherent manifestation abilities that must be fully understood and enlisted to successfully navigate the many challenges of life here on earth.

There is another factor critical to understanding the spiritualization of matter which involves space/time perceptions. You will only be able to realize (and influence) those objects and events vibrating within your own frequency. As discussed, the ego is but one part of a greater and paradoxical mind gestalt: an extension of your all-encompassing Authentic/Always Self. This may mean elevating your momentary state, for example, through inspiring visions or music. This would allow freedom to move beyond the often constraining frequency of the earth realm.

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References: “Beneficial Law of Attraction”, “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” and Kuan Yin: 200 Timeless Truths”. Please visit the following website for more information:

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