The Unseen Universe – The Spirit World

Religion without science is blind-science without religion is lame.
                                                                                  Albert Einstein

Though the big bang theory has been accepted by scientists as the most likely way the universe began and that theory has been promoted for many decades, as we have learnt there is still no definite proof it is so. Here we can look at an alternative to the big bang theory and this alternative if explored fully will give proof the universe was not formed as our scientist’s claim.


In a Letter to ‘Nexus Magazine’, Feb. – March 2006 by Dr Johan Masreliez, he claimed the theory of the big bang is now dead. He says that scientists must re-examine the meaning of time. He believes in a universe that is eternal, it has no beginning and no end. The theory is called the ‘Scale –Expanding Cosmos.’ In this universe, time was incrementally faster in the past and will be greatly slower in the future. The scale expansion is time. The scale allows the universe to be eternal because it provides the energy for the universe. The wavering of the scale expansion provides the basis for quantum mechanics from the equations for general relativity.

Also in the 1950s it was a Fred Hoyle from Cambridge who did not like the idea of an almighty explosion which began creation and in a sense ridiculed the theory by calling it a ‘big bang’. His theory had been totally different, which was called a ‘steady state’ universe saying it had always been and where new atoms and new galaxies expanded.

Other scientist’s could not accept this steady state theory for after further observations of the universe they believed it was different in the past than today. To them this could only mean an evolution of the universe starting from the big bang, and could not have possibly happened in a steady state theory. Another reason the majority of scientists favoured the big bang is because many do not believe in God and in accepting a steady state theory, would give the creationists a foothold into the argument that the universe was created by God.

The creationist’s believe in the literal truth of the Bible when it says God created the earth in seven days. It is understandable that scientists along with others cannot accept this theory for it has no scientific explanations of how the universe and it planets were formed. The beginning of time in the Old Testament was written in a very simplistic way, for then people were illiterate, their minds were like that of a child, and so a symbolic story was told to satisfy, the religious needs of the people in those days. Though parts of both the Old and New Testament are written with many misinterpretations, and contradictions of the truth there are still other passages in the bible that can be relied upon.

For those who do believe in the Bible, St Augustine did briefly say something on this subject of the universe telling us: “The universe was brought into being in a less than fully formed state, but was gifted with the capacity to transform itself from uniformed matter into a truly marvelous array of structure and life forms”.

This is the reason the universe in the past was different than today, because it has naturally evolved without the aid of any explosion. It was in reality brought into being by the wisdom the power of the supreme creator we call God. In trying to understand this divine intelligence we call God then we cannot look upon him as being, one solitary figure in heaven ruling the entire universe. This concept of God may be all right for a while when we are small children, who we may pray to, but on becoming an adult we should realise this picture of God cannot be now true. God is energy as the sun is an energy which gives light and life but the energy of the spiritual life force of God is billions of times greater than the sun. God is the supreme consciousness which brings all other levels of consciousness into being. This consciousness is of a spiritual source a supreme energy where we as humans cannot possibly comprehend that divine expressive, spiritual intelligence.

Wise men of long ago who at their time of life were regarded as Gods also spoke of creation. Hermes wrote in what was claimed to be one of his books:

“Something cannot grow from nothing the nature of which is its inability to exist. The nature of what does exist on the other hand is that it cannot cease to be”.

…. “Thus O Aesculapius man is a great marvel, a creature worthy of respect and veneration; for he is emerged in the divine nature as though he were himself God”.

… “All things are bi-sexed, positive and negative”.

In his book ‘The Secret of Hippocrates’, Anaxagoras says to Hippocrates of Cos, the successor of Aesulapius “All things are infinite and eternal, even matter, for through it and by it are engendered innumerable worlds, which exist simultaneously in space and time. Not only is the whole of nature infinite, but all that is comprehended in it is infinite, in number and dimensions”.

“You should also know O Hippocrates that the macrocosm is contained in the microcosm, and that absolute disintegration is impossible, since everything is a part of the whole”.

“Nothing is born and nothing dies; but all things that exist can be amalgamated and redistributed or if you prefer to put it this way. All substances can be broken down into their components and so they seem to change; the quantity of every element is incalculable and always remains constant, equal to itself”.

To begin with the divine creation of the universe which in fact has always been we need not believe or be controlled by orthodox religions. There is a science within the expression of the consciousness of God that is of everything, and it can be proven. As mentioned earlier in the scientist’s theories of the big bang there are many anomalies, deviations of truth, things which do not add up. This is because they ignore or deny spiritual science which is the governing force of material science. If they seriously researched into spiritual science those anomalies would be overcome.

Physicist David Bohm, a former protégé of Einstein, and quantum physicist Karl Pribram, brought forward the theory that our planet is only a hologram, made up of projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.

In the book ‘Uninvited Visitors’ by the late Ivan T Sanderson on writing about invisible universes says that people are beginning to realise that Einstein’s statement that the speed of light –approximately 186,000 miles per second-is not ultimate. Einstein never intended this and that this speed was only the point at which mass turns into infinite.

David Hawkins (1998) did some research into the human consciousness and finally accepted David Bohm’s idea of both an invisible implicate (‘enfolded’) order and a noticeable explicate (‘unfolded ‘) order. Hawkins believes there could be a ‘wormhole’ between two universes the physical world and the world of the mind and spirit a boundary between dimensions. He also said that the scientific results corresponds with views of reality as passed down through history by enlightened sages who had evolved beyond consciousness to a state of pure awareness.

In the Hindu faith the followers believe in a human energy field that has a higher frequency or vibration than normal matter-energy. Their teachings assert that the energy body possesses a higher vibration than normal matter.

Capra said human beings are made up of energy that vibrates in a certain pattern- normally particles creating a wave pattern. A wave is defined as a ‘vibrational pattern in space and time’. He says to picture our wave pattern not as a pattern in space but as a vibrational pattern in time…the vibrational pattern represents therefore the uncertainty in the temporal location of the event. If the vibrations of the human energy field could be speeded up to higher unseen energy fields the possibility could exist that the two energies would blend into one. The two energies in embracing each other could mean that the human energy field transcends into the different time and space dimensions of the other field.

It is interesting to mention here that at the beginning of the 20th century, a number of scientists believed that things could be made invisible. They thought a ‘fourth dimension’ ran at right angles to the other three. (Length breadth and height.) They also believed that it is only the limitations of the human mind, which prevent us from seeing it.

The scientist Johan Van Manen received a vision of the forth dimension, as he lay in bed one night, he said: “I plainly saw before me, first a four-dimensional globe; and afterwards a four dimensional cube”

Albert Einstein said that the fourth dimension is actually time, and spoke of the universe as being kind of ’finite’ yet unbounded space which curves into the fourth dimension much like a sphere.

In my searching I have come to learn that beyond our material senses there are the spiritual dimensions in the same universe that we see. They are not of a material creation as we know it to be, and yet matter in those dimensions is as solid to the inhabitants there, as our material matter is to us. If you take an earthly cloud we of course can see it in the sky and know it is of a substance, but not solid for planes can pass right through it. Man could not sit upon a cloud and journey through the sky for he is material; his bodily atoms create dense heavy vibrations which make the solid human form. However, if his bodily rate of vibration was the same as the cloud then it would become a solid creation to him. The difference between the material world and the spirit world is only a matter of vibrations, atoms that vibrate so fast where the spirit world cannot be seen.

In the book ‘A Meaning to Life’ by Major Ripley Webb M.C published in 1946 and in communication with the spirit world, those in spirit passed on a little knowledge of the construction of the spiritual spheres.

…….”So our spirit ‘matter’ for all that it looks and feels so solid, is nothing but a conglomeration of countless billions of electric particles in ceaseless and violent agitation in tiny orbits. It looks solid because it obstructs the passage of that particular band of etheric waves which affects our optic nerves and which we call light and it feels solid because the bouncing particles in matter repel the bouncing particles in our hands or in the soles of our boots”.

“If our optic nerves had been constructed to react to x rays and not to what we call light, we should be able to see through matter suitably illuminated. But we could not see the sun; and if our bodies were built up from electricity having the x ray wavelength, we could pass through matter because the bouncing particles of matter would not resist the bouncing particles of our new and different bodies”.

“All this may seem to the scientist to be very childish and ignorantly stated, and it may seem great rubbish to the unscientific. But it contains the essence of the truth, which is that the laws of science operate in both worlds and there is nothing ‘supernatural’. We call things supernatural only because we do not understand them. Anyway you have got to follow me in thinking of the next life as taking place in solid and substantial bodies in a solid substantial spirit world”.

“Physical matter is in reality an open network of electrons and protons and the distance between the electrons and the protons is an individual atom, in relation to its size, is immense. If we look at the proton as commanding the same position in an atom as the sun does in our solar system, then the relative distance the electrons are apart from one another and from the proton might be taken as equivalent to the distance of the planets are from each other and from the sun”.

“If we imagine an atom as something the size of a village church then a pinhead would represent the relative size of one of the electrons of which it is composed. These protons and electrons in the atoms are thus far asunder moving at enormous speed and are linked together by this invisible ether, which occupies much the greater space within the atom. Matter is thus constructed of minute electric charges, both positive and negative not moving haphazardly but freely and orderly, connected together by the invisible ether, which is now believed to be the basic substance of the universe”.

So in looking at the universe we can quite clearly see it has a reason and purpose for its creation. It is continually evolving with a spiritual influence and direction to become even still more creative. If the universe has a reason and purpose for being then so to must man for he is a part of the creation of its being. There has to be intelligence behind this creation something or someone that set the laws for them to work as they do. But as stated before we cannot accept God as a solitary person ruling heaven and earth from a throne. God is energy and it is energy both of a male and female expression, a union that gives birth to intelligence. That union is a supreme consciousness a guiding force of good expression that humanity is also a part of, for Jesus said to his disciples that God and heaven are within each individual. That supreme consciousness gave a consciousness to everything that exists, from a blade of grass to an elephant with man being the highest form of consciousness; they are also on varying levels of expression.

Hermann Von Helmholtz (1821-1894) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955) accepted the energy and power of the consciousness. They believed that if we accept consciousness as a form of energy (and all current research supports this conclusion) then the proven energy principle can be applied to it too. As the whole of all energy must remain stable this indisputable line of proof means no more and no less than that consciousness is immortal. Energy is never lost cannot disappear, cannot die and cannot dissolve into the void it is always converted into another form of energy.

Consciousness is being mentally awake to life and to its challenges. It is the inner mind or the consciousness of the spirit that has to spiritually learn to evolve in learning material lessons. It has to be taught of spiritual truths, so it can evolve into ever increasing stages of spiritual awareness and wisdom. The spirit consciousness has to take on the material form to test its spiritual ability, to gain knowledge and to develop a personality and strength of character.

In the book ‘The Unobstructed Universe’ by Stewart Edward White (1949) again in communication with the spirit world, those in spirit tell us: “Consciousness is the reality. It is in degrees. It pervades the entire universe. Because it pervades the entire universe it has both quantitative and qualitative development. Evolution is a fact consciousness is in evolution. The highest expression of consciousness metaphysically is man”.

“Now in the manifestations of consciousness in the universe they are in degrees because the whole of consciousness is in evolution. The degrees are the evolutional advances of consciousness. Consciousness being in evolution, and consequently in degrees, is individualistic. The individual manifestation, no matter what the degree, is an evolutional expression of consciousness. The entire universe is in degrees of expressed consciousness”.

“What is an obstruction for one degree of consciousness may not be an obstruction for another degree. What you call earth, material matter, the obstructed (physical) universe, exists for the individualization of various degrees of consciousness, in a word birth”.

Scientist’s only deal with the laws of a material expression of the universe, so they are unaware, deny, or ignore that there is a higher spiritual science which influences and directs all material matter. Material matter could not be without that influence it would just fall apart. This has been proven and yet stubbornly denied by scientists.

To explain further, everything in creation has an aura on different levels of expression, the aura is basically the essence of spiritual influence, which is a part of all matter including man. We have learnt a little of this due to the Russian engineer Seymon Kirlian, who in 1939 came upon the discovery of the aura by accident. He was repairing an electro therapy machine in a research laboratory when unintentionally he allowed his hand to move close to a ‘live’ electrode. He received a shock followed by a brilliant flash of light given off by a large spark of electricity. He wondered what had happened. He then placed a sheet of light sensitive material in the path of the spark. Placing his hand behind a piece of light sensitised paper he found on developing the film, unusual streamer like emanations surrounding the image of his fingertips. He then was aware that each emanation had a different radiation pattern. In further experiments, he claimed to have found the ‘aura’ or ‘astral body’ that exists around all living matter.

Some seers and clairvoyants of the past and still today have seen this ‘aura’ with their sensitive thought patterns. Scientist’s in the past recognised the aura in its condensed form as ectoplasm. They have seen it with their ordinary vision. It has been handled, photographed, and weighed. Its strength has been tested and measured, this in the past has been proved to the sceptics the doubters, but was and still is stubbornly denied that it exists. It is this kind of spiritual energy that holds material matter from falling apart. It has also been proven that all living things such as plants and all aspects of nature have their own particular levels of intelligence within the energy of the aura. This energy gives all these aspects of nature a direction a level of intelligence that is governed by spiritual influence.

In the rest of this chapter it explains further of the supreme spiritual consciousness and of how all creation is a manifestation of spiritual energy. To learn how the Supreme spirit consciousness expresses itself both in the spirit dimensions and our physical universe then we have to look at the three co-existents that are a part of that consciousness. In the spirit dimensions their environments are created through the three characteristics of spirit consciousness, which are receptivity-conductivity and frequency. These are the true ingredients of the supreme spirit consciousness. However, these three partners manifest themselves in the material universe as receptivity (spirit influence) the essence of time in the seen universe; conductivity (spirit influence) the essence of space in the seen universe; frequency (spirit influence) the essence of motion, in the seen universe. The unseen universe being the spirit world.


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