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Mary B. is a free-lance writer from Ohio. At around the age of ten she experienced an astral projection–or an actual physical encounter– it is all hazy to her now; but she remembers one night seeing a large spaceship hovering about twenty feet off the ground in her backyard. 

A door opened in the bottom of the craft, and a light beamed down. A woman in a white gown appeared to Mary. Mary, reared as a Roman Catholic, somehow assumed the woman was Joan of Arc. She was not afraid of the glowing woman, and the entity gave her a message that she still, as an adult person, cannot understand very well. 

When she was eleven, a man in a spaceship came and took Mary inside of it. She remembers that it was all white, except for a purple object on a low white table.  The experience seemed to have been done by astral projection. 

Mary says that “they” have often guided her and her husband to various places. Once they saw seven craft, including a mother ship. Two other witnesses confirmed their sightings, and the experience was reported to a local UFO investigating group. 

Mary describes the entities with which she has contact as “extremely good-looking humans.” They have a light around them and they glow, butthey appear to be solid. Although she has been in contact with them for years, their age always appears to be roughly twenty-six to thirty years old. The hair of both male and female is cut in a page-boy style. The man has black hair and the woman’s is a golden blond. The woman wears a long white gown with a round neck. The man wears a white pantsuit garment. Both of them are very kind. 

“They are not permitted to tell me everything, but they give hints so I can get the answers to my questions. They help me with my life. I don’t receive contact with them very often, but they are watching me. They give me advice, which I try always to follow.” 

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Consider this account of the kind of UFO-OBE that results in a recognition between strangers:  

When Kevin answered the door to his apartment, he saw a close friend and a complete stranger standing there. The newcomer had a look of shock on his face. For most of the evening he kept staring at Kevin.

Finally, he told Kevin that he had had a weird dream about someone he’d never met before, and he had recognized Kevin as the man in the dream. 

He said that in his dream he had been in a clearing with a lot of other people. They seemed to be waiting for someone or something. He did not know anyone there except Kevin. He said that Kevin smiled at him and made him feel calm and peaceful.  

The sky was clear and star-studded except for a large circular patch directly overhead. Then he noticed that there was a large oval object blotting out the sky. As he realized this, an opening appeared in the center of the object, and a blue-white light spilled out. 

He felt strange and he looked around to see how the others wereHe blacked out and came to in a dome-shaped room. The other people appeared to be awakening at the same time. Everyone had been placed in one of the chairs that lined the walls in three tiers. Across from them were electronic panels with flashing lights, dials, switches. In the center of the cabinets were two seats in front of what appeared to be control panels. Behind this area was a brilliant light. In the exact center of the room was a column, or pole, running through the floor and ceiling. A low railing, about three feet high, encircled the column. 

He looked at the other men and women, and they appeared to be as confused as he was. He felt as though someone were missing. Then everyone turned and looked toward the center of the room. There stood a man in a close-fitting, one-piece silvery spacesuit that covered his hands and feet. He wore a globe over his head that obscured his features. “Welcome aboard, friends,” he said, as he reached up and removed the globe. And the stranger said that it was Kevin who welcomed the Earthlings aboard the spaceship.  

Kevin said that he has now experienced this sort of thing again and again over a period of a year and a half. A shocked stranger whom he has just met stares at him in surprise and wonder, then relates the same dream, down to the most minute details. 

After the fifth or sixth time, Kevin said that he began thinking, “Oh, no, not again! I can’t say how many times this has happened. I have lost track.” 

Kevin has come to believe that “…a lot of us have been controlled telepathically, somehow or other, by UFO intelligences. That’s just a feelingI have. I have no proof.” 

And that is the problem with so much of the entire whole UFO phenomenon. What concrete evidence is there for such contact experiences as the above? So many of the weird things that have occurred around UFOs seem to be leading us increasingly into the area of parapsychology. 

In our book Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldy Beings we suggest that the many guises of alien beings –which we term the Other– exist only a frequency away in the background of the unconscious, waiting for some triggering mechanism to bring it into focus.  The so-called “collective unconscious” of modern psychology is nothing less than a subliminal doorway to that immaterial domain which the physicists are so busily mapping on a different level. Once that “doorway” has been opened, an as yet unknown psychic mechanism activates the unconscious mind, the “higher self,” and summons the Other. Once activated, the Other is able to absorb, reflect, and imitate human intelligence, thereby creating a host of entities that are fashioned by the dramatic by-products of our collective unconscious.  Once the Other draws upon a human’s belief construct, it may produce an independent image that can sustain itself on the vagaries of centuries of legend and myth.  If there is truly but one Life Force and a common, collective unconscious for Homo sapiens, then, in the larger sense any contact with the Other becomes part of the common experience of all humankind, whether the incident is reported in the popular press or pondered quietly in the mind of the individual observer. 

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