VIDEO Update to UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

UFO Sightings Over New York City

Photo composite image above rendered by Robert D. Morningstar showing the shape and relative size of the UFO as it passed by in flight. The Date was June 1st, 2019. The Time was 4:10 p.m and the weather was clear with 7-10 mile visibility.

I am the Editor/Co-Publisher of UFO Digest and I’m writing to share with you a very special event that happened in New York City on June 1st, 2019. On that afternoon, my friend <name withheld> and I had a close UFO encounter of the 1st kind while waiting for our Tai Chi class to start on the South Plaza of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in the borough of Manhattan, New York City.

I was sitting by the flagpole on the South Plaza if The Monument with my friend when my attention was drawn to the sky by the roaring sound of a low flying jet on its way to La Guardia when I suddenly saw a large round object rising from behind a large tree ….

climbing slowly at first to rise above a nearby building.  When it had risen about 100-10 feet above the building, the UFO began to fly horizontally and crossed beneath the airliner’s flight path.

I picked up the UFO object visually with my peripheral vision as I was watching the airliner on it way to LaGuardia Airport. I saw the UFO rise slowly, and almost vertically after appearing from behind a large tree, and making me think: “Dang! That’s the biggest balloon I’ve ever seen in New York City!”

The object rose up above the the 15 story building rising another 100 feet r so above it, passing by us travelling north at about 250 to 300 feet AGL, and I estimate the size to have been about 50-60 feet in diameter and sporting a typical Flying Saucer shape. or, as they use to say in the 1950s, it looked like a “flying pancake.”

As the UFO cleared the building, it rolled slowly and much to my amazement, it changed shape from spherical to a lenticular or “pancake” shaped disk.

Photo composite (facsimile) UFO image above rendered by Robert D. Morningstar

During its slow roll (as it flipped over) for horizontal flight. For a moment, there was a strange glimmer, an aura of shimmering light surrounding it during its transformation. The UFO flew by at a relatively slow speed for UFOs, giving me time to take in details of the craft and relative position to local landmarks. I estimated its speed to be about 120 mph, or the speed of small plane like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk  or Piper Warrior.  As it flew toward the west and after making a wide turn around The Soldiers & Sailors Monument, it flew off heading west, oscillating right and left as it flew on a straight course over Manhattan, against the wind and crossing the Hudson River at about 500 feet above the water to disappear into low clouds  over Ne Jersey and heading toward Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.

By comparison with the airliner’s speed (approximately 250 mph in the LaGuardia ATC control zone), I estimate that the UFO’s speed was travelling about half that speed, 120-125 mph. i.e., at the speed of a small plane,

I’ve often heard that UFOs, when flying at slow speeds, tend to wobble or oscillate like falling leaves at times.  This UFO presented such characteristics exactly.  This UFO had a regular period of oscillation, alternating one side up and the other side down, vice versa throughout its straight line flight.  This characteristic provided a perfect view (during its transitioning from one side to the other) to see the roundness of the body of entire disk turning into a planar convex lens form then back to round disk.

The wavering motion also permitted me to see both top and lower surfaces of the craft several times.

It was a beautiful sight to see as well as puzzling (for a pilot) trying to understand propulsion and control elements of a “Flying Pancake.”

The UFO’s Point of View

Editor’s Note:

Click the link below to see the Flying Saucer’s point of view as it flow by my position  sitting by the flagpole on the South Plaza of The monument,  This window opens precisely over the point where I first saw the craft rising above the trees seen on West 89th Street.,-73.9789744,129m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US

This UFO event marked the 7th time that we (one or more Tai Chi students & I) have had UFO flybys and seen close UFO approaches at this site known officially as the Soldier & Sailors Monument, a Civil War monument, which is …

“Dedicated to the Soldiers & Sailors Who Fought

To Preserve The Union.”

Since 2007, 6 people in our study group, including me, have seen a total of 7 UFOs pass by The Monument as we were practicing Tai Chi Ch’uan.

In April 2007, one large UFO made a slow approach toward our group as we watched it, at first hovering over 97th & West End Avenue.

The silver topped and copper bottomed UFO appeared to come down West End very slowly just above the buildings on West End Avenue, advancing slowly till it stopped dead still and hovered (as if observing us) just 50 feet above the building adjacent to the North Porch of the Monument at 90th Street. It stayed there about 1-2 minutes, then it slowly disappeared behind the building heading East. The entire episode lasted about 5 minutes.

Another spectacular UFO event event occurred when a solo Tai Chi student and I were practicing Tai Chi in late August 2011. I use the word “spectacular” because the display that we saw was a spectacle of UFO activities, a large star-like UFO suddenly appeared in the West. the sudden appearance and the sight of it that made me experience cognitive dissonance for a moment as I paused, first, to consider whether or not it really was “a bright star” (but then I asked myself: “A Star? Visible at 11 a.m. in the morning?). However, it was not that easy to explain or to dismiss what our eyes were seeing.

At first my rational mind was baffled and tried to explain it away logically as a star or “The Planet Venus”… But again, my mind objected saying: “What? At 11 o’clock in the morning and in the West?” That theory was soon forsaken when Claudia, my Tai Chi partner, and I observed intense UFO activities taking place around “the star” hovering over New Jersey about 7 to 10 miles away.

Multifarious spots of light (scout ships) began darting hither and thither in all directions. Some UFOs zoomed off to the North others to the South, and some went off to the far West of New Jersey disappearing in the distance and then zooming back to the “star ship.”

Their activities were so quick and so intense that I had to coin a new name for this type of UFO and dubbed it “A Hive UFO” because the activities around the main craft reminded me of a beehive or a hornets nest, hence, (Bee) Hive UFO. The date was August 24th, 2011 and Hurricane Irene struck New York & New Jersey the very next day.

I’m reminding readers of all this because I have been part of the US Navy UFO Disclosure Initiative for many decades, starting in 1969 when I was studying psychology at Fordham University.  This US Navy Initiative has been part of a secret war between the US Naval Intelligence against the Deep State and the people who assassinated  JFK, who had been a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence since WW II.

In 2008, as co-editor with Dirk vander Ploeg of UFO Digest, I was invited by a representative of the Pentagon and the US Navy to become part of a UFO Disclosure Initiative team effort that the “US Navy brass” spurred by trying to achieve a limited  UFO Disclosure through the auspices of the United Nations.  The original USN UFO  Disclosure Team was comprised of Clay and Shawn Pickering, Richard Theilman, and me.  Clay, Shawn and I handled news and publication while Theilman acted as liaison with the US Navy, the Pentagon, and an ad hoc UFO Disclosure committee formed secretly inside the United Nations with the goal of effecting UFO Disclosure through the United Nations General Assembly.

That initiative was thwarted by the Deep State’s stooges within the UFO community who took it upon themselves to be”gate keepers” of UFO secrecy and acted as counter-disclosure operatives within the UFO community.  However, although our attempt was  stalled before completion, the mass media’s silence and cover-up had been broken.  Most importantly, major news companies most notably, CNN’s Larry King LIVE (and later Fox News) began to cover the UFO topic seriously with less and less skepticism and derision shown toward witnesses and investigators over the next few years.  Today, after the exposure of the ATTIP, and with the public testimony of several US Navy aviators who gave chase to the Tic Tac USOs, it is a “Given” that UFOs are Real.

The important inroads that we made then (2008-2010) continued to branch out throughout TV, movies and mass media, and finally succeeded in a breakthrough on December 16, 2017 with the US Navy/Pentagon revelation of UFO Reality through the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) stating UFOs exist, UFOs are REAL, and as Cdr. David Fravor plainly stated, the unidentified craft that he chased, quote, “…were not of this world.”

There will soon be another big national event related to UFOs and it is important to be ready for a major paradigm shift. mentally, emotionally and psychologically.


October 13th, 2019

A video of a UFO that appears to be identical to the one seen by this UFO investigator on June 1st, 20a9 (as described above) was recorded on adrier’s dash cam as he crossed the Verrazano Narrows Bridge on March 13th, 2013.

Final Question: Why is President Trump establishing a US Space Force?

Carol Rosin

My friend and colleague, Carol Rosin, who worked directly under Werner Von Braun in NASA during the 1970s & 80s, was forewarned by Dr. Von Braun that The Deep State was planning to stage an “alien invasion” as a false flag event to create a national crisis in order to declare and implement Martial Law across the country and later by extension to the world. Carol Rosin warns us not to be fooled or frightened into believing in a government staged “alien Invasion” or to permit the militarization of outer space with nuclear weapons or new Tesla technologies now being developed and implemented.

Many people will have difficulty dealing with such a prospect; those who are psychology prepared will be more adaptable to a new and perhaps shocking global UFO paradigm.

CBS captures UFOs over New York City October 13th, 2012

Manhattan Reported More UFO Sightings Than Any Other Borough

By Dean Balsamini, January 6, 2018 (Original article)

Most notably, regarding the UFO flyover of June 1st, 2019, this event marked the 7th time since 2007 that we, my Tai Chi classmates and I, have had UFOs make low and slow approaches and flybys during our Tai Chi classes, and all of them on or near the Soldiers & Sailors Monument.

Four (4) of these UFO events occurred at the beginning of morning Tai Chi classes circa 11 a.m. in 2007.   On Labor Day weekend 2007, specifically, Saturday September 1st, a a couple of minutes after 11 a.m., my student “Z” and observed 2 spherical (White Pearl) UFOs, identical to those captured in the CBS News video linked below, approached the Monument at slow speed from the North at an estimated speed of 25 mph, which was determined by comparing its speed to local NYC traffic on the Henry Hudson Parkway, over which it flew and which averages 50 mph.  On eUFO flew within 100 feet of us and then climbed out to meet up with another identical UFO that remained stationary over the Hudson River at an altitude of approximately 800 to 1o00.  The 2 UFOs met up, separated and remaining in the same positions (about 20 feet apart) for about 15 seconds.  Then they climbed higher at a 45 degree angle to the horizon at slow speed and continuing toward a low hanging cloud (at about 4000 fee AGL) which they reached in about 5-6 seconds.  The UFos flew into the cloud  disappearing as they merged with the cloud, becoming “white on white.”

On September 19th, 2009, while doing some astronly and viewing the Moon through a telescope, 2 of us had a night sighting of a UFO that appeared to be chased by a very low-flying NYPD helicopter.  This incident involved telepathic contact with the UFO (if not its “operator”) and will be detailed in a separate report.

A numerologically significant UFO flyby occurred around 11 a.m. on January 1st, 2011 -> (1/1/11)! 

A spectacular UFO event occurred on Friday August 26th 2011 at 11 a.m. when a “Hive UFO” was seen operating over New Jersey in the region of Teterboro Airport.  I dubbed it a “Hive UFO” because of the aerial activity of small and brilliant spherical UFOs that I determined to be UFO scouting ships (or drones) being deployed from the “HIVE SHIP” that was to be seen surrounding, darting to and from, a brilliant object which appeared suddenly.

When I first saw the object, I was surprised by its brilliance, luminosity and position in the sky well above he horizon so early in the morning and directly opposite the Sun.

As the Sun was behind us, my mind sought for a “natural explanation,” and so I first considered the possibility that the brilliant light could be the Planet Venus, but that theory was soon dismissed when we saw what appeared to be frantic aerial activity in our atmosphere around the object.

As the large “Mothership UFO” on the other side of the Hudson River somewhere over Passaic or Garfield, NJ remained perfectly still, holding a steady altitude and position at a distance I estimated to be 7-10 miles,  a large number of smaller, but equalling luminous, points of light (which Iahad I had seen before in 2007) and which I call “scout ships” were  shooting off in many directions over New Jersey from the South to the North and far out to the West (but, oddly, not to the East, in our direction).

At times the scout craft moved so fast aht it looked like sparking forme the Hive UFO.  I recall thinking that the UFO scout ships and the motions reminded me of a cross between fireflies and bees or hornets angling about around their hive, hence the name I gave it, namely, The Hive UFO.

Finally, I must mention that the day was partly cloudy and the idea of “cloud seeding activities” occurred to me as a possible explanation for the frantic actions of the Hive UFO.  On the following day, August 27th, 2011, Hurricane Irene struck the New York New Jersey area with a vengeance.

On June 24th, the event of June fist was reported to the Operations Branch at Teterboro, which was followed by an initial report to the Office of Naval Intelligence via their website

An ongoing investigation continues, stay tuned for Part 2.

Robert D Morningstar 
Editor & Co-Publisher

New York City

August 6th, 2019


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