UFO/ET/MIBs – My Close Encounters – A True Life Story – Part 1

What is about to be shared is a four part series of my own personal experiences with UFOs, ET and Men in Black. 

I am sharing my experiences though I have in the past reported them all to Brian Vike, and had them published on various UFO research sites. 

My intention is to link all my encounters together, so others will see what I have experienced and not just one sighting or encounter at a time, but the whole reality of it all. 

What we don’t know has kept us from our true potential. The truth can be shocking and it can hurt. 

The truth has opened up many eyes to what we are kept from, but it also opens up the ones who come forth to share to be victims of slander, ridicule and accused of misleading information. 

Ignorance, does not suit human. 

The Morphing Crafts

Since a young child I have always been witness to events that many seem choose to ignore, or simply cannot see because of the way we are trained to think and live. 

My earliest memories take place when I was only months old.. and so my story begins. 

Being adopted when I was only weeks old, I never knew my biological parents. My adopted mother and father were to share their love with me for the rest of their lives. 

Less than a year old, my parents had me with them outside as they did yard work during the summer days. I would sit there in the grass, admiring all that there was and all so very new to me. I had already learned much and could distinguish objects in the sky, such as planes, clouds or birds. I could not say them, but I did know what they were when spoken to me. Thanks to being outside lots and my mother talking to me and telling me things. I had already “some” understanding of what I could see. 

But, one thing she hadn’t mentioned and never did were the other things that I could also see in the sky. Those which I saw, I was not taught the word for and truthfully everyone seemed oblivious to them as I would sit there and see these things that were not clouds, nor planes.. 

For years, what I was seeing was almost creature like, or crafts that almost seemed to be alive as they morphed and changed in shape, color, texture and even size. They would not be there often, compared to how much I was outside, but enough for me to take notice. 

Some were very big and made me think of the giant whales that swim in our oceans. I was aware of whales, but understood them to live in the water, not the sky. I continued to see these crafts/creatures in the sky for about three more years, while I was slowly learning about life.

 There were times that I would ask of these, and no one would understand what I was referring to, so I let it be. I had much to learn and other things would eventually capture my eye,and mind. As time passed I began to see other things that didn’t fit into what I was being taught. I was soon to realize that not everyone could see as others do. 

My childhood years took me to understandings that not everything was as it seemed. “Paranormal” was a word that I had not yet learned, but it was certainly all around me. But I will not lead away from the topic of my experiences with extraterrestrial occurrences. I only mention it, as it is part of what makes me who I am today. 

Growing up, I had a tough life, not really fitting in anywhere, be it school or sports. I was always the last one to be picked on a team, but always the first one that would get picked on. That too, helped me grow as a human, as I began to search within myself at a young age. I found comfort and happiness in who I was and I did not let it bother me as it could have. If I was to let the others get to me, I was sure to have been a troubled child. Luckily for me, it turned out that I was a far bigger person at a young age, than I could see at that time. 

Having a fair amount of time alone and not playing with lots of kids, I did take the time I had and used it to grow and learn and discover. Never being one for television, I found happiness with the outdoors in the sunshine and under the stars. I had a great love for nature and being in the wilderness. I found much comfort in the night sky. 

The Mother Ship

Now eleven years old, I was struggling through elementary school. Much of what was expected of me, I had no understanding of. It all seemed to be just garble, thus I was not doing well with marks in class. I made it through another year of school and I was sure that I was passed to the next grade because my teachers did not want to deal with me anymore.

It was now summer and school was out, the time I loved the most. I would get up early with the sun and get on my bike and ride like I owned the whole city. No one would be awake yet and very little traffic. I enjoyed the smell of the morning and the sun breaking away from the earth, as it brought warmth to my skin. It always made me smile and it still does. 

Half way through the summer, I had something happen that opened my eyes to things I really had no clue about at the time. 

It was mid August and the summer was hot, the night was still very warm as my father and I sat on the back step talking and looking up at the night sky. We lived on the edge of the west side of town, so we got to see far more stars than we would have, if we were more within the city. 

It was around 10:30 p.m. My father got up from our conversation to get something to drink and went inside the house. I sat there looking up at the sky, listening to the crickets and taking in the beautiful clear night. It was right after my father went inside that I noticed something in the sky, off to the west. I really couldn’t make sense of it as it wasn’t like anything I had ever seen. 

Initially I had thought what I was seeing, was a very large plane, but as it got closer I knew it wasn’t. I then thought maybe a very large helicopter, but soon saw that it was not one of those either. What was approaching was nothing I had even seen in my life and I could not help, but notice how large it was. I kept thinking to myself. “This can’t be right” as it was too large to be able to fly. This craft was massive, I could tell already as it continued to approach and it was still getting larger and larger. I stood up with my mouth wide open and still trying to figure out what it was that I was seeing. 

The forward part of the craft was just beginning to pass over top of me. I was thinking as I stood there that “This must be a dream”. I watched this craft for a very short time, when I realized my father had not come back out yet, and he was missing seeing it. I began to yell for my dad to come outside. 

This craft, was a rectangle shaped craft that may have been miles big, as it covered 3/4 of the sky if not more once it was near above me. I was now yelling louder and yelling more, for my father to come out. The craft directly overhead was so very overwhelming in size. I could not see any detail to it, only that I could see it very clearly against the stars. I could see how straight the craft was and how it was a perfect rectangle that may have been 2 miles long. The feeling that I got from it, and still do is how small I was, how small everything was, as it’s massive size seemed to dwarf everything. 

It seemed like a long time that I was yelling for my dad and he had yet to come back outside. I found it strange that though not being 10 steps away in the kitchen, he was not coming outside to my calling for him. I finally ran inside and grabbed him and said, you have to see this. I dragged him outside, running and down the steps. I said, “Look!”. As we both looked up, I saw that the craft was now gone and I was sure it could still be seen leaving. I said, “It’s in the front!”. As I ran around the house with my father only to see a clear sky, bright with stars. The craft now gone. I couldn’t make sense of it and again and no one really said anything to me after I had tried to talk about it. 

It was then that I put it away in the back of my mind, but I never forgot it. I could not make sense of it, nor could I explain it, so I wrote it off to it being military. (I never accepted that, but had no idea what it was.) To date, 30 years later I still have no evidence of anything that is man made, that it could have been that massive and in the sky. 

Men In Black

Growing up where I was, I had ample opportunity to go to the near by lakes and camp. My parents had a trailer that we would keep in one spot all summer. We had been to that lake the year before, so I was familiar with the area that next summer. It was in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. 

It was the early 80’s and the summer was hot. I was at the lake for a week with my family. It was too hot for me to stay in the trailer, so I had a 4 man tent set up about ten yards away from the trailer. It was during my week long stay there, that I had a strange and frightening encounter with men in black (MIBs). 

It was around 11:00pm and I was too hot to sleep, so I had not even attempted to. The night was calm and the stars were out. It was all very nice, peaceful and the scent was sweet from all the flowers and other plants that summer brings. I decided to go for a walk and try to cool off a little bit, so I left the campsite and started down a dirt road that was behind a row of cabins that were along the lake shore. There were very few up at the lake and it was the middle of the week, and unless on holidays, no one was around. I continued walking towards town, but still I was by the lake.

 Suddenly out of nowhere, a black car pulled up beside me. I didn’t event hear it’s approach, as it startled me and made me jump away. The car was large and black, with tinted windows. It appeared to be between a ’65 and ’70s Cadillac Coupe deVille. Two men suddenly got out from the passenger side doors. They were dressed in black. They had black suits, shoes, ties, hats even black sunglasses though it was night out. They had white shirts on too, which allowed me to see that their appearance was not right. Their skin was almost a light blue color and odd looking. Certainly not right.

The two men (if they were) started straight for me, which shocked me even more. They were very quick and it seemed that they were on me in an instant. I didn’t even have time to react. Each quickly had a hold of my arms as they began to force me towards the car that sat there with the back door open. I began to struggle, when I quickly realized what was taking place. I was being forced into a car in the middle of the night by total strangers. They had me up to the car now, as I struggled even harder and put my feet out and tried to push myself away from the open door. The struggle lasted maybe a minute or two. I am not sure how long, as I was fighting for what I thought to be my life. Finally they over powered my resistance as I tried to get free and the forced me into the back seat of the car. 

I was now sitting in between two of the MIBs. I could not see out the side windows, only in front where the dirt road was. The driver looked back and for a few seconds it seemed as though the three of them were having a conversation, except they never spoke a word at all. The driver nodded once and then the car began to move. I was still being held by my arms, with them at my sides. The MIB on my right reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a syringe that was larger then any I had ever seen. I would today have to compare it’s size to syringes that are used on large animals. 

The syringe contained a clear, dark golden liquid. I could see the contents very clear for being where I was as he held it out in front of him. I then realized that it was meant for me. That is when I began to struggle again and even more now. The MIBs did not have to fight me long till I was totally overpowered by them. The MIB on my right took the syringe and injected the contents into me. Everything quickly went black, as I lost consciousness. 

I don’t know how long I was out for, but I did regain consciousness for a short time afterward. I thought to myself, “Oh, I am still in the car” as I could see a road below me. But, it was not right, what I was seeing did not make sense to me. 

What I could see was a road curving along as we “flew over it”. I was about two to three hundred feet above the road. I could see large rocks on the shoreline, but it was not my lake that I was seeing. It appeared to be a large body of water such as the ocean. The waves were of fair size as they crashed on the large rocks and it gave me the impression I was very far from home. I trying still to make sense of it, I lost consciousness again. I found myself asleep in my tent in the morning. Not having any idea how I got there, I was not feeling right. It was almost like a daze for that entire day. The following day I was back to normal

It still would take years until it all came together, until I figured out that they were greys that had taken me and made themselves appear as MIBs. I still cannot explain all of what happened that night, but I do know that a man in my hometown had the same type of experience with what may have been the same MIBs, 30 years before my encounter. His took place in the early 50s and it did involve a silver disc. 

Time passed and went through my teen years, encountering more and more paranormal all around me. Never having people to share any of it with, I kept it too myself and became more awakened and more aware. Sometimes I would see strange lights in the sky, but mostly stars and meteorites, nothing of actual substance.

 Radio Announcer Experience

Ending my teen years, I soon moved away from Manitoba and went west to become and on-air announcer (Radio DJ). It was there that things started to make me think a bit more on what I had seen in the past and what I had experienced. I was broadcasting to a network of radio stations via a satellite in space. We had ten radio stations that I would be sending our signal out to and these communities covered most of Alberta and part of northern B.C. 

It was about 8:00pm one summer night, as I was playing music. After a very quiet 2 hours into my show, I suddenly began to receive numerous phone calls on our toll free phone line. We had an 800 number for both provinces, so people could call in and request songs. No one was calling to request a song though. Not one call, could have been further away from each other. These people had called to find out what they were seeing. They were reporting a giant triangular craft that had incredible speeds, and from how close the phone calls were and for how far apart the listeners were from each other, the craft was traveling well past the speed of sound. It was only seconds apart from areas that were very far away. 

I became excited, thinking that there was something big going on and all the thoughts of what I had seen and experienced all came rushing back as I kept going to the windows and watching the sky when I was playing songs on the radio. I never saw anything that night, but I did call up all the places I could, including the air force, air traffic, RCMP, all with nothing in the air and nothing abnormal seen by air traffic controllers around the whole area. Again, I buried the past and continued on with what I knew. UFOs were still far from being an very active part of my life. 

Back to The Stars

It was the summer of 2001 and I was at a lake in Saskatchewan, north of Saskatoon. The summer was soon over and I wanted to camp for the weekend before it was too late.

The weekend had been wonderful and I was sitting watching the sky at around midnight, my girlfriend with me. I noticed a strange light in the sky and I really had no idea why it had caught my eye. It appeared the same as the rest of the stars in the sky, but I kept watching and not taking my eyes off it. Soon my girlfriend asked what I was looking at, and I pointed it out to her. As soon as I had pointed out the light, it suddenly lit up bright and a second object came out from it to its side. It traveled horizontal for a few seconds and then suddenly it turned 45 degrees and started down towards earth.

I stood up quickly when I realized it was not normal to see what I was seeing. It continued down toward earth very fast and then as it got closer to the ground, it seemed to slow down. I then lost sight of it in the trees, but thought about it for the rest of the night, wondering what it could have been. To date I still have no answer that fits. 

The Silver Disc Encounter

June of 2002 found me heading back to my hometown in Manitoba after being away for 14 years, except to visit. I had close friends that never left there and so I found it time to go back to be with them.

The summer was full of catch up and seeing old faces, laughing and enjoying all my friends company. One of my best friends was hanging out at a lake that was not far from my MIBs encounter and I started to go out there fairly frequently. That is where the my encounters began again. 

It was August of 2002. The entire summer had been a hot one and August wasn’t any different. Disregarding the heat, two friends and I decided to go out onto the lake and do some fishing on the boat. We had being trolling on the west side of the lake when we decided to pull up our lines and head across to the east side, to a point that jutted out which was directly south of the campsite. 

We were having a good time, all three of us talking and laughing. My two friends inside the boat as I was standing on the front nose of the boat. We had shut down the engine and were just casting out, as we let the wind drift us along. After a few minutes I was still casting out, when suddenly there was a strong gust of air. Knowing it was mostly sunny, I thought that there was a cloud that may have caused the wind. I reeled in and then looked up.

I was very shocked and surprised about what I saw above me. There in the sky approximately 250 to 400 feet in the air was a silver disc craft. My mind started to try to make sense of what I was looking at. I went through all that I could think of, the moon, a balloon, a reflection of some sort and so on. None of what I could think of, was what I was looking at above me. 

It was then that I yelled to my two friends looking at them, and then back up at the craft. I stood there my mouth wide open and not believing my eyes. I looked back at my friends and I yelled again. “Look up there, there is a silver disc”! I don’t even know if they heard me, as they seemed to be almost intoxicated or drugged as they fell all around the boat. I yelled again at them and they seemed incoherent as to what I was saying. The strangest thing about them falling about the boat was, that it appeared to me to be happening in slow motion. They were falling slower and moving slower than what was normal. 

I looked back up at the craft and I was feeling very strange, from what I think was the energy of the craft. I stood there watching and forgetting about my friends, focusing on the silver disc right above us. I watched it for a short while longer as it sat there. There were no markings and no sounds, no lights to it. It did not make any sense to me. All of it seemed so out of this world. The craft then started to move slowly and for two to three seconds, and then in an instant, it shot off straight up and disappeared into the blue sky. The speed was very fast. It could travel many miles in one tenth of a second.

 I stood there for a few seconds, still in shock and still trying to grasp what had just happened. I looked at my friends who seemed to be coming out of a different state, they looked almost confused. I tried to talk to them about what had happened, but they either do not know or they refuse to speak of it. It was a quiet ride back to shore. That encounter was now over, but the effects were still there for me. For the next month I fell ill and lost appetite. I began to lose hair as never before and my teeth started to loosen. I was feeling very ill. 

The effects I was enduring was what I thought to be a type of radiation sickness and I very quickly realized that being directly under the craft had caused the effects. I began to lose hair in clumps and each tooth in my mouth began to loosen. My appetite was gone and I felt like I have never in my life. I was sure I was going to die, and felt that I could not go to a doctor and tell him as I would be seen as crazy. 

So, quietly I sat with my secret and said nothing to anyone, enduring the pain and agony, while living in fear of what was happening to me. For a month I tried to make sense of what had happened with the silver disc. Maybe it was me that was in the energy from the craft and it was not my friends who appeared falling in slow motion. I was not in sync with them. It would explain their not appearing to have ill effects from the encounter. What ever the case, I was more ill then I had ever been in my life. 

It was some time that passed, at least two months and the effects from the silver disc craft began to subside slowly until I was as closer to back to normal. Well, as close to normal as I will ever be again. 

I now know better than to find myself directly under one of those crafts.  

It was then, after I started to feel better, I began my own search for the truth to UFOs and ET. I was already miles ahead of the rest of the crowd due to my own experiences. 

Little did I know that after all the events up to this point, it was only the beginning of things to come. There were still more close encounters that wait ahead. 

Stay tuned for part two! 

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