UFO/ET/MIBs – My Close Encounters Part 3 – “Into The Abyss “

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I finally made it to the lake for the first time that spring. As always, there is much to do when one comes back from a winter spent away. I set up for my stay and we began work on the log cabin, which took up most of my first day back. That night, I slept and, next day, pulled off another full day of work on the cabin. Relaxing by the wood stove, I decided to take it easy and spend the night in the cabin. 

The night was windy and it was nasty outside. Despite the cold, cloudy and damp weather, there was no rain. Last fall I had stashed away a bag of blankets, so I decided to go grab them.  The blankets were in the RV parked down by the lake.  It was parked about 20′ away from the lake and 50′ from the cabin.  After throwing a coat on, I headed out from the warmth of the cabin and into the dark.  There were no stars or moon that night, so I found I was almost “walking blind”.  However, I knew the route very well and had little trouble getting there. 

My continued search for answers made me try to understand these experiences, thus it took up a great deal of my life.  Having returned to the lake, I kept an extra eye on my surroundings because I didn’t want to be caught off guard ever again.  Half way between the cabin and the RV, I glanced at my watch and noted it was 12:01 AM, Sunday, May 7, 2006. From the start of my encounters I always wanted proof, but I had no camera. Because this was my first weekend at the cabin this year, I did not think I would see anything. 

Truth is, I was dead wrong. Making it down to the RV a few seconds later, I opened the door and went in. Previously, I had stayed in RV often, but I enjoy sleeping by the lake because there’s nothing like waking up right on shore. It’s a peaceful awakening. To grab the bag of blankets, I went to the back of the RV.  I wasn’t there long.  Because it was cold and dark, there was no reason to take my time. I stayed there for maybe 10 seconds. Finally, with bag in hand I got to the front of the RV and started down the steps. At that moment, I was shocked into a reality many do not know. As I stepped down, I looked ahead and saw an elongated diamond-shaped UFO directly to the west of me.  This UFO was much the same as last summer’s. The craft was bigger than the cabin and approximately 50 yards away.  It appeared to be 30′-40′ across and was just sitting there idly in the sky.  Upon seeing this, the feelings from last summer’s encounter began to come to the surface.  This craft was glowing white and appeared to be the same as the elongated diamond UFO I had encountered previously.  However, this one had a dark circle in its middle.  To understand what it looked like, picture the elongated diamond for the Brazilian flag with the sphere (planet) in the middle.  A white, glowing craft with a large black spot in the middle. It took my breath away. I never thought I would experience this on only my first weekend back! 

I stepped out of the RV, my mouth wide open.  I couldn’t believe they were back, in the same place, right here, again. Suddenly, the craft lit up very bright and my heart started to race. It lit up only a second, then it did it again and again and again.  As the ship sat there in the sky flashing a bright, white light at me, my adrenaline kicked in.  I almost thought the lights were a type of code, but, in reality, I had no clue what it meant.  I didn’t know what to expect.  This was not the same as my last close encounter with an elongated diamond-shaped craft.  I almost believed they were making sure I saw them, to let me know they were aware of my return.  With my heart in my throat, I swallowed hard.  As I stood facing west, watching and waiting, the craft did not move and made absolutely no sound.  The craft was larger than any moon and was very clear and visible.  This craft was, like the others, so very out of place.   

It almost seemed like they wanted to make sure I saw them, letting me know they know I was back. My heart in my throat, I swallowed. There was not a sound coming from this craft. I stood there facing west, watching and waiting as this craft did nothing more than sit there. It was larger than any moon could be. It was very clear and visible and again, like the others, so very out of place.  For a few seconds I stared at it, trying to convince myself it could be of this earth, but I knew it was them. 

 The craft then started upwards, heading towards the west, the direction I was facing. Then, like the last one, in an instant it was as small as a tiny star. Fixated on the craft, my eyes followed as the craft turned towards the south traveling south at high speed for only a second, then turned on a dime, shot straight up into space and was gone.  Its technology was far more advanced than ours.  My heart racing, I headed back down to the cabin at almost a running pace. I won’t lie to you, I was scared. My hands trembling, I wrote down a description of this incident, noting it occurred at 12:02AM. Uncertain of its origin, the encounter kept me on edge and, despite it being 3:00AM, I was still seeing it in my mind as I was wide awake.  There was so much to take in. The craft, the speed and it happened on my first weekend back. I knew it would be morning soon and I needed to sleep, so I laid down and shut my eyes.  

A Realization 

I don’t know why but I think they were there for me.  They have always been with us, but we’re so blind we haven’t noticed.  I feel as if they are trying to warn me that a devastating event is about to happen on Earth.  My instincts tell me that this is urgent. Am I alone in this?  I feel as if I am alone and can’t share my encounter with anyone, despite the fact that the event changed my life dramatically.  I will never be the same person; I will never look at life or our existence in the same way.  All around me I see the death and destruction humans have wrought.  No words can possibly begin to describe how I feel.  I am at a loss for words and I am appalled by the human races’ ignorant, primitive and barbaric ways. 

Greed is the destroyer of man. 

Multiple Spheres 

Two weeks later, I was enjoying the smell of spring as the days and night were warmer and there was much wildlife around. Still continuing work on the log cabin, my buddy and I put in another full day. After a hard day, we retired to the cabin for needed rest.  Being the only one still wake at 11:30PM, I relaxed on the couch and sat by the wood stove.  knew the time because I had looked at my watch earlier. I decided to get up and go out to the front deck of the cabin and see what I could see. There was a storm raging, there was no rain yet, but there was a lot of wind and the sky was lighting up behind the clouds. I stood outside looking around and then I looked up. At first, I thought I was seeing fire flies, at least for the first couple seconds I did. I soon realized that, with the wind blowing at 50 km/hr and gusts up to 80 km/hr, these were not fireflies. As I stood there looking at them, I was shocked at how many there were. They were not flashing but continuously glowing with white light. These lights were flying around in all sorts of different directions, but none would ever fly off.  At first blush, it appeared as though their movements were very random and it seemed as if they were operating in a set area. This area was, pretty much, right above the cabin. These dancing lights appeared to be small glowing spheres of white light and they puzzled me.  It estimate there were about 40 of them.  Their movements were almost entrancing. Standing there watching the sky, I noticed the glowing lights did not seem to stop, but continued to fly around and over the cabin.  After about 20 minutes my neck became sore from watching the sky intently, so I decided enough was enough and returned to the cabin, where I wrote down the details of my encounter immediately. 

Lying on the couch in my sleeping bag, I tried to figure out what those lights could be.  Using my previous encounter with the silver disc UFO, I attempted to find connections between this encounter and my previous encounter years earlier.  Deciding this event was most  likely a natural phenomena, I shut my eyes, cleared my mind and slept. 

Over breakfast the next day, I relayed what I had seen the night before.  After discussing it, we, or more so “I”, concluded it was a 

storm sprite.  I, myself, were not familiar with storm sprites, but I was aware of lightning balls.  I had seen a picture of these balls and it was the only earthly thing I could come up with that was remotely similar.  I left it at that, ate my breakfast and went to continue work on the cabin. Later that night, I would throw out the “storm sprite” hypothesis altogether. 

On Saturday night, very close to the same time as before, I went outside to the front deck. Weather conditions were exactly the same as the night before. When I stepped out onto the deck, I could see the sky lighting up again. I never saw any actual lightning nor heard thunder, but the clouds would light up every so often. Looking up, I discovered they had returned. This time there were at least 70 white glowing spheres, all flying around in the same manner. As before, they never really appeared to be leaving the set area above. 

This couldn’t be a storm sprite, that much I knew. The odds of this phenomenon hitting the same place two nights in a row are astronomically remote. The craft(s) were traveling at a very low altitude, approximately 100′ above me.  It doesn’t seem possible and is definitely too low for a sprite, as they only occur in higher altitudes.  Almost like deja vu, I found myself compelled to stand there and watch these spheres for about 20 minutes, the same amount of time the previous day.  When my neck was sore from looking up so long, I decided I had had enough, and went back inside the cabin. Like the night earlier, I immediately wrote down the incident thinking, “these are indeed strange days that we are living.”  

Elongated Diamond Craft 

Through the hot Summer, I kept busy with my friends and working at the cabin. However, from time to time I ventured out of the province. On August 14, 2006 I was travelling in a small convoy of cars and trucks, coming back to Manitoba from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan .  We got a late start, so it was almost dark when were driving south.  There were no clouds in the sky and the stars began to come out as the sun was setting.  Unfortunately, we had a vehicle breakdown on the northern outskirts of a town called Moosomin Saskatchewan. We came upon one of the trucks off to the side of the highway, with a break down while driving behind the convoy.  The entire convoy of vehicles stopped, everything was checked and we discovered it was only a flat.  We called a roadside assistance service and they sent a guy out to bring us a new tire for the truck. Lacking any entertainment, my buddy and I discerned there was really nothing else we could do.  We drove into town and everyone else stayed with the truck, on the side of the highway, waiting for the new tire to arrive. 

After pulling into Moosomin, we wandered through town and stopped at a tire yard.  We told our companions to regroup at that location, toward the southern part of the small town. 

Eager for a break, I got out of the truck to stretch, taking in the fresh air and relaxing a bit.  The yard we parked in had no lighting,  and this allowed me to view the whole sky, including the milky way, in all its brilliance.  I stood there taking it all it in for about 15 minutes, while my buddy decided to catch a few minutes sleep.  As I watched the sky, I realized the ease of getting lost in the moment, just like watching a camp fire.  My mind wanders with the stars. I watched to the northern part of the sky, but decided to turn my attention to the southern part. Suddenly, I saw something emerge from the horizon.  It was traveling very quickly.  However, this object was not the same as the elongated diamond-shape craft because: 1) It was not glowing; 2) It was not the same shape as the others; 3) the two longer skinny ends of the elongated diamond ship were absent; 4) There were no lights (due to the stars shining brightly it was very noticeable); 5) As it flew overhead it made no sound; and 6) It seemed to be flying directly overhead at a very low altitude (I estimated that the craft was hovering overhead at approximately 150-200′.  As the craft passed over the cabin, I called out to my buddy and asked if he was “seeing this one”? 

In the span of time it took to ask the question of my buddy and him to respond, the craft was covering the entire sky from horizon to horizon.  They traveled much faster than our modern day fighter jets.  Additionally, fighters are loud, but this was silent.  Having had most of my encounters at the lake, I was somewhat shocked to see it here, in Moosomin.  Afterwards, I reflected on my experiences, thinking of the “big picture”, and thought about how many others were in the same situation as myself.  This encounter happened in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan.  Due to my surprise at having an encounter here, at the side of the road and not at the lake, my senses were primed for the rest of the trip. 

A Visit From The Greys Again? 

Summer seemed to fly by.   Berries and nuts were everywhere in the last days of summer and, being late August, all the creatures of the forest were preparing for the fall. so there was a great deal of animals around the lake. 

In the very early morning hours of August 27, 2006, as I sat by the campfire and watched the stars and campfire on the shoreline of the lake.  All was as I am used to – peaceful, relaxing and low key.  I was beginning to get tired and was going to head off for bed very soon. The RV was camped down by the lake shore, so my bed was only a few feet away.  Around 1:00AM I had retired to bed after I made sure the campfire was extinguished I got in the RV, locked the door and fell into bed.  Although it sounds odd to lock your door when in the wilderness, I learned from experience that locking the door was the smart thing to do.  After all, larger animals (like bears) can open doors.  Being away from the city, with fresh air and peaceful surroundings, I always sleep better; I had no trouble falling asleep.  My sleep was interrupted and I was awakened by noises.  I’m not sure how long I had been asleep, but my senses told me I had not been asleep for long.  My first thought: What is all this commotion?  I kept my eyes closed and just listened to what sounded like a great deal of activity going on around me.  It wasn’t “noisy”, it was more like a shuffling movement and some whispering.  As a frequent visitor at the Parkland Region of Manitoba, I am fairly knowledgeable about the local wildlife.  Since I began staying there, in 2002, I have seen cougars, bears, bobcat, lynx, etc.  Because of the diversity of the region, the list of wildlife one might encounter there is very long. 

I am a fairly light sleeper and easily awaken to noises.  When I am sleeping and I am awakened by noises, my reaction is to fully wake up, assess my surroundings and, through meditation, try to keep my heart rate down.  Because I’m a sensitive sleeper, if awakened by noise, I have learned to how to stop my mind from reactionary behavior.  Instead, when I hear a loud noise, I listen to the noises, making sure I was in no danger and didn’t need to fully awaken, then I allow myself to go back to sleep.  When camping at the lake one can never be too careful, so I decided that the noises I heard warranted investigation as to the origin of the noises, so I set off to do so.  As I awoke and my mind began taking control of the situation, I began to open my eyes.  It was at this point I realized I was in a room full of white light that was so bright I could only open my eyes for a brief second until, having to squint through them.  As my eyes adjusted, I saw figures around me and realized there were others in the room, as well.  Despite the brightness which made my vision blurry, I was able to discern three beings standing at the head of my bed.  I was puzzled by this light, as there were no light sources or electricity in the camp.  This situation wasn’t right.  I decided I needed to get up and I needed to do so now.  I began to push myself up from laying on my side, nearly on my stomach.  Raising myself about a foot, I tried to push myself up with my arms.  However, before I could focus on the situation and before I pushed myself up any further, suddenly I was rendered unconscious.  Almost instantaneously, I was out.  Losing consciousness, I remember my arms, which were losing strength, dropped me.  Being in the wilderness with all kinds of potentially dangerous animals, if a large animal was hanging around camp, it is far better to remain awake until the animal was gone, just to be safe.  I go into a sort of defensive posture, fully waking and aware of my surroundings and listening to the sounds around me.  However, that was not the case this time. 

Waking next morning in my bed, I was still very aware of the incidents of the night before and what I had woken earlier to.  Not only that, it appeared that I had a chipped front tooth that was not there the previously.  Although I do grind my teeth from time to time, but I don’t use my front teeth when I grind them.  Looking back on the night before, I could think of no reason why the tooth would be chipped and there was no way for me to chip it myself in my sleep.  It was patently obvious that either I had hit my top tooth or something struck me in my sleep and chipped my tooth.  The chipped tooth was the first thing I noticed when I woke up.  Realizing this, I quickly looked over my surroundings and realized that my door was still locked. 

After careful, deliberation and consideration of all the events leading up to this moment, I cannot say that, when I woke that night, I was even still in the RV.  Considering the way the encounter unfolded, I have started to accept that I just may have been aboard the craft once again.  I do not think I was supposed to awaken while with the operators of the craft.  In fact, I had remained unconscious during my previous instances aboard the craft.  As my life changed even more, ET was a predominate part of camping at the lake.  

Strange Flashing Lights 

The next summer was uneventful and I was grateful for it being that way. That is not to say that I didn’t see anything.  I did, but it was no where as close as most of my other encounters had been. It was July 15, 2007 and the night sky was out. There were no clouds and it was a calm, peaceful night. Sitting around with a group of friends at the waters edge of the lake there was a campfire and I stood there looking up at the stars, as I always do when I am there.  I was soaking it all in and enjoying the wilderness at the beautiful Parkland Region. 

Suddenly, I noticed there was an object flying across the sky to the southwest of us.  This object was coming from the east and headed to the west.  As it continued to travel in an easterly direction, I noticed it was flashing a white light. At first, I thought it was nothing more than an airplane.  After several minutes, it got to the direct south of our location.  I kept my eye on the object as it continued to move.  I realized this was no jet because it suddenly stopped moving, stopped for three to four seconds, then started to move upward in a zigzag motion on its way up. 

My friends seemed to be caught up in a discussion and I believed I alone was watching the object.  With the object being so far away

I thought I was watching it alone, as my friends seemed caught up in their discussion.  With the object being so far away, I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation.  That changed when I saw the object start zigzagging upwards.  The zigzagging surprised me and I quickly I didn’t want to interrupt them. When the object started to zig zag upwards, it surprised me and I quickly looked over to my friends. One of my friends were looking at me and they could tell I wanted to point the object out.  “Are you watching this too?” I asked my friend.  She responded “Yes.”  Further, she said “It’s not a jet, is it.”  I responded “No, It sure isn’t”. 

The object appeared to be climbing higher. It climbed a fair distance and then stopped moving again. For several seconds, it didn’t move and then it started back towards the west – the same direction it came from.  It traveled at high speed and continued west before disappearing.  It did not fade away, it simply vanished.  The entire time we observed this object it never stopped flashing.  The encounter lasted around 2 minutes. 

Another Daylight Encounter 

Winter had passed and, on April 8, 2008, spring was in the air.  Like all of us, I was very happy to see spring coming.  Although the snow wasn’t gone from the lake yet (there were still a couple of weeks of melting left), I was so happy to be out and up at the lake, snow or no snow I was happy to be up and out at the lake.  After waking to a beautiful sunny day and a quick coffee, I began to work around the cabin.  I spent most of the day with my buddy, working on things at the cabin.  

Around two in the afternoon, I decided to go outside and clean up the wood pile in front of the cabin and get some wood for the stove. There were a few clouds but the sky was mostly deep blue. While digging around the wood pile, after a few minutes I had a sudden urge to look up. When I stopped what I was doing and stood straight up and my gaze shifted to the sky directly above and in front of me.  Suddenly, a silver craft appeared in the spot I was looking at.  It came in so fast it was only a blur and it appeared to stop instantly, on a dime.  The craft appeared looked like three silver spheres joined together, two on the bottom and one on the top.  It was vibrating (much like a guitar string when plucked) back and forth and I sensed that it had a lot of energy – more energy than used for space flight.  The craft appeared to be about 2-3 times the size of the moon, from our perspective and was approximately 200-250′ away from me.  The craft emanated no sound, the craft just hovered there, vibrating for approximately five seconds.  Then, with speed I have only experienced in past encounters.  The craft zipped away, a blur in an instant.  My encounters had always lacked sound, but have all been very fast.  These crafts are extremely fast and deadly silent.

After sharing my encounter to Brian Vike, as I had with other encounters.  Then, I began to question how I “knew” to look up at the exactly correct time and where to look.  At that point, I realized there was a connection to me, that I am most likely carrying an implant of some sort.  To this day, I find it hard to accept the possibility I have one, but it is very hard to deny. 

Stay tuned for part 4 next month.









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