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Engulfing Bright White Light
Another year and another summer. It was June already and I had been at the lake for the week. My father had come out to see me and we were spending some time together at the Parkland Region of Manitoba. We both are lovers of nature and of summers. When you live winters that can get as cold as -50C, you learn to appreciate the finer things, of a Canadian summer.
It was June 29, 2008
I had been sitting at the campfire for most of the evening, with my dad. By 11:00 PM everyone had long gone to bed. Everyone except me. I stayed up till 2:00 AM..looking at the stars and watching the fire slowly die to embers, which by now were fading as well. It was another clear, star filled sky the wind had long gone. It seemed to have left with the sun. I could almost see the milky way in the reflection of the lake. It was so calm and like a sheet of glass. It was getting late and so I decided to soon go to bed. I took a sip of my bottled water that I was drinking. I stood there looking at the dying embers of the fire. There was no danger of anything developing from the campfire. It was soon out and..that was the only reason that I was still standing there.
I was only a minute away from going to bed as got things ready. I stopped and stood there and took another sip of water. Suddenly the whole area surrounding me, lit up in a bright white light. It was a very intense bright light and it seemed to be focused on my immediate surrounding area. I would estimate that it covered a 30 foot swath that was being subject to this very intense, white light.
My heart started to race very quickly.
With all I had been through, I knew that this oddity meant that there was likely another craft very close, or some very strange thing is going on. With no electricity at the property there is never a second thought about this being lights being turned on. There were none. I began to scan the area, I couldn’t tell where the light was coming from, but it was not going away. I looked in every direction around me. I then looked up to the sky, scanning the entire area as I did a full circle.
This light made my mind react. Thoughts came about an examine table. I thought about the elongated diamond crafts. This light made me feel very uneasy. it was not just a normal light. The area that I stood in, was so well lit that I couldn’t see any stars at all, just blackness.
Expecting to see a ship when I looked around, I could not find it, nor could I find the source to this white light. The feeling that came over me was the same as when I had my first encounter with the elongated diamond UFO. This bright white light was the same as other time that I had seen a craft. As I was surrounded by this light, I could not help but notice how things were while being in it’s intensity.
Every leaf, every twig, every blade of grass, everything that was in the immediate area was in this white light. What I had never seen anything like it and have yet to see again. What I am referring to is how this light made everything appear in the area. It made everything more clear than it would be in sunlight. The colors were gone, but I could see the clarity to all of it, like everything was very very high definition. I could see the every vain in each leaf and on each tree. I could see every contour in the tree trunks. Even the grass appeared as I had never seen it before in any light. It seemed so alive. This light appeared to affect everything that it was engulfing, in that way.
My heart was racing as I tried to make sense of what was happening. My senses were very heightened as a few seconds had past. I took a deep breath. I was ready for whatever was to happen. Then the suddenly just stopped. It didn’t fade, it just left instantly. I was left standing in the dark, with wilderness all around me. To my knowledge, the entire event only last around 6 to 10 seconds, but it was enough to make me stay outside for another 20 minutes. As I waited to see if there was more to come.
As I stayed outside looking around, I was trying to make sense of what had just has happened. The light very much reminded me of the intense beam like light that had come from the elongated diamond craft, that I had encountered in the past. By now, I had picked up a cheap video camera to try to capture some of these crafts, so I could show people. The only problem was that any of the recent events had happened far to quickly. The only way I would be able to get any of this on video would be to have a camera ready and on my person at all times. That was not the case, I had no camera in hand.
During the following day, I thought about that night before and it brought my thoughts to the night before that event. There had been clouds the night before and they were very lit up. I noticed because we usually have clear sky. I never thought twice and I had assumed that the brightness behind the clouds was due to a full moon. The strange part was, there was no moon. It was not in any phase that would allow it to be seen at all. After realizing that, it brought forth more unanswered questions, for me to think about. 
The UFO Chase
My summer was filled with working on the cabin, helping friends out, and enjoying the lake. I had made many very good friends in the years of my being out in that region. With winters being so long, I made the most of what I had, for the limited time of being there. We were soon into fall and winter not far behind. It was September 6, 2008 and it had been a rainy weekend off and on. I had just wrapped up from helping one of my friends work on his log home for the day. He lives around 6 or 7 miles from the lake. The sun was setting, as I went into the trailer for a quick supper with my friend and his family before heading back to the lake for the night. I ate supper, had a quick visit and then left the trailer at 9:30 pm.
I had to stop and open up the gate on the property on my way out. I then drove through and shut the gate. As I got back into the truck and shut the door. I had a strange feeling come over me. It gave me goose bumps. Suddenly feeling very cold, I turned the heater onto high. Shifting the truck into gear, I began heading north. The gravel road was a winding one, that had trees, grass and bushes that were slowly creeping over top of it, taking over. It is a wilderness area and not many travelers or human eyes around for miles.
I had just gotten underway. Only about 15 seconds into the drive, that strange feeling that I had.. suddenly changed. It was now becoming a very strong feeling that I was being watched. The feeling that had come over me, made me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. It was something that I was not familiar with. The feeling was out of the blue! There was nothing at all that should make me even think that anyone or anything could see me. The wildlife that live there in the parkland region were the only things that should be around.
I could not shake the feeling, as I drove along. Every hill, every curve, every twist and bend.. I expected to see something, anything, but there was nothing. It was such an overwhelming feeling that I felt that something wasn’t right, but still had no clue to what it was. I thought to myself “boy, am I ever being weird tonight”, as I still couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being watched.
I was going as fast as I could. My speed very limited as the curves and hills kept me from the true speed that I wanted to go. All I wanted was to get back to the lake and into the cabin to a warm fire and to sleep. I finally made it to a more “recognized” and used gravel road. It was much wider and it didn’t have any overgrowth. I turned onto it and began to travel west. It was immediate. Suddenly out of no where there was a bright white light that was behind me. I quickly noticed in my mirror, as the area lit up around the truck. It was almost like a spotlight, from the intensity that it was.
Startled, I looked behind me. What I saw was well above the ground. Thinking of familiar things, my first reaction was a street light. I thought that only because it was glowing white light and above the ground. In reality, it was nothing at all like a street light. I instantly realized it was another craft. I startled myself at this realization and my heart quickly sped up. I already had a feeling inside and I knew that it was them.
I stepped down on the gas peddle and accelerated, heading down the gravel road. The glowing craft stayed with me and then quickly got closer as if to show that my accelerating was not going unnoticed. Many thoughts were rushing through my head as this white glowing craft kept up with me. It was flying about 25 feet off the ground.
I had such a strange ugly feeling come over me. It was like I was picking them up, their thoughts or intentions. It turns my stomach to this very day when I think about how they make me feel. I was scared..more than I had been in the past. The connection to the them as they kept up with their ship, was not going away. I went over a hill and hoped that it would not follow.I was not that lucky. It continued to follow me and quickly rose up over the hill. The glowing UFO continued to follow at an approximately 100 feet distance. My whole body now becoming alive with adrenaline and that feeling of perception being aware, on guard was set. I was on edge.
The craft continued on with me into the next mile, my heart still racing and thoughts erupting.
I do not scare that easily. I have been through lots in my lifetime and this should not have brought the fear, that it did. I did feel somewhat safe in a vehicle that was moving, but I knew in the back of my mind that it really would not make a bit of difference. They could stop this truck any time they wanted. The object suddenly disappeared. It was like it had just turned off its light, or maybe zipped away, which I was hoping, but I still felt the same. I knew that they were not gone. I was very much on edge now, not being able to see the craft and wondering what was next. I wanted to know where it/they went. I knew they were still very near. I could still sense them. That feeling had not left.
I continued to travel down the road. It had been about ten seconds since the object had vanished. Suddenly off to my left there it was! It lit up again with bright white light. It was like the others that I have encountered. The glowing craft was now traveling beside me. It was just over the trees, maybe 40 feet above ground and 100 feet distance to my side. After a few seconds of traveling beside me, the craft went dim. About 3 seconds after that, it lit up again. Suddenly it then when dim once more. A few seconds past and then became bright again with its white light.
The craft continued to repeat this for the rest of the chase.
I sped along the gravel road watching the craft. My eyes, more on the craft than the road. The ugly feelings, the “connection” to them had not left and was if anything more strong now. I knew that they were not there for me. It was as if they just happened by and took interest. Or as I see it now, picked up my “signal” if I do have an implant.
The frightening part and what I found very strange was that, I felt that they were there to dissect. That they were there for what we see at times as, animal mutilations.It felt like the connection was very strong between them and I. I was picking up their cold minds and alien thoughts.
I did know that if I stopped the truck and got out, that I would likely end up just like so many animals that are found dropped off dead, with internal parts of their bodies taken.I also sensed that these greys were not the same ones that I had been abducted by before. Indeed the same species..but their reason to be there was not for humans. I knew/sensed that they would take anything that got too close. If given the chance. It was shocking what I was “picking up” off of them.
I looked over again after sensing that I was in danger. I had no intention of slowing down the truck for anything. I watched as we both went along the road. It was staying just above the trees the whole time, while keeping pace. The object appeared to be an almost stubby looking disc saucer type craft. If one was to put two soup bowls together..that would be the shape of this UFO. It was fairly big around 30 to 40 feet. There was no sound.
I know that UFOs can knock out the electrical on vehicles and other things. I tensed up at the thought I was waiting for it to happen. I was thankful for every second that passed, that it did not stall my truck. The night was so dark, so black and every 4 to 5 seconds this object kept on becoming bright and lighting up the immediate area. The craft continued to stay with me, matching my speed for the rest of my trip west. I kept on the edge of my seat.
Now just a mile, as the crow flies, I was almost to the cabin. I turned north toward the property. My back wheels sliding as didn’t slow down for the corner. I watched as I accelerated away. The craft seemed to stop and sit there just above the trees. It then gave one more flash for a few seconds and then went dim. I knew that they were not following me. The feeling I had around them was fading, but I still had the creeps as I raced to the cabin. I just wanted to get out of the truck and get into the cabin, away from all this.
I finally made there and got out of the truck before it had even shut off. I scanned the sky quickly as I walked at a racing pace into the cabin. 5 minutes after seeing the last flash of the craft, I had made it inside. The event took a lot out of me. I let myself fall to the couch. I was so exhausted. The feeling of being watched was gone, as I lay there, beside the wood stove. I started to try to clear my mind, to calm myself. I watched the stove slowly turn a deep red from the heat. Exhausted from work and from the latest event. The adrenaline wearing off and my mind now finally somewhat clear, I slept. 
Summer 2009
The summer of 2009 was a slow year for events, not to say that nothing happened. I had seen an object pass by overhead as the sun was setting. It was very high up, but far too low to be satellite. I attempted to get video, but found that my fully charged battery was dead. I was rather upset as I knew that I had charged it fully and it was ready to go. The next night, it came by again around the same time. It appeared as a very bright object very high, but not a satellite and again, my battery in my camera was dead after going and charging it that day on the other side of the lake. It should have been fully charged. 
Entire Sky Alive
There was one evening while I was out at the lake and I was hanging out on shore by the campfire. It was around midnight. I looked up to the stars and I saw movement. I thought I was seeing a satellite. While watching it. I then suddenly noticed another object moving. I thought to myself that it was strange. I know what moves at night and there are earth bound satellites. Seeing these two moving objects gave me the thought that it was not normal for that time of night. As I have mentioned, I am very familiar with the “clock work” of what we should see in the sky at night.
I then noticed more movement. I stood there and widen my focus so I could see all that was moving in the sky above. I was shocked to see many objects, at least 70 to 100 of them all moving through out the night sky. They were very far up. I thought this cannot be aircraft there are far too many of them. I started to think that something was going on, a world wide event. I thought that perhaps the time had come, that ET was going to reveal themselves. I did not watch for too long as I went inside and settled into bed. I went back home a few days later and searched the Internet, but found nothing. 
Is ET Underground?
Last summer also brought a strange deep thud that occurred numerous times around the beginning of July.
It was July 7th and again, I was on the shoreline by the campfire. I was enjoying the night alone. There was much peace and quiet. It was close to midnight and it was a beautiful warm evening. I had got up from sitting by the fire and was looking to the south at the sky above the lake. Suddenly there was a very deep metal clank. The thing that it made me think of when I heard it is big metal, big steel. Then following the deep metal clank, it would be a very deep and solid thud.
The first time I heard it, I had thought that it was coming from the south part of the lake. What I pictured in my mind when the sound came..was “pilings” being driven into the ground, big steel pilings that were being pounded by even bigger steel. I knew it was past midnight and I knew that no one would be working so late at night. I continued to stand on shore waiting to see if it would happen again. It did. Suddenly there it was again, a deep metal clank followed by a thud.
This time I was not moving when it happened and I was quick to realize that it was not coming from the south part of the lake. I got a more accurate fix on it, as I stood there expecting it. Both the clank and the thud seemed to be originating from below the surface. It was coming from underground. I was confused, to say the least. There is no building going on in the area and certainly nothing that would require pilings being pounded for the construction. To have this coming from below surface, made no sense to me as I still tried to make sense of it.
One more time I found myself just standing there, waiting to have it happen again and it did. CLANK! and again the thud quickly following it. I was now without doubt that it was originating underneath the surface. The whole ground under me had a very strong vibration from the thud. I can describe it somewhat from being involved in seismic and being above the below ground explosions. This seemed to have as much force as at least 10 pounds of explosives being set off below ground surface. Now I am not sure how much to compare exactly, because I don’t know how far below that this was taking place. I was now without doubt that this was occurring beneath the surface.
The vibration of the thud came up from the ground immediately after the steel clank sound. I felt the shock wave enter my body at the soles of my feet and shoot up through my feet and ankles and up my legs. It was that, that confirmed for me that what I was hearing/feeling was truly below me. After doing more research on the area..and talking to all the locals, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the region. From all that I had read and heard, there were no caves or deep crevices at all.
According to experts, it was just not the right type of makeup there, to allow such. I decided to leave it as unknown. Summer was quickly coming to an end and there were a group of friends that were hanging out by the fire with me. It was that night, that I finally found a local from the area who hunts, traps and knows the land like the back of his hand, from being there all is life. He is an older man and he is particular on who he associates with. We have met other times in the past but have not talked of anything but everyday life.
I decided to take a shot in the dark and I asked him, if there were any caves or deep crevices in the area. I let him know that everyone had already told me there wasn’t and I just wanted to be sure. His reply caught me off guard. His reaction was, “Cave? You want to see a cave?” “I will show you the biggest cave you have ever seen in your life and it is DEEP too, REALLY deep!” I asked him more questions and from all his answers, there was no doubt that this is not a normal type of “den” of any sorts. I would not even call it a den.
This was indeed what I was looking for and perhaps the reason for all the activity in the region.
I was excited and I wanted to go in. There was a problem though. The fall had many bears in the area. There were far more bears than I had seen in all my years put together. I felt the danger was far too great to put any lives at risk. I called off the excursion and set a new date, summer 2010.
This brings us to the present, it is now May 2010 and so I now prepare to go in this cave and see if there may be a relation to the presence of ET and UFOs in the area. Guns, flashlights and camera, I will be heading into the darkness with 3 of my close friends. I will be seeing and recording what we find ( I will post more as it happens). 
Black Helicopters
One last thing that I will mention.
Black helicopters have been flying the area since last fall. The region of their flight path covers several miles. I did receive confirmation through friends of these black choppers in their areas as well. One night it sounded like at least two of them, as one flew right over top the cabin. They suddenly changed direction and then quickly again, they both changed directions. It did seem to me that they were chasing something as they sped through the sky, covering areas that they had already flown over.
There have never been black helicopters in the area. I confirmed this by talking to many locals that have been there for their lifetimes, for some they have been there as many as 80 years. There are strange things taking place and the world needs to know. I feel that I am the one responsible for that area and I must find and share the answers. I will keep you updated as things progress and I will be adding my thoughts this summer as we head through another season. I will also have video of the cave exploration early this summer.

Latest Close Encounter With A UFO – June 12th. 2010

I had made a spur of the moment trip out to the lake that I stay at, in the Parkland Region of Manitoba two day ago. It is the same lake where most of my encounters and sightings have occurred.
It was my first time being out there for the summer. The last time I was there was in April and we had ice on the lake still.It was raining when I arrived in the afternoon, Friday. There has been many inches of rain out there. It continued raining for the rest of the day and into evening.

The night was cool and damp. The clouds were somewhat low and there was a constant mist.The weather didn’t stop the campfire though. It was blazing with heat that brought steam rising off my wet clothes as I stood next to the fire..The campfire is next to the lake, just on shore. I stood there, feeling like I was on the rainy coast as the mist blew into my face. It was so wet and the ground saturated from the days of rain..

I had just glanced over towards the trees north of me near the same area as the cabin. There was something that caught my eye, but I had missed it. I knew it was bright though. Of course we have no electricity on the property and very few uninvited guests, so seeing a light..grabs attention quickly. I continued to watch the area immediately north of me, where I had seen something…but not being sure what it was that had brought my attention there..

Suddenly there was a glowing sphere that that appeared. It was very low, only 25 feet off the ground and just below the tree tops.The sphere was glowing with a slight orange tinge. It was not very bright as in.. I did not have to squint to look at it. I pulled out a little LED flashlight. It is fairly bright. I flashed the light a few times with it pointed at the sphere.

The glowing sphere suddenly went dark as I stood there. A few seconds later it had moved to my right..towards the south east and closer to me, when it began to glow again. I quickly ran over to the trees toward this UFO..I still had my flashlight out and I kept flashing it. I was trying to get this sphere to do something. I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to do..but I wanted it to stick around. I wanted to examine it more. 

The sphere..which had gone dark again, soon lit up yet another time…This time I was very close to it. I was less than 25 feet away from it. I could see it very clearly. It was indeed a glowing sphere it appeared so strange. It was certainly an object of substance. It appeared as something solid. It had strange pattern over it’s surface (I will include a diagram of the surface texture).  It was nothing like I had ever seen before in my encounters or anywhere else for that matter.

I once saw a very large orange glowing sphere years earlier at the lake, but this was not the same at all. This one being much smaller and not near as orange. This glowing sphere was about 3 feet in diameter. 

I watched it as it quickly dropped about 8 feet towards the ground. It then stopped and hovered there. My heart was now beating very quickly. I was very close to this object..and I was aware..it is likely not our technology.

Once the sphere dropped it was still about 15 feet off the ground. I stood there unsure what to do..The sphere then went dark again.

I stood there with my flashlight, flashing it very quickly..still hoping for a response of some sort. I waited for around a minute..and got no response. It was gone. I then ran back towards the campfire and shore so I could look to the east with a more clear view. I then saw the sphere again.  It had gained altitude and was about 25 feet above the ground, just at the top of the trees again. It remained glowing for a few seconds more and then went dark.

I didn’t see it again. I have no doubt it continued on and was behind a hill…and no longer in view. The direction it was traveling was in east/southeast direction. There was never any sounds from it during the entire encounter.

The next day I went to see a good friend of mine that has lived by the lake for over 80 years, his entire life. I happened to mention to him about seeing a glowing sphere..I already was aware that some of locals have seen them and call them “walking lights”..or “dancing lights”. Many area residents have seen them in the past..but to my knowledge, none have been as close. I had never seen one of them before.

As I was mentioning my sighting to my friend, he interrupted me to tell me that had seen it too. He lives on the east shore and was witness to it across the lake. It was on the west side of the lake, when he noticed it. It continued to travel up the west side of the lake going north. It then apparently came across the north side of the shoreline..to where I ran into it.

I asked my friend to describe what he saw ..and he said that it was not really bright, but bright..and it wasn’t white..it had an orange tinge to it. It appeared as a large glowing light to him, that was just above the tree tops (about 25 feet).

I was very happy to have some one of his character and reputation, confirm my sighting..with his own.

I do have a top end camera for this very reason of close encounters..but unfortunately from rain and mist, it was too wet out and I was not about to risk damage to the camera. I had it in the cabin and not on me when this happened. I did not have had time to run and get it and I knew that already when I saw the sphere. My only reaction was to take the moment..and get closer to view the sphere.

My first night out at the lake this year and already a very close encounter… I have no doubt that there will be more and I will get High Definition video proof.

I do also want to mention that I had a very high pitch ringing in my head/ears…and then a weird feeling come over me..about 10 minutes before I saw this sphere.

It is strange..but it seems more and more that I know when they are around..before I see any sign of them.

I don’t know if I like this…It does seem to be that I may have some sort of implant..but…I really do not know if I do or not..I just cannot explain how I know they are around.

This is up to date and current. I have not ventured into the cave yet and I have not had any more close encounters since my last this year.

I will be updating my blog and of course sharing with Dirk, here at UFO Digest.


Todd R. aka Taken By The Greys.

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