UFO Investigation in the Granite State

UFOs have been seen in New Hampshire since colonial times. The whole New England area has been   over run with unexplainable sightings since pre colonial times, from the Seacoast area of the White mountain State to the shores of Rhode Island and into the 18th, 19th and 20th century. I personally have investigated sightings in the 1800s in NH and Mass to the rocky shores of Maine. The 1960s were a blur of sightings on every shore and every  place you can think of on the North East waters and mountain tops.

I personally have investigated sightings of close encounters, entities, ships that have landed and other unworldly objects and entities. Probably the most cases of UFOs and sightings of entities and close up objects occurred in Northern NH and Northeast Mass. What is happening now is mini waves in NH, Maine and Mass. We need people who want to read about them, participate in investigations, and learn how you can make a difference to unlock the most enigmatic sightings of the paranormal   events in the history of the world.  

The time to do this is now. The time to join NHUFO.  You can learn from some of the best investigators in the North East. Come and join the organization that represents sights primarily in NH but also adjoining areas of  the Granite state.  NHUFO.org is looking for sincere people to get involved. Even if you are just interested, and not investigate, that is fine with this organization..  

All are welcome to be informed, start a new endeavor and  a journey into the heart of one of  most enigmatic subjects in the history of the world. You will be on a journey into the world of science, paranormal  and the journey is one that you will be one of the most never ending journey of your life… ..go to NHUFO.org and contact them… you will be glad you did.

We need you to delve into a world that has been around man for over 100.000 years… Do it now… I have been doing this for about 50 years and I am glad I did.  WE NEED YOU!


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