UFOs in New Hampshire

With the advent of more ufos eing sighted in NH and the new organization to investigate them, NHUFO.org, we have had some sightings that will not go away. Through the Seacoast, and the lower White mountain area ufos are still showing up.
Around Sanbornton, around Dover, and the area that encompases the lakes area ufos are still flying around,  There hgas been a increase in sightings around the areas of the white mountains.  It seems that the cigar shaped ufos are on the increase. the “saucer craft design are now wanning. But with the increase in the central areas and areas with low populace more sightings have benn on the increase.
Hopefully with the advent of fall and the leaf peepers going on vacation in September and October there will be more people getting out and traversing the lakes region and the white mountains around where Betty and Barney Hill saw their object. In my ramblings I have found Ufos over and near the centers of military along the Seacoast. Even one UFO was a USO outside the Portsmouth naval ship yard in the 60s.  Keep your eyes to the skies when you are traveling late afternoon and evening. 
They are out there.
Go to NHUFO.org to see evnts that get reported  in a timely manner.  Maybe you will see the next one?

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