UFOs: Un Manned

In the past as now there are a massive amount of UFOs that are just not manned. Are they probes, like a lot of our probes are,  We had to leave ours on the surface of many planets and astronautical  surfaces. Could it be that many of these vehicles that we recognize are not containing  entities.

Several cases in NH and New England and the rest of the world have been monitored by these  craft. From South America, to the Arctic pole and all over the world we have been monitored by these space probes. These could be as is our probes to see if they can live in out atmosphere.

Are we being monitored?  Are we being served the top of the proverbial pie? Just craft being seen in out atmosphere could be just that. They do not have to be manned.

Robots have been seen in all 50 states. cameras and electronic  viewing can be done right from the craft. I contend that some of them has been just that.

If we are intelligent as a race(something I doubt) how much more would they be?

 Intelligence does not mean common sense. Most people do not know what and how they get an Intelligence quotient really is and how they get it. Most do not know that there was 8 presidents of the constitution before Washington was.  Most do not know much about their own country or the world around them. I have said this before.

If aliens have been here I am convinced that they have the same attitude I do. If those who are in charge have intelligence…where is it?  I do not want that kind of intelligence.

 I believe we have been studied, we have been like an amoeba under a microscope but these aliens have tested us and understood that our societies are not ready for their agenda. I believe that the Bible and religion teaches us that there are aliens,

ANGELS, (messengers) and that As YESHIVA told us, ” IN my fathers house there are many mansions (living places) I go to prepare a place for you.”    This is and maybe a precursor for what is coming from our cosmos.  Lift your head up for that is where our redeemer  really is.

There are many facets to UFOlogy. A lot of researchers who search for the nuts and bolts of the UFO enigma. It is my contention that the nuts and bolts criteria is only one aspect of the whole enigma. There are many sightings and limits of our holographic universe that can not be explained by ordinary means. Ghosts and apparitions of UFO entities and other worldly  creatures have been around us for millennia. To try to explain them is a forever exercise in futility.

But what if a lot of these craft are not occupied but probes into our  earthly space and in  the centuries of UFO intrusions in our realm of matter. Maybe just a space probe like earthly man has done all ready!  Many cases by Ray Fowler, The work of Stanton Friedman and other scientists have suggested what I am  trying to convey.  Maybe, just maybe there is a lot to learn from the probes that are still coming our way in the 21 century?   What do others think? 


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