UFO on live Skycam Celebration of Light post-show finale

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

A UFO incident over the city of Vancouver was captured on a live Night Vision Skycam in the minutes after Canada’s “Then and Now” Saturday finale to the 21st annual Celebration of Light festival. The history of fireworks along with contemporary online search analytics suggests how this incident may be archetypal of unconscious desires for contact with higher intelligences within the collective consciousness of the reported 1.4 million festival attendees.

VUFOS Skycam

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The video shows a large luminous object that first appeared low over the horizon in the north east, following a steady course south west as it was tracked on camera. Image measurements show how the UFO’s variable magnitude registered an orb on the Vancouver UFO Skywatch (VUFOS) Night Vision Skycam’s infrared sensor. The orb changed diameter by as much as 25 percent, both contracting and expanding during the two minute period of observation. Online tracking tables including those provided by Calsky and Heavens Above revealed how no satellites were anticipated travelling in such a way at 10:28pm PST on Saturday, August 6, 2011. Independent third-party documentation of the UFO video capture was provided by Ustream.tv, whose online archive of the VUFOS Night Vision Skycam is available for scientific investigation and review.

Click here to watch enhanced video highlights of a UFO captured over Vancouver, BC on YouTube.

Click here to access archives for the Vancouver UFO Skywatch Night Vision Skycam on Ustream.tv (ticket purchase required).

Winning Spirit

The history of fireworks is tied to the Nian spirit of ancient China, whom people would exorcise from their communities through the use of explosive sounds generated from firecrackers. “China Storm”, performed on the evening of July 30, 2011, won this year’s Celebration of Light competition.

The Vancouver Sun reported how “China deserved the win,” said Patrick Brault, Celebration of Light producer in a news release. “Their use of color and choreography were simply flawless. The judges had a hard time deciding the winner because it was so close but in the end it was a few points that made the difference.”

Video of a UFO that vanished on the Vancouver UFO Skywatch Night Vision Skycam early that morning (on the day of China’s performance) was reported by Examiner.com and presented before a live audience that afternoon on the Virtual Light broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Call and Response

Sound or Shabda in Sanskrit was understood in ancient philosophies as a medium for spiritual energies, including the Siddha Microvita of Tantra Yoga.

From the Tantric perspective, Siddha Devayonis are understood as the collective consciousness of spiritual practitioners whose minds remained colored with unexpressed desires for occult powers at the times of their deaths. The empathic resonance of practices conducted within this tradition attracts the Siddhas and their appearance signifies the presence of Brahma.

Philosophically, this perspective is understood through numerous world traditions revealing how the presence of angels is felt in proximity to God.

Collective Unconscious Online

Within such an ancient framework it is conceivable that the large bright UFO flying over Vancouver tracked by the VUFOS Night Vision Skycam was drawn into the area in part by large acoustical pressure waves generated in the region due to airborne explosions of fireworks over English Bay. From the perspective of CE-5 contact as proposed by the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), the psychic vibrations from the collective consciousness of the festival audience (estimated by one source at 1.4 million people) played a role as well.

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