UFO Tucson – A Childhood Sighting from the Late 1960s


This childhood close encounter with a large UFO was described to me by my old friend Russell at the local market. He`d heard that I`d had a sighting out there which prompted him to tell me about this experience that he`d had with his family while riding in the back of a pick-up truck west of town.

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Russell is a square-jawed boxer now, but back then he was a youngster of 7 years. He spent a lot of time describing the roads out there, what was there back then and what is there now – the roads and the buildings. There are low hills out to the west and they were enjoying a desert drive on a sunny day. 

Russ said that the UFO looked like a large shining silver plane glinting in the sun, except that it was disc-shaped and that it followed their truck for quite a while. They stopped and the disc hung back a couple of hundred feet where the children could observe it in front of the low hills near-by, it was hanging very low and quite close to them.

They had no fear of the object, that is, until another UFO dropped out of the bottom of the original ship. This new craft exactly replicated the original even as to size – it was the same. Up until that moment the kids were fine but when that happened, Russ said that he lost it and ran to the cab of the truck trying to hide under the seat. At that point the UFO disappeared – the others said that it had zipped away rapidly as they tend to do. Russ says that because of this experience he knows that UFOs are real. The year was 1969, they observed it for at least 15 minutes.

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