UFOBC: January fireballs seen throughout Vancouver region

By Jon Kelly
UFO Examiner

“[T]here were three balls of fire in the sky then another bigger one moving much faster from the east, then another and another,” reads a report from UFO*BC’s January 2011 case files. “The sight was spectacular, the lights went from whitish to red to light blue, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing,“ claims another witness. Vancouver’s Georgia Straight contributors’ pick for Best UFO Website in 2010 is UFOBC.ca run by UFO*BC, a not-for-profit society registered with the province of British Columbia. UFO*BC’s primary mandate is to gather and investigate BC and Yukon based UFO sighting reports and make the public aware of the phenomenon. UFO*BC also collects and investigates other paranormal activity including but not limited to, Ghosts and Sasquatch/Bigfoot Sightings.

This month, UFO*BC Vice-President Gord Heath was interviewed in a 3-part podcast about his role in the 1953 Kinross incident in which USAF pilot First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla, Jr. mysteriously disappeared after his F89 left Kinross Airforce Base near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in pursuit of an unknown craft.

Major Donald Keyhoe investigated the case, with one source describing how in 1958 “Keyhoe got hold of a leaked Air Force document that made it clear that officialdom considered the Kinross incident a UFO encounter of the strangest kind. The document quoted these words from a radar observer who had been there: “It seems incredible, but the blip apparently just swallowed our F-89.” The following year, in conversations with civilian ufologists Tom Comella and Edgar Smith, M. Sgt. O. D. Hill of Project Blue Book confided that such incidents — he claimed Kinross had not been the only one — had officials worried. Many, he said, believed UFOs to be of extraterrestrial origin and wanted to prevent an interplanetary Pearl Harbor. Cornelia subsequently confronted Hill’s superior, Capt. George T. Gregory, at Blue Book headquarters. Gregory looked shocked, left the room for a short period, and returned to state, “Well, we just cannot talk about those cases.””

The Straight explains: “Most people don’t know there’s more than one Web site for UFO aficionados that’s based in the Lower Mainland. In our opinion, the best of the bunch is UFOBC.ca. It’s operated by the volunteer group UFO*BC and includes reports of UFO sightings, tales of alien abductions, and links to other sites such as Flying Saucer Review and The Crop Circle Connector. It will keep believers in extraterrestrial beings entranced for hours.“

Vancouver region UFO eyewitness accounts reported to UFO*BC for the month of January 2011 include the following raw, unconfirmed reports written in the language of the witnesses themselves:

Reported 1-Jan-2011
1-Jan-2011, Mission, BC: (00:30 am)
Hello. I was just outside bearing witness to all the noise & fuss about the welcoming of the new 2011, bright clear cold night, no clouds, looking about due north from my back patio. I was looking up at what I beleive was a 50-55 degree angle, not quite sure of the distance aspect as I could not see, possibly 2-5 miles away. What appeared to be a glowing trasnparent edge odd shaped glob, not pulsating or spinning, more like floating along but definatley looked like it had some sort of control as it went slightly west then changed to a southern direction, towards me gaining in altitude and speed, a smaller black shaded edge circle seems to move within the outer “shell” although it didnt appear to an out edge to it, just an odd shaped burnt orange to bright orange, like a cell moving along a glass lab plate…strange how it sounds I know, but as I watched, the “glowing odd ball” as I would like to call it, it didnt fade and there was no indication something was going to change as it was the same sort of movement only traveling higher, it was just gone! Gone! Now i dont know what to make of it, I am extremely excited to witness something that perhaps is a phenomenom/paranormal or even a sighting, natural earthly occurance from gases? I would be apprecaitive to hear back from you on what this may have been.

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