UFOBC Sighting Reports Reveal Dreams of Contact With ETs

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Dreams of contact with extraterrestrials in 2011 UFOBC sightings reports

Reports of missing time, hovering orbs and dreams of contact with extraterrestrials are just some of 2011’s most interesting witness submissions to UFOBC, a local not-for-profit society dedicated to gathering and investigating UFO sightings reports from British Columbia and the Yukon Territories. As the year draws to a close, it is time to take a look back at the most recent available published information from this venerable organization.

British Columbia is a vast and sparsely-populated territory, home to numerous mysteries of nature and contact with other-dimensional realities. This review of 2011’s most interesting witness submissions to UFOBC provides a brief glimpse into a world of possibilities available to those who dare venture beyond the cultural, political and psychological boundaries of official denial.

A UFO emits multicolored bursts of light leaving a motion trail as it changes direction in this detail from a four second time exposure recorded in Richmond, BC from April, 2004. Credit: SecretMessageTV

Through dozens of written statements, this year’s witnesses cited aviation industry experience and familiarity with conventional satellites, meteors, helicopters, jet and propeller aircraft that helped them to differentiate these known objects from other, more mysterious phenomena. While it is possible that the reports include cases of mistaken identification, a closer look at some of the details suggests deep processes influencing the minds of the witnesses that parallel those found in incidents of sightings supported by substantial instrumental evidence.

Forests are a location for UFO sightings familiar to students of the British 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident that involved US military service personnel. The first UFOBC 2011 report of note goes back even further in time, detailing an incident from the early 1960’s at the Green Timbers Forest Reserve in Surrey, BC. The report combines elements of a brilliant illumination, a grey-type ET and red orbs that hovered near the witnesses, offering a first-person perspective on complex interactions accompanying authentic incidents of human contact with little-understood dimensions of reality:

“Reported 4-May-2011
Summer 1962/1963, Surrey, BC: (dusk)

“Our relatively new, little (bedroom community) neighborhood located in the Green Timbers area, consisted of 2 roads, 148A Street and 148 Street which each ran for 2 blocks and between 92nd and 94th Avenues. Our little neighborhood was surrounded by old growth forest, including 400 hectares, which is still known as the Green Timbers Forest Reserve and is now the largest parkland in Surrey. There were no streetlights anywhere near our neighborhood, not even on Fraser Highway, so at night it was blacker than coal. We all knew the woods and trails in our area well, as this was our playground.

“The incident:

“It was warm, and a Saturday evening, (I know this, because I had to attend church the next morning) and either dark, or turning from dusk to dark; I’m not sure of the time. I was either 7 or 8 years old and was hanging around the end of my street with my best girlfriend and some boy friends [sic] we played with, there were seven or eight of us altogether, and I think three or so were on bicycles.

“All of a sudden, the woods to the north of 94th Avenue lit up and I remember thinking how cool it was that I could totally see deep into the woods, I could see details and clearer than I had ever been able to see in the daylight! From what I understand of acres and size now, I would guess that anywhere from two to four acres of woods was lit from above. The light was mostly white, but seemed to have some dimmer intermittent yellow, red and maybe blue colors as well. To this point there was no sound at all, just dead silence. All of us were at first shocked but in awe, then almost immediately became frightened and were panicking to get the heck out of the area as quickly as we could. The light lasted five seconds or so, and turned off as quickly as it turned on, just like a light switch had been flipped! I glanced one last time toward the woods and noticed a large stump with someone, or more like something, standing behind it! All I could make out was a very large, egg-shaped head (pointy part down) with large, almond-shaped, shiny black eyes pointed in my direction. I couldn’t make out any other facial features, if it was a face I was looking at? I immediately ran toward a boy on a bike, who at the same time, was calling to me to give me a double. My girlfriend was several yards ahead of us already taking off, doubling on another boys bike.

“Everything seemed to happen simultaneously and in a very short period of time, until the two-block bike ride down 148 Street! All the while, with the boys pedaling as fast as they possibly could, we could hear periodic cracking of small limbs and underbrush in the woods along side [sic] us; just like someone was running through the edge of the woods following us; but, it wasn’t a constant running sound, like a step taken every 3-4 feet or so – it was more like a step taken every 20-30 feet!

“On bikes, some doubling and others on foot, we cut through the lumberyard and rode up our street, 148A to one of the boy’s houses. Some of the kids were so scared they went straight home! The four or five of us sat on the front steps of his house and were going on about what had just happened, everyone wanting to talk at the same time. We’d only been there a few minutes when we noticed these glowing, red balls in one of the ornamental trees in the front yard – I know now to call them orbs; there were three of them and at first I thought they were hanging in the tree, but then realized they were just kind of hovering, moving slightly up and down, left to right and front to back. They were about the size of grapefruits. Now we were freaked all over again, asking each other, “Do you see that, what is it, what are they?!” I think the red orbs lasted no more than a minute, then poof they were gone!

“The following day, after returning from church and changing into play clothes, I went immediately to the end of my road to look at the stump where I saw the head, and there was no stump there at all!!! So, this was my experience, in either 1962 or 1963.”

Article continues: http://www.ufodigest.ca/article/ufobc-sighting-reports-reveal-dreams-contact-ets

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