UFOs in Florida perform for the passing of Philip Coppens

Triangular UFO fromations in Florida appear for Philip Coppens.

The passing of Philip Coppens was accompanied by spectacular performances of UFOs in Florida. Philip was an accomplished archaeologist and author as well as the host of the “Ancient Aliens” television program.

January 8, 2012 was the day that he was laid to rest in Los Angeles by his devoted wife and professional partner, author Kathleen McGowan. She has recently revealed that they were both UFO witnesses as well as researchers. They lived in the Topanga Canyon area which is a well known UFO hotspot.

The above photo is from the January 8, 2013 sighting which was filmed with a lot of patience by “Danny” – these UFO maneuvers took a long time. The incident began with the appearance of three white lights in a large triangular shape. In the photo the action begins with a smaller white light crossing the triangle from left to right.

As this white light slowly crossed, the other three lights began to move into alignment with it, growing smaller until they were four smaller white lights in a line reminiscent of the Phoenix lights. This is a unique event, the standard black triangle formation transforming into a straight horizonal line of lights at night.

The second appearance occured on January 17, 2013. This date is extreemly significant to Rennes-le-Chateau scholars like Kathleen and Philip who gave tours there and wrote about this part of France which is the origin of “The Da Vinci Code” legends about Mary Magdalene. Devotees of the church there gather on this day to observe the phenomenon of the “Blue Apples” reflecting on the walls of the church as the sun passes through the circular blue forms on the stained glass window dedicated to St. Anthony whose Saints Day it is. The term “blue apples” is from a cryptic Templar parchment discovered by the Abbe Berenger Sauniere in the 19th c. – it denotes the mysterious gold of the Templars and the treasure with which the priest built up his mountain top chapel. The origin of this large amount of money is still shrouded in mystery.

Kathleen and Philip were married at Rennes-le-Chateau and had visited there on other occasions, it was his favorite place on earth. On January 17, 2013, Kathleen was at Rennes-le-Chateau because it was Philip`s last wish for her to go there.

Here is the symbolic UFO performance on that special day which took place again in Florida: the four smaller white lights appeared in a slightly “W” shaped formation as a horizontal line once again. They slowly formed different shapes as “Danny” filmed them. They made a triangular shape and slowly lined up, eventually one of the lights faded off and the three which were left formed a triangle once again. After that, the third light faded off to the left and the two remaining lights glowed strongly together for a time appearing a bit larger and brighter. They stayed this way as a pair until the one on the left dimed and drifted off to the left leaving the one lonely light shining bravely alone.

I think that the two lights represented the pair of them, Philip and Kathleen, and how he has crossed over to the next world, while the lone light symbolizes Kathleen and how she continues on with her work by herself now. This was a very poignant UFO video to watch. She had a dream of being told to don a fine purple cloak this week, I think that it represented the power of Philip being passed on to her, to carry on his work and her own writing in this life. There is a new book of his out and fortunately for us he wrote another one before he died which she will edit.

I would expect the crossing over of an important UFO scholar like Philip Coppens to be accompanied by significant UFO sightings. When UFO witness Barry Goldwater passed away, it was predicted by the Phoenix lights crossing the state of Arizona in the military “Missing Man” formation. At his funeral the jets did indeed fly that formation in honor of our great pilot and UFO witness, Senator Goldwater. The UFOs respect their own. “Danny`s” videos are available to see on You-Tube under “January 2013 UFOs Florida”.</p>

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