UFO’s over Vancouver begin summer of contact on video

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

A new video shows flights of mysterious objects that illuminated Vancouver skies after sunset on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. The images were captured with an infrared camera facing north over an east Vancouver neighbourhood. Sequences include an orb in flight that descends into a residential complex, power-up events featuring brilliant flashes of light and high-speed objects moving quickly through the camera’s image field. The recordings are part of a ongoing study documenting phenomena that, according to the UFOBC website, local residents have been reporting for decades.

The new video features a soundtrack by Civilian Population and can be view by clicking here

Local Phenomena

Photographic evidence for Vancouver UFO’s include the 1937 image of a mysterious flight over City Hall.  While taking pictures of a Christmas display, 21 year old Leonard Lamoureux and his brother claimed to see a “bright blue light” that descended rapidly and increased in size. The image captured by Mr. Lamoureux shows a tear-shaped corona surrounding a disc-like object in a photo that invokes contemporary HD UFO videos captured in the same neighborhood by Vancouver contactee, Les Murzsa.

Examiner.com has reported how Mr. Murzsa, who produced the 9/11 expose Inside Job – Music to Indict Them By, has captured numerous intriguing daylight objects from the back deck of his home in the City Hall area using an HD 3CCD camera. The unique sightings on video compliment the talented cameraman’s claims of contact with Pleiadian ET’s through astral travel that he says takes place on a regular basis.

Other infrared UFO recordings from Vancouver include this series from early 2010, captured with a professional series camcorder from the same viewing point as the Wednesday night images. The sequence also features a luminous orb descending towards the ground as well as objects in duo and trio flight patterns.

When I’m Sixty Four

The Vancouver UFO Examiner will be reporting live from the ECETI UFO Ranch near Mt. Adams, Washington for the next two weeks, documenting phenomenal events in the Pacific North West hot zone that spawned the term “flying saucer”. The 64 year anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s historic sighting from June 24, 1947 will be observed this week.

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