Vancouver 2011 UFO news review highlights the Good, Bad and Ugly

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

UFO news originating from Vancouver, BC and the surrounding region received considerable international media attention in 2011. Memorable and original reporting substantially documented through extended high-quality video recordings, podcast interviews and in-depth articles reached national audiences in the United States, Ireland and beyond. What makes a great Vancouver UFO news story? This year-end review will attempt to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly for a topic that inspires both public fascination and unbridled controversy.

Vancouver UFO news appeals to a widespread international audience. In 2011, stories first seen in the Vancouver UFO Examiner appeared (via citations, links and feeds) on websites for the following distinguished news organizations:

The Dallas Morning News

USA Today

UFO Digest

The Huffington Post


Florida Today

Coast to Coast AM

Unknown Country


UC Irvine Today

The Wall Street Journal

This reporter’s conclusion: the support of multiple editorial teams who guarantee the visibility of Vancouver UFO news and widespread international interest is GOOD.

Vancouver Island was the source for a spectacular UFO sighting captured on video in January, 2011. IslandOnlineNews’ Fritz Stammberger provided stunning high-definition images and live commentary as a UFO “half the size of a full moon” made multiple appearances in highly-sensitive airspace over the provincial capital.

UFO Video:

Podcast interview with Fritz Stammberger: reported how Mr. Stammberger estimated “that as the object first became visible he was facing North and that it was approximately 5 kilometers distance from his location. The second appearance took place at a range of 3 kilometers while he faced towards the West. “That was huge. I film the moon from up here some nights and I think that [object] in the sky looked about half the size of what a full moon looks like. It was quite big and it lit up a significant portion of the sky.” There was more to the sighting than just a big mysterious flashing light. The camera captures what appear to be structural elements of the UFO suspended from the sphere. He described how, “When I zoomed in you could see what looked like a metallic body that hangs down below [the object]. I turned away to get the camera on a tripod and as I turned back the object had turned back into a ball-shaped sphere of light. So it seems to have some sort of shape-shifting or morphing ability.””  

Controversy was soon to follow. In a response published by the Oak Bay News, Eric Chisholm, an engineering physicist with the National Research Council’s Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Saanich, British Columbia claimed he was sure that the object shown in the video was the planet Jupiter.

Mr. Chisholm may be an outstanding physicist but his explanation of the sighting raises questions regarding whether or not he actually ever looked at the video before offering such comments. Not only does the IslandOnlineNews video clearly show overcast skies above the UFO, it also shows how the object morphs from a sphere to a bell-like structure with some kind of feature protruding from below. Unlike Jupiter, the UFO both hovers and travels behind trees in the foreground at a rate of speed much faster than any planet in the night sky.   

This reporter’s conclusion: independent citizen-journalists raising public awareness to UFO issues in local communities are GOOD; advancement of UFO cover-up agendas by professional government scientists at the expense of diminishing public respect for their discipline is BAD.

Evidence for a UFO corridor near Vancouver City Hall was documented in 2011 through numerous stories featuring local videographer Les Murzsa that included both day and night images revealing flying saucers, a UFO fleet, a daylight object with a colorful infrared trail and an epic sighting captured with two video cameras that lasted over 40 minutes in duration.

UFO Video 1:

UFO Video 2:

UFO Video 3:

UFO Video 4:

Podcast Interview with Les Murzsa:

Mr. Murzsa’s UFO reports are distinguished by the fact that they are repeatable and can be documented by independent camera operators using multiple systems. However, it is the depth of his contact-related out-of-body travel and the evidence for precognitive dreams that makes these reports particularly interesting.

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