Vancouver UFO expert featured on Saturday night talk radio

Canadian journalist and Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly will be tonight’s guest on As You Wish Talk Radio hosted by Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) founder, James Gilliland. The Dallas Morning News previously reported how military helicopter operations near ground level at the ranch are attempting to intimidate witnesses participating in contact with what appear to be higher civilizations conducting airborne and underground operations at this secluded South Central Washington State location. Named one of America’s Most Mysterious Places by Yahoo Travel, ECETI Ranch has been the focus of UFO sightings, ET contact and numerous related paranormal phenomena for more than two decades. Stationed at the ranch since late June, Mr. Kelly has produced outstanding documentation featuring major UFO events captured over the past two weeks in both 3CCD color and night vision video as part of a summer-long field research program reported exclusively to the Vancouver UFO Examiner.

Listen to tonight’s interview by clicking here. Live streaming of the show begins at 8pm PST (11pm EST) Saturday, July 2, 2011.

Tonight’s Guest

Jon Kelly is a professional Speech Analyst whose bold reporting of key Iraq War intelligence two years in advance of 2003’s US-led “Shock and Awe” strikes against Baghdad propelled his work into the international spotlight. A former CBS Radio feature producer (for WXPT in Minneapolis, MN), Mr. Kelly is an advanced meditation practitioner whose training under yogic monks began while he was studying music in New York during the late 1980’s. His intensive long-term focus on spiritual practices combined with proven skills at detecting secret messages encrypted within the reflections of human speech signals provide the foundation for his international Vancouver-based clinical practice. Developed in tandem with his audio research, Jon Kelly’s unique paranormal imaging catalog documents evidence for higher consciousness and UFO contact through rare photographic and video recordings. Mr. Kelly also produces The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition and SecretMessageTV featured on both YouTube and

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