Video: Daylight UFO over Addison, Texas

A mysterious UFO was captured on video as it flew over Addison, Texas last Friday afternoon. Secret Message TV producer Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner for, was on-site just a few minutes away from the Addison airport when what appeared to be a daylight star came into view. Upon closer observation through a tripod-stabilized camera’s magnified optics, the object could be seen flying from north to south at high altitude under powered flight. The UFO maintained both a steady trajectory and consistent speed throughout the 6 minute period during which it was observed. However, while in flight, the object presented a strobing, muticolored light display and radically transforming architectural geometries that defy explanation as conventional aircraft, weather balloons, or known meteorological phenomena. The stabilized and contrast enhanced video is featured in the latest episode of Secret Message TV.


The Addison daylight sighting took place in a window of time concurrent with reports from mainstream news outlets featuring the remarkable events of October 13th, 2010. On that day, mass eyewitness accounts convened with videos of multiple UFO’s hovering over Manhattan, New York City to validate the claims of retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham. has reported how Mr. Fulham’s new book, Challenges of Change, listed October 13th, 2010 as a tentative date for the appearance of UFO fleets over major cities around the world.

When this reporter, Jon Kelly, spoke in person with local Addison ABC affiliate WFAA-TV reporter Rebecca Lopez regarding the UFO captured on camera in broad daylight, Ms. Lopez cited the claim that balloons were released at a Mt. Vernon, NY school and that those were responsible for the mass Manhattan sightings. It is highly doubtful, however, that a balloon from Mt. Vernon could have successfully navigated its way to Addison, Texas in order to make an unscheduled on-camera appearance only two days later. The exclusive SMTV 3CCD video demonstrates how the Addison daylight UFO exhibits strobing light displays and transforming architectural geometries that defy explanation as a balloon from any planet, not to mention our planet earth.

The Addison UFO does demonstrate remarkable similarities to a starlight infrared UFO video capture recorded 11 months earlier in Vancouver, BC, Canada. On Friday, November 13th, 2009, a UFO acompanied by a companion orb was just one of a number of objects observed and recorded using “nightshot” frame integration technology revealing a pair of objects in flight, along with what appears to be an arc discharge of energy bridging the atmospheric gap between the two.

The fact that the Addison UFO was observed in close proximity to the Addison airport also qualifies this documented event within the same category as UFO’s recorded over Mexican and Chinese airports, as well as those seen over Manhattan, which at least one reporter notes as being the possible cause of flight delays and the shutdown of air operations in all three of New York’s major airports.

The Vancouver UFO Examiner, Jon Kelly, was in Addison, Texas to attend the launch of the new DVD, Beings of Light, also authored by SMTV producer Jon Kelly, when the sighting occurred. Beings of Light features remarkable UFO-like indoor lights that flash and strobe as they voyage into the seance circles of trance medium, Dwanna Paul.


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