You Are Made of Sound: The Quantum Physics of Affirmations and the Law of Attraction

The book “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings” explains how a hypnosis client, Lena Lees. began to spontaneously channel the Law of Attraction and Compassion teachings of Ancient Spirit Deity, Kuan Yin. During these sessions, it became apparent to Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and transcriber, Hope Bradford, that Kuan Yin was channeling essential information to help heal the world:

Saying “You are made of sound. Sound comes first in the universe”, Kuan Yin went on to reveal Her unique teachings on the Law of Attraction: “You create your whole world from your thoughts. Say and believe that you can have the most divine life imaginable. Believe and be open to receiving!”

Kuan Yin had instructed Lena that she may choose to concentrate her attention only in a positive direction. Points of Intention can gather into a specific vibration attracting expansive or limiting reality-parameters. The logical follow-up for evaluating one’s Points of Intention is noticing where one’s attention is focused. Providing specific visualizations and meditations, Kuan Yin demonstrates how focused-intent can assist and accelerate the attraction of beneficial personal as well as mass (“energy” community) Evolutionary Potentials:

“There are places on the earth where people get hurt. However, there are also places of incredible peace and beauty. All of these Evolutionary Potentials are being played out at the same time, somewhere on the earth. You can come to that place of peace.”

We know words can resolve many difficult situations. Effective diplomacy can prevent war. Poems have the power to melt the hardest of hearts. Simple recognition of a positive accomplishment could alter the course of one’s life. Beyond these examples, spoken words can be regarded as radiant energy powerhouses having the potential to call forth specific Evolutionary Potentials from the universe.

If you do not approve of the reality-parameters currently defining your life, it is probably time to rethink your entire word repertoire. To do this effectively, though, you will need to take an uncompromising look at your beliefs. The greatest encumbrances to one’s natural flow are guilt-generating thoughts and their corresponding words dwelling in the conscious and unconscious minds. Demonstrating the vibrational “power of the word” and the amazing mind/body/soul processes involved in word inception is the following prophetic dream:

Several years ago, I dreamt of meeting a golden-haired woman in a parallel universe. Standing across from one another in some ephemeral classroom, we watched idly as people milled about, talking. We suddenly focused on one other, standing across rows of student’s desks.  Awkwardly, we waited for the other to speak. Finally, I said, “I wonder what’s going on here. Where are we?” There ensued a long pause. Statue-like, the woman did not respond. Quite innocently the woman finally replied, “I wonder too!”

Instantly, as if two wires had made contact, a powerful current coursed through my body. Awakened to this mind-to-mind connection, trust and then love welled up from my heart. Pulsating through my body, what had been doubt and fear changed into waves of friendship and love. Simultaneously, the strong, positive emotions were altered into what Kuan Yin describes as pure “tonal wave-mass”. In some inexplicable mind/ body/soul synergy, thoughts melted into words, swiftly undulating up through my solar plexus, heart and throat. Rolling forward and off my tongue was a convergence of sounds, my own unique words and tonalities.

Of course, at the time of this dream, I had no idea that this would be my first encounter with Lena Lees: that it would be several years before we would actually meet and become the beneficiaries of Kuan Yin’s profound teachings. Indeed, it was only later, while transcribing the Kuan Yin material, that I fully understood Kuan Yin’s explanation of how affirmations and their related sound wave’s impact physical reality. There is an interesting story that goes along with this. One evening, I had been writing about Kuan Yin’s message on sound, affirmations and the power of the word. In particular, I was trying to elucidate how each affirmation produces a unique ‘tonal wave’. Falling asleep shortly thereafter, I heard Kuan Yin in a dream, quite loudly, correct me: “‘Tonal wave’ affirmations” isn’t quite correct, she explained. “The proper phrase is tonal wave-mass affirmations! Each word’s emitted sound wave vibrationally energizes the mass it interacts with!”

One of the primary reasons for Kuan Yin’s coming to earth is to remind us of the power of the spoken or sung word: that each individual word has its own dynamic, attracting or repelling specific objects and events. To some, Kuan Yin’s term “tonal wave-mass” may seem a paradoxical way to define the physical properties of a word. Yet, sound waves must necessarily interact with some existing mass form to be propagated forward. This mass (or medium) is, of course, individual air or water molecules.

Any spoken sequence of words might be thought of as a kind of tonal wave-mass ‘score’, having properties identical to the dynamic wave impulse propelling the above dream. Indeed, each impulse has its own distinct signature and nuance: a customized energy born of one’s personal beliefs and intentions. And as in my dream, beneficial or unbeneficial emotions will help to determine the overall resonance. It is the continuous, automatic joining of one’s (karmic and instinctual) wave impulses with one’s word choice that constitutes a weak or powerful energy field.

Like major or minor key concertos, wave impulses combined with certain words can have an uplifting or subduing listener mood effect. Kuan Yin’s famous om mani padi mantra exemplifies how wave impulses combined with key word sets can work at an energetic level.

As the conscious attractor, you are composer, performer and audience. Utilizing Kuan Yin’s profound law of attraction teachings, one can learn to harness ordinary words into powerful Beneficial Tonal Wave-Mass Affirmations.

Hopefully, you now understand the relationship between sound wave dynamics and how affirmations work. Because of the above-described affirmation sound wave/mass vibrational interaction, any one word has a specific attraction potential. It should be noted that sound attraction processes differ from light and gravity physics. The relative wavelength of a word will attract or repel actual energy units according to its connotative and/or denotative vibrational ‘weight’.

Even in the womb words and their accompanying tones can create a profound bond between mother and child. The fetus’ heartbeat and metabolism and other cellular balances are largely believed to be affected by, for example, the mother’s particularly happy or sad words and tonalities. The relationship between mother and fetus, therefore, is presumed to be so profound that the fetus also does not distinguish its own tonalities and rhythms from those of its mother. It is these primal tonalities between mother and babe that ‘set the stage’ for birth and beyond.

This dynamic is the basis for several theories behind the utilization of positive affirmations and tonal cellular manipulation. Similar to fetuses identifying with the mother’s tonal stimuli, adult cells may follow the directives of certain words and tonalities. Harmonious words and tonalities, therefore, may help to balance cellular and Soul (Core) Essence ebb and flow whereas dissonant words and tonalities can attract discord and imbalance.

Identify the goals and passions that currently inspire you. The key to successfully doing this is to be in what Kuan Yin calls your “moment-to-moment” consciousness: an intensely-focused mind state that can offer solutions for many of life’s conundrums. Indeed, you may discover (when entering this state), an untapped universe of words and phrases. Understand also that the thoughts, words and actions you project upon the world can be attracted back to you. Transmuting blame and anger into blessings for others is one of the most potent and beneficial things you can do for others, and by extension, yourself:

“Many don’t understand prayer. It is important to understand what prayer is. It is sent out as strong intention and energy. I want you, to get unstuck, send focused intent. Be detached with the results. Trust…If enough people knew about this, if every human being could recognize the power of the Love and Forgiveness Principle all consciousness on earth would change instantly. Indeed, thoughts can change the course of history. Sometimes, all it takes is enough people knowing about a certain concept.”-Kuan Yin

What are some of the most powerful thoughts and words in the universe? Kuan Yin’s spiritual teachings on compassion and Oneness could remedy the “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” beliefs responsible for much of the suffering on earth. Acknowledging that reality is eternity, knowledge and bliss can help us to realize a vibration of peace, equality (acceptance of differences) and prosperity.

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