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Brooklyn Psychic Awaits Partner in Destiny

by PJ Coker - Posted March 29, 2006

Ellie Crystal had a UFO experience when she was only nine years old. Ellie as she looks today.
Ellie Crystal had a UFO experience when she was only nine years old. Ellie as she looks today.
On April 4th, 1954 a 9-year-old girl named Ellie Crystal had an experience in the Nevada Desert that changed her life forever. She was traveling with her mother and a man to Reno when their car's engine suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. Everyone exited the car and the adults were looking under the hood-when something magical happened.

As Ellie tells it, a flying object appeared from behind the mountains and hovered nearby. For unknown reasons, only Ellie was able to witness this phenomenon of time manipulation. "It was as if Time suddenly stopped and captured (her mother and the man) in some kind of suspended animation," Ms. Crystal, now 63, recalled.

Within moments two entities emerged from the diamond-shaped object and approached Ellie in a peaceful manner. One was a man who introduced himself as Zoroaster and the other was a beautiful female who just smiled. The next thing Ellie remembered was being inside the object and sitting next to a boy who appeared to be younger than her.

Together, recounts Ms. Crystal, they were shown endless images on a circular screen, but she didn't fully understand their meanings. Supposedly, they were encoded messages about events that would take place sometime in the future. The boy sitting next to her would also appear in her future, and they would share a common destiny that would shape the consciousness of planet Earth. Ellie's own future flashed before her. It revealed links to pyramids, timelines, a book and Zoroaster, who she would eventually call Z. After the display of images stopped, she remembered suddenly being outside the flying object. Everything returned to normal. The car started and they continued with their trip.

This experience became the foundation of Ms. Crystal's metaphysical work in Brooklyn. She has continuously posted about the experience on her website, and she sincerely believes the time is nearing for the vision to unfold. The website has attracted millions of visitors and has become something of a cult phenomenon. Groups have formed throughout the country to discuss the impending "vision" and what it may entail. Ms. Crystal would not elaborate upon the vision in an interview, but hints that the future of humanity may be affected by it. As far-fetched as the claims might sound, millions of people are taking them seriously. Ms. Crystal's increasing popularity has led to guest spots on numerous TV talk shows, and sold-out speaking engagements at lecture halls and conferences.

"I didn't believe it myself at first," says Brittany Duff, "But if you take the time to read through Ellie's evidence and facts, it makes a lot of sense. And after meeting her, believe me, she has a perception and vision that you can't just write off as kooky." Richard Ball, president of the Center for Paranormal Research in Phoenix, Arizona, believes Ms. Crystal's experience is a textbook example of an out-of-body experience. "So, how many of you have ever had an outer body experience, a link with the spirit world or just witnessed something unexplainable?" he asks. "Is it just 'déjà vu' or have you actually been in that time and place before? Do we know the answers, or is it just inexplicable and unexplainable? Or... just maybe there is more to it after all?"

No, counters scientists. "There are many logical explanations for what Ms. Crystal claims to have seen," says Beatrice Steinreal, a Harvard psychologist. "It could have been the dream of a six-year-old, a manifestation of a mental disorder or simply the imagination of a child who saw a hot-weather balloon."

Social psychologist Barbara Angelis believes the massive popularity of Ms. Crystal's vision has to do with the current uneasy state of our society. "People are imbued with a sense of pessimism about the way things are going in the world today, and they want change," she said. "They need to believe that a watershed moment is going to happen for civilization. And in a Da Vinci Code world, Ms. Crystal's message makes a lot of sense."

But Ms. Crystal's growing following attests to the many who are taking her seriously. To date 12 national clubs have been established to study her work, and "Crystal Ball" parties are becoming weekend events in major cities. "When you look at the state of religions around the world today, Ellie's message gives us hope," said Acey Bishop, a 28-year-old native of Dallas and founder of the chapter there.

According to Ms. Crystal, it is time to reunite with the mysterious boy who was sitting beside her in the flying object. She doesn't know the exact time he will make contact, but believes he'll find her through her website before the end of 2006. Then they will work together to fulfill their common destiny.

Ms. Crystal's website contains scores of maps, symbols, and esoteric "signs" to look for, including "a tall thin man who will step through a portal" called David, a sky "purple with hues of pink" and celestial formations that will "harmonize with the frequencies of the computer's geometry."

"This isn't about UFOs or space aliens," states Ms. Crystal. "This is about spiritual contact, about travel between the realms of consciousness and reality. You might even call it contact with the angels of God. For what ever reasons the program is ending." Ending? Signs of the apocalypse? Ms. Crystal would not elaborate upon that, or upon what she and this boy are supposed to do-only that they are to shape the destiny of the planet. Offers have poured in by the thousands to help her once her mission is made clear. Ms. Crystal would not comment on what help she would accept if and when she embarks upon the mission. "I'm still waiting for him to show up, and when he does, much more will be made clear," she said. "Those who don't believe me don't have to. Time will tell."

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