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A traveler through space and time like most of us. I write political commentary, UFO pieces, have authored several books, held a an editorial column for the Plano Star Courier back in the mid 90’s. Have appeared on TV and radio over the topic of UFO’s and it’s been quite an eye opener.

I’ve been a small business owner, single parent of 4 children for more than 12 years (they’re grown and gone) never asked for government aid even when my kids and I struggled to survive during one of the worst recessions ever. My message to you and others is that we are all better off self reliant and apart from big government influence. Our founding fathers were prophets for the future of American society they foresaw what was to come and gave us a road map called the US Constitution.

Follow it, tell the government to honor it, vote for politicians who do, and you will live in a happier world apart from the progressives and collectivists who just can’t leave our freedoms alone. I live to write the truth. Even in my fiction it is a guide post. God and country-patriotism it all sounds corny and too straight for those of us who have been misguided, but that’s where I live.

I was born in California, but I will never live there again as leftist control has destroyed one of the most beautiful states in the nation with political correctness and the Big Lie. In your pursuit of truth keep your eyes open, there is faith for a reason we know there is evil and there must also be good, I believe the evil will answer for their sins one day, or there is no justice. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for indulging me.

To you who are about to embrace the truth I salute you!


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