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ilton William Cooper, Us Navy (Retired)
Life and Times
Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper

Some said he was crude. Some said he was crazy. Some even said he was a prophet like Daniel or Ezekiel of the Bible. Others labeled him a phony or even an anarchist bent on exposing the government. Whatever people said about him, for one thing sure, he was a patriot for his country, America: “(Milton William) ‘Bill’ Cooper was a conspiracy salesman as sure as Willy Loman carried a battered suit case.  Perpetually hard-up for money, in many ways he recalls the mythic figure in the green visor who sits in an office at the end of  long, narrow corridor feverishly typing out every dirty joke you ever head, ten dollars a punch line. A.P.T Barnum of dread, Cooper lived by the darkening edge of his conspiracy stories and his capacity to find an audience will to hear and believed them. It was an ethic he practiced until the night of his death.”  (p. 31, PALE HORSE RIDER, italics and emphasis added.)

“If there ever was an American dream, this was it. Yet, like most American dreams, it was doomed. That was because Mystery Babylon, or whatever other force, had invented an alternative world that stole the authority for the Creator and created a society of men, imperfect humans, infected with ego and every other deadly sin. In short, fatally flawed people like Bill Cooper.”  (ibid, p.347, italics and emphasis added.).

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(PALE HORSE RIDER: WILLIAM COOPER, THE RISE OF CONSPIRACY, AND THE FALL OF TRUST IN AMERICA, Mark Jacobson, Blue Rider Press, Penguin Random House, LLC, 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10012, 2018, 375 pages, $24.30.)

Thus is some groundwork built by veteran author Mark Jacobson concerning the magical and tragic life of Milton William (Bill) Cooper, May 6, 1943 – November 6, 2001. These consisted of Cooper’s  encounters with what he termed Mystery Babylon; others would later call it the Military-Industrial-Complex and the Deep State, but it all, says Jacobson, was outgrowth of global controlling Mystery Religions such as “Brotherhood of the Snake, Order of the Quest, the Roshsniya,  the Qabalah, the Knights of Templar, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rome Crucis, the Illuminati, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, the Executive Members of the Council on Foreign Relation, The Group, the Open Friendly Secret Society, the Vatican, the Russell Trust, the Skull and Bones, the Scroll-Key, and many others (p. 123).

Many of these societies, says Jacobson, were beholden to the blue bloods of Wall Street…ꞌꞌbut whether they know it or not, they all could race their origin to the Brotherhood of the Snake.” Jacobson continues to quote:

“This was the way of the world, except the controllers of the New World Oder had turned Hegel’s dialectic on its head, Cooper said. ‘They determined the synthesis first, what they want and then create the two forces to  oppose each other, so they knew what they have to do to bring about that synthesis, while everyone thinks it all happened by accident.’”

Cooper’s stent in the military likewise taught him much about this Hidden World. There was Admiral Bernard A. Clary’s Top Secret file that Cooper had a “Top Secret, Q” clearance to which Cooper had access. Clarey was Chief of the U.S. pacific Fleet.

“Everything about the war was in there…one by one the scales dropped from Cooper’s eyes. He was not the defender of freedom he had so longed to be but, rather, cannon fodder in a hue knew things, terrible, dangerous secrets, hidden information that could change everything, even save the world from itself…For sixteen years, Cooper had not revealed what he’d seen while poking through Admiral Clary’s cabinet. It hadn’t been easy. Knowing what he wasn’t supposed to know had turned his life into a living hell, made him drink, and sent him in rages.”  (pp. 48, 52, 61, 79)

UFOs were other big events in Cooper’s life, like what he and the crew of the sub USS Tiru saw in 1966: a huge metal craft larger than a football field that descended from the sky into the ocean amid giant gushers of water. It rose from the water and accelerated to beyond the horizon. The object did not disturb the sub’s electrical system or the gyro compass. It was saucer-shaped and had windows around the perimeter. It made no noise.

Jacobson quotes Cooper: “There was no doubt as to what we had seen. It was a metal craft, with machinery on and around the outside of it.” (p.76)

It was enough to convince Cooper he could be dealing with space aliens. He heard fantastic stories of UFOs in the Vietnam DMZ when in the military. But his viewpoint changed in late 1989. He suddenly saw UFOs as earthly-military-psy-ops.

“The presence of UFOs from outer space was one more fear tactic,” says Jacobson, “a trick to get a freighted public in line behind a one world totalitarian government. The most infuriating aspect of the subterfuge, Cooper reportedly admitted, was that he had fallen for it.”

It was an age of deception that abounded. As Cooper had said, you couldn’t trust everything you read. You had to do your own research to find the nuggets of truth. A case in point was the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, which many people were convinced that it was a hoax by Pierre Plantard. Report from Iron Mountain was another hoax (but had disguised seeds of truth) invented by Victor Navasky, Marvin Kitman and Leonard Lewis. There was no such thing as pure theories, all carried seeds of error; Cooper said to investigate on your own and with caution. It was also called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars or psy-ops (p.115). Shock Tests were the realization of the Red and Blue pills of Matrix movies, mentioned by Cooper, and in effect in accordance with Hartford Van Dyke, “a form of modern technological alchemy that predicted gold for a few, dross for everyone else.” (p. 119)


Cooper left the Navy and ended his military career about April 1975. Shortly following that time, Cooper was riding his motorcycle on Skyline Boulevard near Berkeley Hills in the Bay Area when he was closely followed by a black Cadillac which knocked Cooper’s motorcycle hurtling him end over throwing Cooper to the bottom of an incline. Two men climbed down to look at him, one of them feeling his carotid saying that Cooper will one day be dead. In a second chase by the same “limo,” this time Cooper’s right leg was severely mangled and was replaced by a prosthetic.

Jacobson tells that while Cooper was in the hospital, two men visited Cooper, interrogating him as to if he would “shut up” or the “next time should be fatal.”  Cooper crossed his fingers and said he’d behave, but silently swore otherwise (p. 52).

To rightfully understand domination, you had to see it as the Secret Government did, a self-sustaining system called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWFQW): “The Illuminati’s declaration of War upon the People of America.” (p.115)

The psy-ops involved was like a “deployed time-release capsule at modulated speeds and patterns” as “encroachment on their lives,” controlled situations in a “constant barrage” of “Shock tests” similar to the Red and Blue pills depicted in the movie THE MATRIX: mass suicidal engineering on the part of the New World Order, quoting Cooper, “an ages-old underground current informs of the modern project in this modern era; life in our modern era is little more than life in an open-air mind-control laboratory.” (pp. 117-118)

The bedrock to this global Monster is identified through a network of hidden Secret Societies that create a “web” of Higher Mysteries down through the ages dating back to ancient Babylon spread universally amongst the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Qabalah, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and about twenty or more others (p. 123).

It became a stratagem using Wilhelm Fredrick Hegel’s Hegelian dialectic:  Status quo, the thesis, the antithesis, and the synthesis—a new standard of truth. That series of events could be climatic, however. Bill Cooper could plainly see them as they developed; maybe more like a Biblical prophet than a theoretician in some cases.

Jacobson writes: “Manifested in bogus divide-and-conquer dichotomies like Democrats and Republicans, manipulation of the Hegelian dialectic was the main tool of the Secret Government…like a snake shedding is skin, the New World Order established in 1947 would soon be replaced by another.” (p, 125)


Cooper’s greatest career was THE HOUR OF THE TIME radio broadcast on WWCR, which began on January 4, 1993, exposing the many facets of Mystery Babylon.

“If ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ exposed the contemporary blueprint for the Illuminati takeover of the planet, Mystery Babylon,” says Jacobson “went far deeper, tracing the ontology of the organization back to its origins.”

Cooper saw the hidden meaning and origin of mankind also in the Stanley Kubrick production of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The movie was clandestinely “far the Initiates and the Adepts of the ancient religion, those who could understand the ‘symbology’ of the ‘Mystery Schools.’’’ (p. 144)

Life and Times 57063-1In Cooper’s The Sacrificial King, Cooper showed how Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas was an important puzzle piece, not only in the Kennedy assassination, but seeing Dallas as a piece of esoterica at work (Disneyland, the ancient city of Babylon, the 33rd degree of latitude where multiple Fortean events happen) — the Plaza itself was named for newspaperman George Bannerman Dealey, a 33rd-degree Mason: phenomena called by C.G Jung as synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.

Fellow conspiratologist and competitor Robert Anton Wilson rode his own pale horse, much like Cooper, opening a “door to Chapel Perilous” in a realm of experience that “cannot be located in the space-time continuum,” writes Jacobson, “it is weightless, odorless, tasteless and undetectable by ordinary instruments.” (p. 161)

Robert Anton Wilson wrote Cosmic Trigger and his Illuminatus! books.

Rapper Killah Priest sometime in 2004 and 2005 renamed rapper Andrew Kissel (a Newark, New Jersey MC performer) as “William Cooper.” Priest was working with Black Market Militia, a Wu-Tang Clansatellite group, Timbo King Razah, A 60 Second Assassin and other entertainers that came to read the original Bill Cooper’s BEHOLD A HORSE and heard The Hour of the Time radio show, causing Killah Priest, says Jacobson, to exclaim: “He was a patriot, which I like,” quoting Kissel, “because I am a patriot. I am a proud American. This country was supposed to have been built to question authority, to hold the people in power accountable. Not to bite your tongue. Just to put it out there, right or wrong, let everyone else decide.” (p. 193)

In August 1994, Bill Cooper heard that black people were reading BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.  Fellow conspiracy theorist, film-maker and record producer Anthony J. Hilder informed Cooper that blacks who read BEHOLD A PALE HORSE began to see the “system” as the enemy: ‘“ …white men, particular white men__the same white men who were the enemy of all people, black or white,’’’ Jacobson quotes Hilder, ‘‘‘the news couldn’t get any bigger than that.’’’ (p. 203).

On February 28, 1994, a military convoy of SWAT members half-mile-long was heading for Mount Carmel Center, Branch Davidian Compound, where about 168 people would be attacked.

Life and Times WEAVER_RUBY_RIDGE_21220829_t470“That was the beginning of the fifty-one-day siege of Waco,” says Jacobson, “an event that for many, Bill Cooper included, would signal a state of war between the American government and its people.”.

Despite what infractions the government used to defend the massacre, Cooper said that reasoning was flawed. “But anyone who bothered to do the research knew that this attack was a long chain of events,” says Jacobson, “with roots that stretched back centuries…Cooper told the audience…You could never understand the present unless you knew the past.” (p. 212)

Randy Weaver and family considered themselves one of those “survivalists, homeschoolers, tax protesters, ‘sovereign citizens,’” protesters that recited Mark 13:14 and stand separated from an evil government. In 1989, Randy sold some illegally modified shotguns to BATF informer Ken Fadeley. To get a lesser conviction, they asked Weaver to be a “government snitch,” which Weaver refused to do.  The Weavers took refuge on Ruby Ridge.

Surrounded by five hundred federal government agents, many without insignias and in camouflaged dress, firing at the Weaver’s dogs who alerted about the trespassers, fourteen-year-old Samuel Waver was also shot with a bullet that ripped his arm from it socket. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver “right between the eyes” as she held her “eight-month-old baby in her arms.” A helicopter attempted to “drop a fuel bladder” on the cabin to burn down everything.

“And what had Randy Weaver done to deserve such treatment?” asks Jacobson. “He’d sold a gun that was too short. That was a misdemeanor as far as he knew.” (p. 213)


Oklahoma City Bombing 20th AnniversaryOn April 19, 1993, the theory went, Tom McVeigh drove a Ryder rental truck with two and a half tons of ammonium nitrate drenched in diesel fuel and exploded it in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.

There were reports of “two separate explosions” involved, but that was pooh-poohed by authorities, and McVeigh was denoted as culprit number one.

“They sent out McVeigh, one more perfect human zombie in as a seemingly assembly line of them, to do their bidding,” says Jacobson. “…who know how many would die in the next ‘terrorist attack’? (p. 257).

Such “ploys” were used in the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers, says Jacobson, and Cooper made it plain in a June 28, 2001 broadcast of his The Hour of the Times. He ridiculed the CNN broadcast and story of finding culprit Osama bin Laden in his hideout.

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“The fact was, Cooper told the audience, no one in the U.S intelligence services was really looking for Osama bin Laden,” says Jacobson. “They knew where he was. They had since the beginning of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Bin Laden, along with his entire family, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

‘“Something terrible is going to happen in this country,”’ Jacobson quotes Cooper, ‘“And whatever is going to happen__they’re going to blame on Osama bin Laden. Don’t you even believe it.”’

Final Conquest of Bill 55f2d86fbd86ef1f008b9a05-1536-1152That “something” happened two and half months later on September 11, 2001 when two commercial airline flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center killing 2,996 people, including 343 New York City Fire Department personnel.

Cooper’s prediction came to pass.

Cooper’s writing and broadcasting career was pretty well personified as Para-politics where Cooper saw evil monsters, says Jacobson, where the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave was under assault. Cooper spent his whole life fighting the enemies of freedom, he fought those in Vietnam, and he fought those as evil plutocrats in secret religions gong back of the beginning of history.

In his circle of friends and broadcast listeners there existed a segment of separatist militias and income tax “evaders,” in which Cooper officially joined the ranks of “tax protesters’ announced in a HOTTbroadcast #28 on February 28, 1993.

Jacobson summarizes: “No, Cooper said, paying income tax was voluntary because the law said so. It was as simple as that…the phases ‘voluntary’ and ‘may enter’ carried the legal significance.”

“Cooper Hill” became a heavily-guarded fortress of sorts and Cooper would regularly protest any trespassers on his property. Cooper gave out a July 6, 1998 warning from his website against trespassers. On June 29, 1998, the FBI opened a file on Cooper.

Some of the so-called trespassers were the family of Dr. Scott Reynolds Hamblin, who visited “the Hill” (once called R.V Hill in their youth for bike driving). Hamblin also claimed to have property somewhere on the hill. Cooper saw him as an intruder and actually made threats, he also visualized himself as an official Neighborhood Watch member. The Hamblin’s, however, were no ordinary family, their ancestors had a long past history as legends to historical Mormon militias. The Hamblin’s filed a complaint to the Apache County Sheriff’s Office.

Cooper’s emotional health was far from perfect, having been diagnosed with a form of PTSD from his military service, perhaps one reason for his angry outbursts. Nine marriages later, Annie Cooper, worn thin by government warrants for Bill’s arrest, left in spring, 1999 with daughters Poo and Allyson, stranding Cooper on the hill. Even a short reunion with his daughter Jessica was suffocated when agents tried to entice her to “entrap” her father. In the end, all that Cooper had left was his adherence to his private code “not to give up.”

Jacobson quotes Cooper’s “A Public Notice” of July 6, 1998: “Therefor, a state of war exists between the citizens of the Union States and the corporate United States. We will be free under the Congressional Republican government guaranteed to us by the organic Constitution for the United States of America or we will be dead.” (p. 279)


A Special Response Team planned a sabotage-style entrapment and arrest for November 5, 2001. They were to trick Cooper to come out of his home to investigate their deliberate pretext of being noisy trespassers. Decoy agents were hidden undercover in a truck; they then would come forth to arrest Cooper.

Unexpectedly, Cooper approached them in his truck instead of on foot; he shouted a warning to them:

“I’m calling the cops, I’m going to give you ten minutes to be off the property, or the cops are going to be here.”

The scene changed suddenly.

Cooper attempted to drive back to his house to make the phone call as Commander Andrew Tafoya chased Cooper’s truck and the agents followed in the UC pickup.

The “Tac Van” blocked Cooper’s path. Sergeant Charles Brown aimed his M4 submachine gun at Cooper’s truck.

Sheriff Brian Hounshell did the same with his combat AR-15. Brown attempted to knock Cooper’s hands off the gearshift.

Cooper threw Brown on his butt, but the truck went crashing into the storm-swept rocky terrain forcing Cooper to run on foot for his house. Deputies Joseph Allen Goldsmith and Robert Marinez, according to Jacobson, raced to stop Cooper who reached to his pistol and fired four defensive shots, one paralyzing Marinez. Goldsmith kept firing until Cooper fell died, exactly as he prophesied  –  on his doorstep (pp. 328-332).

The agents shot Cooper’s watchdog, Crusher, though the dog was securely chained to a truck.

“The most recent high-profile addition to the Cooper Canon are the posting of ‘Q Anon,’ a reputed government insider who claim to have access to classified information on the on-going attempt of the so-called Deep State to overthrow the Trump administration,” announces Jacobson.

“In February, 2018, ‘Q,’ as he is known to the followers of his ‘Intel drops,” wrote of his deep admiration for Cooper and his work.  Sales of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE immediately spiked, landing the twenty-seven-year-old book at number 17 on the Amazon bestseller list” (p. 357).

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Mystery Babylon

Since Cooper’s death, says Jacobson, Mystery Babylon was still determined to undermine the United States while bolstering the New World Order that was unmasked in 9/11, the Second Iraq War, the 2008 financial debacle and collapse, the “divisive elections” of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and the political split of National powers (p. 342)..

“With each tweak of the Hegelian Dialectic, the audacious dream of the American Republic,” says Jacobson, “laid out by the Founding Fathers in the Consultation, grew dimmer.”

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